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New to Anomoe The Burnable Garbage Day game? Read on for a beginner’s walkthrough guide to The Burnable Garbage Day game. We have updated the walkthrough. If you have any more info that’s not listed here, please comment below! 

Mr. C & Pandora – Game Endings

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Anomoe The Burnable Garbage Day Walkthrough Guide Wiki⇓

Anomoe, The Burnable Garbage Day is a new game title from publisher GameOn Co., Ltd. In this post, you will learn “how to play Anomoe The Burnable Garbage Day”, about the base, production, drill level, battery level, quests, and other aspects such as area exploration, map, and much more. So let’s not waste any time and get straight to the main content!

Get Started With The Basics

(1) As of writing this article, this game is completely free to play with no forced IAPs. Devs have monetized this game through ads and one IAP, which removes ads. 

(2) Let’s talk about the progression. Your goal in The Burnable Garbage Day game is to discover all the areas and clean them. As you continue to clear them, you will discover new towns, ruins, resources, nature, and much more. All you have to do is tap on the garbage and it will be removed from the surface. You must clean all the areas 100%. Leave no garbage behind! At first, you will be cleaning the base area, then move to the forest area, and so on. 

The Burnable Garbage Day Walkthrough Guide

(3) Do the quests, level up the towns, complete development quests to unlock new items, produce items at the base. Discover ruins, dig items from the ruins. 

Guide To Leveling In Anomoe The Burnable Garbage Day

What leveling up does is it increases the battery capacity and also charge the battery if it’s low by any points. In the upper-right corner, you can check the level progress; you gain leveling points by picking up the garbage from the areas. 

Guide To Battery In The Burnable Garbage Day

Battery points are required to pick garbage from the areas. No battery points = no cleaning. In the upper-left corner, you can check the current battery status. 

The Burnable Garbage Day Walkthrough Guide

Guide To Base In The Burnable Garbage Day

The base is the place where you can produce items and upgrade the parts. At the bottom of the screen, tap on “base” to enter the base. It gives you access to these three functionalities; rapid production, parts, and item production. 

Rapid Production: this facility helps you promptly produce the items using “Rubble”. Rubble is one of the in-game currencies that you can yield by playing the game. Tap this facility option -> choose quantity -> start producing. You will get the items immediately – like rice, corn, water, closet, etc. The item variety depends on the progress that you have made so far. Upgrade towns or ruins, discover new areas to produce new items. 

Item Production: unlike rapid production, item production yields resources after some time. You need to check often for the material items produced here. 

The Burnable Garbage Day Walkthrough Guide

Parts: here you can produce parts with blueprints(for example; bridge repair kit with the bridge repair kit blueprint) and also upgrade the battery level and drill level. A higher drill level helps you pick up the heavy garbage piles from the areas. You will need drill blueprints to upgrade the drill level. 

Pandora Parts: pandora parts are scattered all across the maps; Mountain Area, Lab Area, Landfill Area, etc. 

Guide To Drill Level & Blueprints

In The Burnable Garbage Day, you can find drill blueprints(to upgrade the drill level) from the chests scattered all over the areas. Drill MAX LEVEL is 7.

Make Your Way To The Blinking Spot

The Burnable Garbage Day Walkthrough Guide

Rubble, Blueprints, Batteries can be obtained from the chests. These chests or crates are scattered all over the areas on the map. Zoom out and look around for the “star blinking spot”. Keep cleaning and make your way to garb this crate and get these items. You can use the rubble to produce items, blueprints to upgrade parts, and batteries to replenish the battery. 

How To Get Toxic Removal Kit In The Burnable Garbage Day Anomoe?

⇒Reach the Industry Area(8th on the map) -> remove garbage and discover “Energy Town”. Complete the normal energy town quests and unlock “development quest”. Complete it to get the toxic removal kit. In this quest, Sir Saturn will ask you for a musical instrument; GUITAR. 

The Burnable Garbage Day Wiki Guide: How To Get A Drill Level 7 Blueprint?

⇒Players will get the drill level 7 blueprint by leveling up the Medi Town in the lab area. Take it(Medi Town) to level 2 by completing its development quests. If you have any questions regarding The Burnable Garbage Day(Anomoe), please ask us in the comment box below.

The Burnable Garbage Day Wiki Guide: How To Get Heating System?

