AFK Arena Raku The Rascal Hero Guide

Raku The Rascal is the new hero in AFK Arena who will be available to play from March 31, 2021. Read on for Raku The Rascal Guide: Skills, Signature, etc.AFK ARENA RAKU THE RASCAL

AFK Arena Raku The Rascal⇓

  • Full Name: Raku – The Rascal
  • Short Name: Raku
  • Faction: Raku The Rascal belongs to the “WILDER” Faction
  • Type: Agility
  • Class: Ranger, Wilder Ranger
  • Role: Burst DMG

Raku The Rascal Skills⇓

  • Acorn Cannon: Targets the most injured enemy and inflicts DMG. Other effects of this skill: stun the enemy. Immune to CC effects while using this ability
  • Entangling Shot: Targets the enemy with the highest ATK rating; inflicts damage and imprison it
  • Raku’s Mark: DMG to the enemies affected by Raku’s CC effects
  • Peckish: Immune to CC, raises ATK ratings + Haste

Raku The Rascal’s Signature Item: Elemental Slingshot Skill⇓

  • Skill: Troublemaker
  • Effect: Reduces the enemies’ haste with the normal attacks that cause damage
  • @ +10/20/30 Unlocks, the effect will increase; reduce more haste points and increase normal attack damage

Raku The Rascal’s Furniture Ability⇓

  • 3/3 Ability: Normal ATKs that strike foes that are under CC effects decrease the CD/Cooldown time of “Peckish” by x1 second
  • 9/9 Ability: Raku is able to unleash his Ultimate skill an additional time if the initial Ultimate Skill Casting did not successfully eliminate the foe. This effect can only be used once each time Raku The Rascal’s Ultimate ability is cast.

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