Age of Apes Tips & Tricks: Guide, Cheats & Strategy

Started playing the Age of Apes? Read on for Age of Apes tips & tricks featured with walkthrough guide, cheats & strategy covering troops, grinding, VIP, etc.

Age of Apes guide and tipsAge of Apes is a base building game that takes you to the monkey world where you will be challenged to build and manage a city. You get to recruit monkeys, build a great army, and fight enemies for the resources and power. If you have just started playing it, then you are on the right page. In this Age of Apes guide, you will learn the basic concepts of the game. Also, we have shared a bunch of Age of Apes tips, cheats & strategies. So, without any further ado, let’s check out the walkthrough guide. 

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First things first – the very first task is to choose a horde in the game. We have a separate guide on it that you can check here. Next, you need to understand your goal; which is to develop the city and get powerful in offense and defense aspects. In your city, and build and upgrade military and economics type structures. Military type structures include training camps such as hitters, pilots, shooters, etc. Economics type structures include warehouse, research center, secret shop, etc. Let’s learn everything in detail and explore all the Age of Apes tips & tricks: –

Get Familiar With All Four Troop Units

The four main troop units in Age of Apes are; Wall Breakers, Pilots, Hitters, and Shooters. Each troop excels in fighting against a particular unit. Here’s the detail: –

  • Wall Breakers – wall breaker is a siege unit that excels in destroying the defense towers. So, if you are going to fight in PvP(against other players), wall breakers will help you in destructing their base’s defense towers. But, this unit is not good against pilots, hitters, and shooters. 
  • Pilots – pilot troops excel in shooting and moving at high-speed. With this specialty, they can easily eliminate shooters. But, against hitters, Pilots would not be effective
  • Shooters – shooters are the rangers; they use long-ranged guns/weapons to strike the enemies. Because of that, they are quite good against Hitters. But, against Pilots, shooters are not good. 
  • Hitters – hitters are the melee-type units with specialization in close-combats. These units are not good against shooters. But, against Pilots, they are quite good. 

Make sure to scout before initiating the fight against another player; it’s a great idea to have information about the enemy. It helps you build the perfect fleet based on their weakness. 

Guide To Troops In Age of ApesAge of Apes guide and tips

  • Wall breakers are trained in Wall Breakers’ Camp
  • Pilots are trained in Pilots’ Camp
  • Hitters are trained in Hitters’ Camp
  • Shooters are trained in Shooters’ Camp

Level of troops: –

To unlock the higher level of troops in the Age of Apes game, you will have to research in the research lab; Military. 

Getting Familiar With Fighters Characters

Age of Apes guide and tipsMonkey fighters are the main characters in the Age of Apes that you send on the map to collect resources or fight enemies in PvE/PvP game mode. A monkey fighter character is specialized in three areas. For example – Maverick is good at leading pilots, a balanced unit, and provides assistance. In the fighter menu, select a fighter and on the top-right corner, you can check the three main departments where that character excels at. 

  • Scott; good at leading hitters, fighting mutants, and utilizing skills
  • Sir Francis; good at leading multiple troops, gathering resources, and providing assistance
  • Rodriguez; good at leading multiple troops, fighting all types of enemies, balanced
  • Lousie Armstrong; good at leading shooters, utilizing skills, and balanced
  • Maximus; good at leading multiple troops, attacking cities, and fighting all types of enemies
  • Laurent; excels at leading multiple troops, gathering the resources, and utilizing skills
  • Oscar; excels at leading pilots, fighting mutants, and marching quickly
  • T.NY – excels at leading pilots, fighting mutants, and providing assistance
  • Fuscata – excels at leading multiple troops, providing assistance, and balanced
  • Mike – excels at leading shooters, marching quickly, and balanced
  • Bruce – excels at leading hitters, providing assistance, and balanced
  • Korutopi; excels at leading multiple troops, attacking all sorts of enemies, and balanced

Use The Fighters Wisely

As mentioned in the above part, fighters excel in multiple fields; based on the field in which they excel, you should be using them. For example – if you want to collect the resources, use/send Sir Francis as this fighter excels in gathering the resources. If you want to buff shooters units, you can use the fighters that excel in leading the shooters – Mike, Lousie Armstrong. 

Build Talent Tree Of Fighters Carefully

By leveling up the fighters, you will gain talent points. Talent points are required to upgrade the talent of fighters. Go to fighter -> select the fighter -> upgrade talent in the lower-right corner -> you will see all the three fields in which that character specializes. We would recommend you to spend talent points wisely; on the specialty you want to raise.  For example – Sir Francis excels in these three fields; leader, gathering, and support. If you spend talent points on the leader tree, Sir Francis will provide buffs to the troop(more attack damage, movement speed, etc.). If you spend on the gathering tree, Sir Francis will help you collect more resources. Building the support tree with talent points will provide support/healing-related buffs.

Getting More Powerful In Age of Apes

  • Build and upgrade the city buildings
  • Research techs in the research lab
  • Train the troops
  • Recruit and upgrade the fighters(In Arena; using the tickets)

 Progression Walkthrough Guide

  • Do the main quests, daily quests to earn rewards
  • Build/upgrade city structures
  • Upgrade defense towers
  • Train the troops
  • Upgrade the city hall and fighter to raise march capacity. More troops = more load/power
  • Research
  • Open the map and search for mutants; fight them to earn fighter EXP, speed-ups, etc. 
  • Also, on the map, you can find resources and other players with coordinates
  • Join an alliance, move to the alliance territory(it’s important if you don’t want to get attacked easily). Also, you get lots of perks like free help, gifts, and more
  • Check-in daily and raise VIP level to get benefits

Also, see – Age of Apes horde guide

So this would be all in this post on Age of Apes guide and tips for beginners. Got more strategies, tips to share? Comment below. 

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