⇒”Heating System” would be needed in the frozen area. When you reach there, you will get to clear its bottom-right part without heating system -> clear it and find the “Cold Town”. Complete its 1st development quest to get the heating system blueprint. 

Do The Quests To Level Up Town

As said above, you will discover the towns and ruins in the areas. For example; in the base area, you will discover start town, Second gear Town, Coopadocia ruins, etc. From the town, you will get the quests from NPCs like providing seeds, preserved food, etc. If you don’t have that item, you can retire the quest and get another one. Hand over the items to the NPCs to gain EXP and level it up.

It will unlock a development quest in which you will have to give a specific item to the NPC – otherwise, it would fail. For example – In the Start Town City level 2 development quest, you are asked by Sis to give an item that helps in greenery; you hand over seeds to her to complete the quest. 

The Burnable Garbage Day Walkthrough Guide

Completing the development quest will unlock a new specialty item that you will be able to yield from the item production at the base. For example – preserved food unlocks when you level up the start town city to level 2. Once unlocked, you can gain it using the rapid production at the base or normal item production.

Octopus Quest

  • The Bone(When the Octopus asks for Needle, give “The Bones”)

Dolphin Guy Quest

  • Stone AXE or Table

IKANNA Quest Walkthrough

  • IKANNA Task in Volcano: Honey Flavoring or Sake

Wife Quest Walkthrough

  • Screw“. The wife says to the husband that you don’t have a brain. “Screw” is the item that you can give 

Boy Needs Inspiration Quest

  • Red Flower(rafflesia flower)

How To Get Portable Meals?

  • Obtain from Travel Town after completing the task(Boy needs inspiration)

Red Break Task

  • Red Break need the energy source scattered in the frozen region

Dad Statue Task

  • Long Sword (Found in the Colosso Ruins) or Armor

Sister Quest In Cold Town – The Burnable Garbage Day

  • She wants oil

Trendy Food That Panda Bear Wants

  • Portable Meals/Food(We are not sure about this). If you know, please confirm in the comment box

Purify Soil Quest⇓

  • Regeneration Seed helps in purifying soil. You can get it from the pollution area

Base Area⇓

Specialty: Aloe Leaf. 

  • Cappadocia Ruin: Seed, Animal Skin, Animal Bones
  • Start Town: Water, Preserved Food, Ordinary Quest
  • Secondgear Town: Corn, Rice, and Wheat

Start Town Development Quests:

  • Sis needs an item for more greenery: SEED
  • Sis needs a cosmetic item: Aloe Leaf
  • Sis needs fabric item: ANIMAL SKIN

Secondgear Town Development Quests:

  • Mars Maiden need something to grow plants: Water or try seed
  • Mars Maiden need portable food: PRESERVED FOOD
  • Mars Maiden need Needle: Animal bones

Forest Area⇓

Specialty: grows Rafllesia(Red Flower)

  • Beng Meal Ruins: Hunter’s Bow, Stone AXE, and Basket
  • Jungle Town: Closet, Bed, and Table Set
  • New Wear Town: Shirts, Jeans, and Silk Coat

Jungle Town Development Quests: –

  • Jet.B.Bear needs a food item that he can eat while working: CORN
  • Jet.B.Bear needs an ingredient for sake: RICE
  • Jet.B.Bear needs an ingredient that smells good: WHEAT

New Wear Town Development Quests: –

  • Fatty needs to buy an item that’s not too hot: SHIRTS
  • Fatty needs sturdy bed: BED
  • Fatty needs to store clothes: CLOSET

Tropic Area⇓

Specialty: Coconut

  • Vacation Town: Swim Ring, Parasol, and Swimsuit
  • Travel Town: Athletic Shoes, Portable Meals, and Suitcase
  • Tarot Temple: Playing Card, Cube Puzzle, and Soccer Ball

Vacation Town Development Quests: –

  • Don. Dolphin needs a cool thing that fits for hand: STONE AXE
  • Don.Dolphin needs the item for the guest: TABLE SET
  • Don. Dolphin needs an item to pack food: BASKET

Travel Town Development Quests: –

  • Bro needs inspiration: RED FLOWER RAFFLESIA
  • Chubby needs an attractive outfit: SILK COAT
  • Bro needs something to protect legs – jeans(confirmed by Jimmy in the comment box below)

