AnimA ARPG Guide & Tips – How To Play, Progress, Get Stronger

AnimA The Reign Of Darkness is a new hack’n slash game for mobile by Exilium Games. Let’s have a look at our AnimA ARPG guide, tips, cheats & strategies

Exilium Games has just released an offline RPG called AnimA The Reign Of Darkness where you play as an archer, mage, and the warrior. The game features lots of locations to explore where you fight enemies such as Zombies, Imps, etc. Also, there are lots of challenging quests to complete. If you have just started playing it, then today’s AnimA ARPG Guide and AnimA ARPG tips, cheats & strategies will help you understand all the basic aspects of the game. So let’s not waste any time and head to the main content.

AnimA ARPG Guide

The Basics – Walkthrough

As you start the game, you will have to choose a character class – three available choices as per the current version of the game are Skirmish, Sorcery, and Archery. Each of the character classes offers different buffs & the play style. Let’s take a look at all these three classes: –

Skirmish: –

  • This is the warrior/knight/tank class that offers strong armor to the player. With high armor stats, the survivability would be good. But this class does not offer any DPS buff. So you would not be able to inflict much damage.

Sorcery: –

  • This is the mage class that offers powerful spells. You can unleash these powerful spells to destroy the objects or enemies in the Dungeons. With mage character, you will be inflicting the magical damage.

Archer: –

  • Archer is the ranged DPS class that offers ranged attacks; high attack speed, fast movement like bonuses. With archer character, you inflict more damage to the enemies as compared to other classes. Also, it offers bonus physical damage, dodge ability, attack speed, movement speed.

It’s up to you to choose a class; for DPS – choose Archer, for spells – Mage, for tank – Skirmish.

The Starting Walkthrough: –

After creating the character, you will enter the location named Glade. There would be an NPC named The Hooded. Talk to him. You can interact with the characters by going close to them. After that, move straight towards – left side of the screen. Pass the fog to enter the next location called Fortress of The Order. There you will find another NPC named Captain Arvid. Talk to him.

AnimA ARPGAfter that, head towards the center of the location – and, the game will give you a glimpse of that location’s endpoint. Head to the endpoint -> there you will find an NPC name Jarocos. On the right side of Jarcos, there is a path to the next region called Garden.

AnimA ARPGThere is a round-shaped stone on the right side of the gate at the same location. Take your character over there to check the list of locations.

AnimA ARPG – Progress Guide & Tips

1.) Follow The Quests

At the bottom-center of the screen, there are three tabs; the first tab from the right side is the quest tab; with feather symbol. Tap the tab to check the quests. Read the details and complete the quest.

2.) Hunt, Slay & Loot

Enter the Dungeon(Visit Jarcos and you will find the path/gate -> enter). In Dungeons, you will find lots of enemies. Slay them down with your weapon, destroy the objects and loot the treasure; high-grade gears, gold, etc.

3.) Level Up To Build Attributes

AnimA ARPGAt the top-left corner of the screen, you can check the current level. The grey bar displays the level progress. As you kill the enemies and grind EXP – you will eventually level up. And, as a level-up reward, the game gives you attribute points that you can spend to make the character stronger.

At the bottom-center, tap the middle tab to open the character profile. Below the level bar, you can check the attributes and their level – strength, dexterity, intellect, and vitality. If you have points, spend them by tapping the attribute button. You will see the changes in character stats. At the top-left side of the character profile, you can check his main stats – and, below the attribute buttons, you have the stat table.

4.) Equip The Best Gears Always

As you progress through the quests or level up or loot enemies in AnimA ARPG, you will obtain the gears. Gears such as a weapon, shield, helmet, armor, etc.

All these gears have different stats – make sure that your character is equipped with the best ones. Head to the character profile tab by tapping the middle tab at the bottom-center -> tap the gear -> check the stats; the red color means that the gear is not better than equipped gear. And, the green color stat means that it is better than the currently equipped gear. So equip it.

5.) Explore The Fortress, Dungeons

  • At the top-right corner of the screen, you can check the location name – the home location name is Fortress of the Order – the location where you can trade with NPCs, buy gears, gamble, use the chest for storage – make sure to explore each corner
  • Tap the mini-map at the top-right for better navigation
  • Explore the Dungeons through the gate; near Jarcos NPC
  • When you enter the dungeon, make sure to note down that point – because, it would be your exit.

6.) Level Up Abilities

Every time you level up, the game gives you ability points. At the bottom-center, tap the book button to open the abilities page; different class characters have different abilities. Tap the ability -> level up.

So this would be all in this AnimA ARPG guide & tips for beginners.

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