AFK Arena Peggy The Precious Pearl Guide

Peggy The Precious Pearl is a new hero in AFK Arena who will be available to play in from March 31, 2021. Read on for AFK Arena Peggy The Precious Pearl Guide!AFK ARENA PEGGY THE PRECIOUS PEARL

AFK Arena Peggy The Precious Pearl⇓

  • Full Name: Peggy The Precious Pearl
  • Short Name: Peggy
  • Release: 2021
  • Type: Intelligence
  • Class: Support Class
  • Role: Regeneration

Peggy The Precious Pearl Skills⇓

Ultimate: Duty Bound: Peggy The Precious Pearl is guarded by two companions guards; each guard holds X80% of her own attributes. If a foe is beside Peggy, the companion guards will return to shield her. Peggy The Precious Pearl’s movements will always prioritize the rear-center allied side of the combat field. If Peggy The Precious Pearl is eliminated, the companion guards will leave the combat field.

If there are no companion guards present on the combat field when this ability is cast, Peggy The Precious Pearl will call forward a companion guard, which uses his shield to knock back any foes in his path, dispatching them bumping into the air, causing damage equal to 350% of the companion guard’s ATK Ratings, also stunning them for X3 seconds.

Royal Scroll: With this skill, Peggy The Precious Pearl uses a magic scroll to heal guards and increase ATK Ratings of x1 non-summoned friendly units. 

Royal Marksmen: Peggy The Precious Pearl calls forth X5 marksmen that shoot a salvo at the foe which is closest to Peggy The Precious Pearl. Each marksman unit causes 70% damage to the target non-friendly unit, subsequently decreasing the enemy target’s ACC(Accuracy) by X10 points and their Haste by X10 points for X7 seconds.

Royal Guards: Peggy The Precious Pearl’s companion guard forms up a shield around himself and the nearest non-summoned friendly unit, which has a value equal to X20% of the companion guard’s own HP/health, that exists for X8 seconds.

Peggy The Precious Pearl’s Signature Item: Gorgeous Conch Skill⇓

  • Skill: Battle Hardened
  • Skill Effect: + ATK Ratings & Dodge

Peggy The Precious Pearl’s Furniture Ability

  • 3/3 Ability: X1 time per battle. Once all of Peggy The Precious Pearl’s companion guards have been eliminated, she immediately calls in X2 more companion guards to assist her in the battle.
  • 9/9 Ability: When entering the combat field, all companion guards receive protection that is able to mitigate DMG equal to 80% of their max health, which exists for X8 seconds.

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