Nature Area⇓

Specialty: grows Savannah Fruit

  • Wangkor Mat: Guitar, Trumpet, and Piano
  • Vege Town: Cabbage, Carrot, and Tomato
  • Meat Town: Chicken, Pork, and Beef

Vege Town Development Quests: –

  • Masked Tiger is thrust and needs sugary drink: COCONUT WATER
  • Masked Tiger will go Tropic area and drink coconut juice but needs bag: SUITCASE
  • Masked Tiger needs meat: BEEF

Meat Town Development Quests: –

  • Fatty can’t work in this heat: PARASOL
  • Grandpa needs a hunting weapon: HUNTER’S BOW
  • Chubby is going to open a tournament and needs something to play: SOCCER BALL

Mountain Area⇓

Specialty: Honey Flavouring. You will need a “JET PACK” part to remove garbage over the cliff. 

  • Mechu Picchu: Compass, Telescope, and Mirror
  • Water Town: Natural Water, Natural Ice, and Sake
  • Sleepy Town: Sleeping Bag, Sleepy Pillow, Down Comforter

Water Town Development Quests: –

  • Mr. Adnap needs fruit: SAVANNAH FRUIT
  • Mr. Adnap needs doctor-free fruit: TOMATO

Sleepy Town Development Quests: –

  • Grandpa needs to play a game: PLAYING CARDS
  • Fatty needs puzzle: CUBE PUZZLES
  • A girl needs musical instrument: PIANO

Volcano Area⇓

Specialty: Lava Balls. You will need a “cooling system part” to cool down the volcano boulders. Reach the blinking spot on the top-right side of the map and you will get the blueprint. 

  • Colosso: Buckler, Long Sword, Plate Armor
  • Gem Town: Iron Ore, Copper Ore, Gold ORE
  • Kitchen Town: Knife, Frying Pan, Pot

Gem Town Development Quest⇓

  • Ikanna needs an item to get good sleep and work hard: HONEY FLAVOURING
  • IKANNA needs an item to comfort his wife and forget bad memories: SAKE
  • IKANNA needs something to sleep warmly: DOWN COMFORTER

Kitchen Town Development Quest⇓

  • Sis needs an orange vegetable: CARROT
  • Fatty needs to see the farm from a distance: give her TELESCOPE
  • Grandpa needs cold water: NATURAL ICE

Landfill Area The Burnable Garbage Day⇓

Specialty: Clean Balls.

  • Space Tree: Vendor, Animation DVD, Board Game
  • Carpenter Town: Hammer, SAW, Chisel
  • Small Item Town: Nails, Screw, Nut & Bolt

Carpenter Town Development Quest⇓

  • Mocky needs a Magma-Ball: LAVA BALL
  • Mocky needs a gold stone for money: GOLD ORE
  • Mocky needs a big pot: POT unlocks by leveling up the kitchen town in volcano area

Small Item Town Development Quest⇓

  • Dad needs an that fits in his right hand: LONG SWORD
  • DAD needs something to rest well: SLEEPING PILLOW
  • Dad needs something to dress up as a knight: ARMOR

Industry Area The Burnable Garbage Day⇓

Specialty: Rainbow Firefly.

  • Castle: Steam Engine, Airplane, Tank
  • Ride Town: Tricycle, Bicycle, Car
  • Energy Town: Kerosene, Natural Gas, Oil

Ride Town Development Quest⇓

  • Fatty needs a frying pan: FRYING PAN is the item that you can produce after leveling up the kitchen town
  • Fatty needs a tool that cuts trees: SAW
  • Fatty’s husband lack a vital part of the brain: SCREW LOL

Energy Town Development Quest⇓

  • Sir Saturn needs to play BEEP SOUND: Give him GUITAR. You will get a blueprint after doing this quest: Toxic Removal Kit.
  • Sir Saturn needs BOARD GAME(unlocks in landfill area)
  • Sir Saturn needs to repair tool: NUT & BOALT

Lab Area The Burnable Garbage Day⇓

Specialty: Popping Seed

  • Area 551: Record, Secret Papers, Camera
  • Medi Town: Cold Medicine, Poison, Sleeping Pill
  • Stationary Town: Pencil, Notebook, Compass 

