Age of Apes Best Horde: Which Horde To Join?

Age of Apes is the latest base-building game title from tap4fun. Read on for Age of Apes best horde that you can join in the beginning

tap4fun is known for publishing the base-building games such as Kiss of War. They have recently expanded the game portfolio with a great new title called Age of Apes. At the start of the game, you will have to pick a horde. You will have six choices and only one out of all can be joined. If you are confused about who to pick and start the journey, then this post is for you. In this article, we have shared insight on all the hordes in the Age of Apes game. So, without further ado, let’s get started. 

Age of Apes Hordes List: –

  • Bomb Disciples – Leady by Sir Gregg 
  • Razorteeth Hunters Horde – Lead by One-eyed Eric
  • Ace Mechanics – Miss Helixis
  • Deadly Shooters – Junior
  • Rogue Gunners – Jessie Fame
  • Prestigious Royals – Lord Antoine

Bomb Disciples – Sir Gregg

Age of Apes Best Starter CharacterIf you join Bomb Disciples horde, you will get these bonuses in the Age of Apes game: –

  • Wall Breaker Attack – 6%
  • Training Speed – 5%
  • Iron Gathering Speed: (-) 2%

Razorteeth Hunters – One-eyed Eric

Age of Apes Best Starter CharacterPick Razorteeth Hunters horde leady by One-eyed Eric and you get these bonuses: –

  • PvE Damage: 10%
  • Action Point Restore: 5%
  • Marching Speed: (-3%)
  • x200 Shiny CDs

Ace Mechanics – Miss Helixis

Age of Apes Best Starter CharacterAce Mechanics horde in the Age of Apes game provide these bonuses: –

  • Pilot Defense: 5%
  • Research Speed: 5%
  • Healing Speed: (-3%)

Junior – Deadly Shooters

Age of Apes Best Starter CharacterDeadly Shooters is one of the hordes in the Age of Apes game with these bonuses: –

  • Shooter Attack: 5%
  • Hospital Capacity: 5K
  • Energy Restore: (-3%)

Rogue Gunners – Jessie Fame

Age of Apes Best Starter CharacterRogue Gunners is another horde in AoA that provides these benefits: –

  • Hitter Defense: 3%
  • Building Speed: 3%
  • Food Gathering Speed: (-3)%

Prestigious Royals – Lord Antoine

Age of Apes Best Starter CharacterPrestigious Royals grants these benefits: –

  • Troop Health: 3%
  • Troop Load: 5%
  • Action Point Restore: (-3%)

What Is The Best Horde In the Age of Apes?

We would recommend choosing Razorteeth Hunters by One-eyed Eric as this horde gives you buffs on PvE damage, reduces the marching speed, and restores action points quickly. Additionally, you get x200 chips. Prestigious Royals horde would be our next pick.  It does not mean that other hordes are bad – each one gives you unique buffs and they are all helpful. 

So this would be all in this Age of Apes best horde info. 

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