Idle Theme Park Tycoon Fast Slides Upgrade

Wondering how to complete the mission that challenges you to upgrade the fast slides in Idle Theme Park Tycoon? Look no further as we have got you covered

Idle Theme Park Tycoon Fast SlidesFast Slides are available in the aqua park. Aqua Park is the new location released in the last update of Idle Theme Park Tycoon game. When you reach the treasure island, you will draw the attention of the Investor Jhonson and he will decide to handover the aqua park to you because you are too good at managing theme park tycoon – and, he believes that you will grow the aqua park too. After that, you will be managing the current theme park and the new water park. In the aqua park or water park location, you will find the fast slides; just like a ride – you can upgrade it to make more profit. So let’s learn in detail.

Idle Theme Park Tycoon Fast Slides: –

Idle Theme Park Tycoon Fast SlidesTo complete the Idle Theme Park Tycoon Fast Slides upgrade missions, you need to unlock the aqua park first. And, it gets unlocked after the treasure island purchase. Investor Jhonson will appear at that time and choose you to manage the aqua park, which he purchased a long time ago. After that, you tap the location option on the top-right side and choose the water slide to enter the aqua park.

In the aqua park, look around and you will find the fast slides board. Tap it to open fast slide upgrades.

The first slide in the aqua park would be a simple slide that falls under the fast slide category. Traditional water slides to slide down to the swimming pool. Spend the aqua park currency to upgrade the fast slide – this upgrade will increase the ticket price of fast slides.

And, other upgrades are; queue, seats. If you have been playing this game for a while now, you already know what it is.

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4 thoughts on “Idle Theme Park Tycoon Fast Slides Upgrade”

  1. Aqua Park is awful!!!
    It’s almost impossible to upgrade rides now. 200 level ups required to upgrade ride to boost earnings. But, each ride level up now costs 4T and the park earns 7T each 2.5 hours. The next island costs 360T. It’s going to take a month to do the next ride or island upgrade.

  2. Gyles, I’m currently on the 4th island, Tropical Island IV. I’ve got most rides upgraded to 1600 and I play 3-4 hours a day. My entrance ticket on this island is $1008 but it still takes days to upgrade anything significantly. Theme park islands are much easier, lol. I’m just waiting for the Hidden Island to unlock there.

  3. Aqua park is a nightmare. Entry is only 72.00 so it’s nearly impossible to earn enough for the upgrades and new islands/rides. 360t to get the 4th island but despite all ride queues being max upgraded and all rides at over level 2000 I’m only earning 450b each 2 hours. Any suggestions?