Medi Town Development Quest⇓

  • Bro needs something that he can use to sleep outside: a SLEEPING BAG! 
  • Bro needs something for his adventure: TEXTBOOK/NOTEBOOK
  • Bro needs a sturdy vehicle: TANK

Stationary Town Development Quest⇓

  • Agent Yoon needs fuel for his secret work: Kerosene!
  • Agent Yoon needs something to write: PENCIL
  • Agent Yoon needs an engine: STEAM ENGINE

Frozen Area The Burnable Garbage Day⇓

Specialty: Energy Source. You will need a “HEATING SYSTEM” to melt the ice. Complete the cold town development quest number 1 to get “HEATING SYSTEM BLUEPRINT”.

  • Arctic Base: Flashlight, Korokoro, Opener
  • Cold Town: Clothing for arctic, Stove, Kotatsu
  • Cosme Town: Lipstick, Lotion, Perfume

Cold Down Development Quests⇓

  • Sis needs something secret: SECRET PAPERS(LEGACY ITEM)
  • Sis needs something better than cycle: CAR
  • Sis needs the source of the black diamond: OIL

Cosme Town Development Quest⇓

  • Freezing P needs an item to remove the plants at once: POISON
  • Freezing P wants to sleep immediately: SLEEPING PILL
  • Freezing P wants to capture/drawing quest: CAMERA

Pollution Area The Burnable Garbage Day⇓

Specialty: REGENERATION SEED. You will need a PURIFYING SYSTEM EVENT to purify polluted rubbish. You will find it in the bottom-left of the area map. 

  • That’s Me Cathedral(Ruin) – Goddess of Victory, Bible, Rosary
  • Revival Town – Water Purifier, Can, First Aid Kit
  • Magazine Town – Poems, Novel, Cartoon

Revival Town Quests⇓

  • Break Red needs energy: ENERGY SOURCE(gather in the frozen area)
  • Break Red is looking for a gift item for his wife: LIPSTICK
  • Red Break needs a food item that can make his head clear: APPLE

Magazine Town Quests⇓

  • Chubby needs something to keep warm the room: STOVE
  • Chubby needs something to grow plants: REGENERATION SEED
  • Chubby needs to improve technology: TRANSISTOR

Final Area The Burnable Garbage Day⇓

Specialty: APPLE. Complete Lost Town development quest number 3 to get All Knowledge. Only if it’s the last development quest. 

  • Goddess of Restraint: Handgun, Grenade, Bazooka
  • Lost Town: Cleaning Robot, Cooking Robot, Robotic Dog
  • Machine Town: LCD, Transistor, Super Computer

Lost Town Development Quest⇓

  • Newtype wants to gift something good to her wife: PERFUME
  • Newtype wants color book: CARTOON
  • Newtype wants a computer for calculations: SUPER COMPUTER

Machine Town Development Quest⇓

  • Bro needs something poetry for wife: POEMS
  • Bro needs to recover from an injury: FIRST AID KIT
  • Bro’s soulmate dumped him and now he needs someone to cook: COOKING ROBOT

Pandora Parts In The Burnable Garbage Day

  • Pandora Alpha
  • Pandora Beta
  • Pandora Omega
  • Pandora Theta(These four parts can be found by clearing the garbage – 100% clean)
  • Remaining Hope – this part can be obtained from red vendor boxes that appear in all areas from time to time. Most times they give you deals; buy battery packs with resources. Keep checking them and you will eventually get the “remaining hope” part. Try playing the final story if you are not getting the Remaining Hope item
  • Ancient Wisdom(Correction: Ancient wisdom is obtained by maxing out all ruins. Credit: Bluerains in comments. Thanks for pointing it out)
  • Nature’s Blessing(clean garbage)
  • All Knowledge Part – Complete all the development quests to get this part. The last quest in our timeline was Lost Town. Complete Lost Town development quest number 3 to get All Knowledge. 
  • Pandora Part – you will get it by finding all the above-mentioned parts. Once found, go to base -> pandora.
  • After putting all the parts in The Burnable Garbage Day, visit “Final Area” -> tap to play the final story(this time you will insert Pandora’s Heart) 
  • Choose Pandora when ask to save Pandora or World

Get Free Items In The Burnable Garbage Day Game

Tap the (mic) icon in the lower-left corner -> tap the letter icon -> watch the video ad to get a free item. 

Town Items In The Burnable Garbage Day Game⇓

Each town in The Burnable Garbade Day game unlocks x3 items. We have compiled a list of all the items that you can unlock by discovering and leveling up all the towns: –

  • Water – a substance composed of oxygen. It is a little bit tepid
  • Preserved Food – a junk food/ It is a method of keeping food from spoilage
  • Ordinary Clothes – made from fabrics. They are suited for everyday use
  • Corn – a yellow plant which can eat lightly. A boiled corn is sweet
  • Rice – sweet taste and sticky texture when chew. Sake can be brewed with the rice
  • Wheat – an ingredient for soft bread. The bread smells so good
  • Closet – a wooden closet. Just the right size for storing clothes. 
  • Bed – a kind-size bed which is made of woods. Many people can sleep together
  • Table Set – a table set 4 people can sit. It is good for a family gathering or a tea party


  • Shirts – a short-sleeved shirt keeping cool in a hot circumstance. It is for the upper body
  • Jeans – casual pants which can be used for work
  • Silk Coat – popular with ladies. It makes you look like an adult
  • Swim Ring – for children who are young and can’t swim. It helps childer to swim
  • Parasol – a light umbrella used to give shade from the sun and also used to avoid the rain
  • Swimsuit – a skin-tight clothing for swimming. It is waterproof
  • Athletic Shoes – shoes for working out. It makes you run faster
  • Portable Meals – portable and simple meals which are high in calories and are also eaten for snacks
  • Suitcase – A form of big luggage. A lot of stuff can be packed, a person also can be…
  • Chicken – fresh taste chicken. It is low in calories, so it is useful for a variety of foods
  • Pork – vitamin-rich foods which are good for in hot weather
  • Beef – if you eat when you are hungry, it makes you feel full
  • Cabbage – crispy and sweet. A garden fresh cabbage is delicious
  • Carrot – an orange vegetable. A boiled carrot is sweet and nutritious
  • Tomato – a red vegetable called “Doctor-Free”. It is popular because it’s tasty and healthy
  • Natural Water – very cold & delicious spring water in a mountain. It is necessary to make good sake. 
  • Natural Ice -naturally frozen water which is very col. It tastes good if you put the ice in a drink
  • Sake – made of natural water. A wide range of Sake is made from wine to brewed sake
  • Sleeping Bag – an insulated covering which is a portable personal bedding. It makes you look like a larva
  • Sleeping Pillow – a pillow full of feathers and herbs. It smells great and gives you a good dream
  • Down Comforter – made from feathers of water birds in a high mountain. It makes you sleep warmly
  • Knife – a kitchen knife made from high-quality iron in mines. Just for cutting vegetables
  • Frying Pan – a specialty which has a good reputation because it is light, cheap, and nonstick
  • Pot – a big pot which can cook a large amount of food


  • Iron Ore – A material of iron. High-quality iron is exported to abroad. 
  • Copper Ore – A material of copper. It can be used for a pot or a statue. 
  • Gold Ore – a stone which can take out gold. The stone can be used for display. 
  • Hammer – a tool for hitting or breaking things. It can be used for striking a hard thing. 
  • Saw – a tool for cutting trees. The trees are used to make house. 
  • Chisel – a tool which can cut a part of a tree and attach it to another tree. Only an artisan can use
  • Nail – a tool for joining woods together. It seems that it is also used for a curse ritual
  • Screw – a tool for screwing to a wall. It is used to attach metal on a surface of a wall
  • Nut & Bolt – tools for fastening. They fasten on both sides, so very strong
  • Tricycle – a three-wheeled vehicle. It is stable, so kids can use it easily
  • Car – a four-wheeled vehicle. Riding is not difficult, so easy to go everywhere.
  • Kerosene – a fuel of a lamp or a machine. It is combustible.
  • Natural Gas – combustible gas. It is used for cooking.
  • Oil – black liquid. Although it smells terrible, it is widely used in the world. 
  • Pencil – an instrument for writing or drawing. Fortune telling prevails among children by rolling the pencil. 
  • Notebook – an instrument for recording or writing. Let’s record important notes not to forget
  • Compass – with a compass, you can draw a precise circle. Be careful its sharp point


  • Cold Medicine – a medicine widely used in the world. It relieves fever and aches. 
  • Poison – a liquid form of poison. It is used to kill insects and weeds. Don’t use it to humans
  • Sleeping Pill – a medicine helping difficulty falling asleep makes you feel good in the morning
  • Clothing for arctic – a cloth made from animal skins. Excellent cold-proof coth. Warm but the beast smell
  • Stove – an appliance for lighting a fire with kerosene. Be careful not to get burned
  • Kotatsu – a heating appliance which is a table frame covered by blanket. If you go in, it makes you sleepy. 
  • Lipstick – dressing a woman’s mouth. Attractive red lips draw men’s attention. 
  • Lotion – A moisturizer to prevent dry skin. It is sticky and smells good
  • Perfume – A liquid made from a dissolved solid flavoring. It is aromatic and helps you a lot to calm down
  • Water Purifier – a purifier turning muddy water into drinkable water. Not for poisoned water
  • Can – a method of preserving food for a long time. Foods in case of emergency.
  • First Aid Kit – a collection of supplies to give medical treatment promptly. 
  • Poems – a collection of written words. If you read aesthetically, it touches you deeply
  • Novel – a book that tells a story thesedays, a story about traveling to another world is popular
  • Cartoon – a type of illustration. It is widely popular in the world
  • LCD – a type of flat panel display which produces a visible image as if a person is in the display
  • Transistor – a device used to amplify or switch electronic signals. It is vital for a machine
  • Super Computer – A computer that performs the highest operational rate. It is vital for making a robot or AI
  • Cleaning Robot – a robot can clean by itself. But, sometimes it messes up your room
  • Cooking Robot – if you give ingredients to cook, a robot cooks by itself. But, it is not good at cooking
  • Robotic Dog – a robot shaped like a dog. It is popular with people who cannot buy a real dog

The Burnable Garbage Day Ruin Items⇓

Each ruin features a set number of unqiue items. By unlocking/discovering/leveling up the ruins, you can unlock these items in The Burnable Garbage Day game(use in the quests): –

  • Seed – an unknown seed. If you water the seed, something will grow
  • Animal Skin – a skin of an extinct animal. It can be used in many ways
  • Animal Bones – bones from extinct animals. They can be used as nails or needles
  • Hunter’s Bow – a bow used for hunting animals. It smells bad but still usable
  • Stone Axe – a stone tool used for cutting a tree. It makes you look like wild and it fits in your hand
  • Basket – a basket made from bamboo. Putting and carrying beasts and fishes is possible
  • Playing Card – Cards are split into four types. Each type contains 13 cards. With these cards, a range of playing is broadened
  • Cube Puzzle – a 3×3 puzzle. Rotating the puzzle to solve is very difficult. 
  • Soccer Ball – a ball for kicking and playing. If you have a ball, many people can play with it. 
  • Guitar – an instrument which is played by plucking the strings. 
  • Trumpet – an instrument played by blowing. It makes a buzzing sound, so it is good for waking up
  • Piano – an instrument playing by pressing keys. It produces a beautiful sound


  • Azimuth Compass – a tool used for navigation. A long time ago, people traveled with it
  • Telescope – a tool that makes far away objects look closer. It makes the stars appear closer
  • Mirror – an object that reflects you. It is useful when making up and dressing up
  • Buckler – a shield to protect from blades and bows. It is a symbol of wealth. These days, it is used as an ornament
  • Long Sword – a sword with a long blade. Nowadays, it became an ornament as the blade is broken
  • Plate Armor – a body armor. If you put t on, it is very heavy and hot
  • Vendor – a machine selling products by pushing its button. It can be used easily
  • Animation DVD – An old DVD. You can watch an animation
  • Board Game – a game playing with dice and markers. The game is about life. 
  • Steam Engine – it uses a force produced by steam pressure. But, it does not work only by itself
  • Airplane – a large machine which can fl. It need lots of energy to fly
  • Tank – a combat car loaded with artillery. Its shape and smell stimulate man’s dreams


  • Record – a round plastic which can store sound and play music. A lot of songs are stored
  • Secret Papers – a classified document written a long time ago. Non-public information is included
  • Camera – an instrument used to record images. Some people think the camera takes their soul
  • Flashlight – a tool providing you light in the darkness. It is a must-have item for a courage test
  • KoroKoro – a cleaning tool removing rubbish with its sticky side. It can be used to remove animal hair
  • Opener – a device for opening a bottle or wine. When you open it, you feel good
  • Goddess of Victory – a goddess is a motif. It is placed in front of a door as a guardian
  • Bible – a record of god’s words. It seems to foretell the future. 
  • Rosary – a string made from 108 beads. It makes you feel protected by a holy power
  • Handgun – it can be used with one hand and used for hunting
  • Grenade – it can be thrown by hand. Remnants of a war. It is a historic relic
  • Bazooka – a war weapon. It launches an armor-piercing rocket. Now it is used for industrial purpose

The Burnable Garbage Day Area Items⇓

Each area produces/grows a special item. In The Burnable Garbage Day Game, these are the area items: –

  • Aloe Leaf – leaves from an aloe are flammable. The leaves are used for cosmetic purpose
  • Rafflesia – a huge flower in the forest. It emits bad smell
  • Coconut Water – it is made from the clear liquid inside of coconuts. It states sweet and can be used for cooking
  • Savannah Fruit – Fruits growing in a savannah. It is a nourishing purple fruit and contains a lot of water
  • Honey Flavouring – it emits honey flavoring collecting from a plant
  • Lava Ball – a ball erupted from magma suddenly. It contains rare minerals
  • Clean Ball – a plant like a sponge which is used for cleaning
  • Rainbow Firefly – Fireflies emit seven-colored light. They are used as an ornament such as a lamp or a party
  • Popping Seed – if you heat a seed, it pops. Popping seed is an indescribable taste
  • Energy Source – a lump of energy similar to ice. It is called unmelted ice, but it’s not cold
  • Regeneration Seed – a regeneration sunflower seed. It improves soil pollution and blooms beautiful flowers. It is eatable
  • Apple – a red apple. You can feel your head becomes clear


So that’s all we got in this post on The Burnable Garbage Day walkthrough guide wiki, tips, cheats & strategies for beginners. 

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  6. I got the last blueprint for the battery with Chubby quest ( Magazine Town )
    Just pointing it out, cuz Biri says you acquire it: “grant a man’s wish who wants to restore his town in book town” so I was confused and this might help someone lol

  7. At the final story area, 100% everything else but forgot to use the vendors! Heads up for new players, make sure you use mysterious vendor whenever you can otherwise you’ll be waiting a long time at the end game!

  8. where do you get ARMOR for the dad in small item town, i tried plate armor as that is the only armor i had and it was wrong

  9. Gem town needs: Down Comforter to unlock Gold Ore
    Sleepy town needs: Gold Ore to unlock Down Comforter

    How’s this work out now?

  10. The five initial parts for pandora are not randomly placed. The first one (head) is found in the middle og the volcano area, the second one (left arm) under the toxic waste in mountain area. Another one in frozen place somewhat close to the facility you find there. And I can’t remember the other 2.

    • One is left of the north road exit in the industry area, and the last is on the bottom left of the island with the ruin in the landfill area.

  11. The last 2 levels are different (I didn’t read the rest). They seem to both need whatever is still locked from the other. Magazine town needs a soil purifier (which isn’t unlocked), and lost town wants a pictoral book, which is not any of the books already unlocked, which means its whatever isn’t unlocked from magazine town yet. So they switched something around making this impossible. Unless someone knows something for purifying soil that’s not from lost town.

  12. Hello you should add that to unlock the true ending you need to first do the others 2(i dunno if you need the bad ending but i unlocked the bad first, then the good and the yoon quest unlocked after that).

  13. Where Is healing town located at? I’ve looked everywhere for it but can’t seem to find it. Is it perhaps saying energy town and not healing?

    • there are two compasses in the game; the one that’s used in stationary/drawing and another one that’s used in navigation. You sure you are giving the right one?

  14. Portable meals isn’t working for the Bear. I’ve tried all of my food and now im stuck. Keeps on saying something about needing a good smell.

  15. is the remaining hope is a very rare thing? i have finished all the quest and sitting here like an or two hours yet all i got is batteries this is a torture now i have 200 batteries and 45 level yet i can’t drop the remaining hope from vendor

    • I got mine easily but my friend who also plays with me has not got it yet. Wonder what’s the problem, our progress in the game was the same

    • I bot batteries from the vendor everytime it appeared, but he only spoke about it after I chose one of the endings and restarted the game. After that it took 3 appearances to show the item, but I started visiting every region repeatedly to see if it would appear faster. I also didn’t take long to click it, after the message appeared

  16. Is there a way for me to tell if I’ve already gotten the “Remaining Hope”? I keep buying from the mysterious vendor but I still haven’t found it…

    • Firstly, do you start the quest from the mysterious vendor said there is something in its tummy?

      It will be started after you tried the first end.

    • Also after starting the dialogue, you should be able to check on the base on the Pandora section, which items you got already (they are on the bottom, appear only after you talk to the scientist, after the first ending)

  17. What does that squid thing called Ikanna from Gem Town in Volcano Area want?

    This is what he says:
    “I think, I feel like I’m timid…
    I argued with my wife.
    My wife is very scary when she got angry… Huh. I want to comfort me.

    Is there anything making her feel better?”

    I already tried giving him a Silk Coat, Lotion, a Poem, and an Opener but everything’s wrong. Help me please 🙁

    • The last one for Trendy Panda for Doctor-less (or something similar) food for me was a Tomato. Chocolate is not in my Android version.

  18. I’m stuck on the Frozen Area. As far as I can tell, I need drill level 7 to get to the town, and I need the heating equipment from the town to get to the blueprint for the drill level 7. There’s nowhere else I can move without one of those two items and I can’t move anywhere to get them. Any advice? Am I missing something obvious?

  19. Hi! I’m stuck. I have the whole game completed except for a few questions and I seem to be stuck on perfume and first aid kits. I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong but I cannot figure out how to get theses things. Please help?

    • You will be able to produce perfume once you unlock it by completing the “Cosme Town” quests(Frozen Area). And first aid kit by completing the revival town quests(Pollution area).
      You can “retire” the quest if you have not unlocked these items.

    • Like, I know where to findt hear items, but when I give the person what they’re asking for I only get a battery back from them, not any of the items the town produces.

      • To get the items that the town produces, you will need to go to the base -> item production -> rapid production(using rubble). And yes normal quests give batteries not other items.

  20. Does anyone know where the 7th Drill Blueprint is? I can’t find it anywhere, I’ve cleared most places of trash and can’t find any chests I missed.

    • Oh well, I just realised that “Ancient Wisdom” can be obtained once you have all ruin level to the Max. Yeah~ one puzzle solved.

  21. I am having trouble in Volcano area. Despite owning a Jet Pack, I can’t access any of the terrain in the top left corner, so I can’t get to the town or chest up there. What do I do?

  22. It’s really cool that you all are still answering questions here. I downloaded this game today. It said in the instructions that you meed to close the game properly, so the saved data doesn’t rewind. Anyone know how? I don’t see any exit buttons or anything.


    • The game has an auto-save time interval function that saves progress every certain few seconds. Go to the settings, then tap on optimize, set the time, and tap OK. You might want to close the game after this interval(to save current progress) and then exit like you usually do.

  23. The walkthrough is missing the last development quest for Meat Town.
    Chubby is opening a tournament, but it would be better if everyone was enthusiastic. Something to play with everyone?

  24. Base Area
    Start Town – Seed, Aloe Leaf, Animal Skin
    Secondgear Town – Water, Preserved Food, Animal Bones

    Forest Area
    Jungle Town – Corn, Rice, Wheat
    New Wear Town – Shirts, Bed, Closet

    Tropic Area
    Vacation Town – Stone Axe, Table Set, Basket
    Travel Town – Rafflesia, Silk Coat, Jeans

    Nature Area
    Meat Town – Parasol, Hunter’s Bow, Soccer Ball
    Vege Town – Coconut Water, Suitcase, Beef

    Mountain Area
    Water Town – Savannah Fruit, Portable Meals
    Sleepy Town – Playing Card, Cube Puzzle, Piano

    Volcano Area
    Kitchen Town – Carrot, Telescope
    Gem Town – Honey Flavouring, Sake

    Landfill Area
    Carpenter Town – Lava Ball, Gold Ore
    Small Item Town – Long Sword

    Industry Area
    Ride Town – Frying Pan
    Energy Town – Guitar

    Lab Area
    Medi Town – Sleeping Bag, Notebook
    Stationary Town – Kerosene, Pencil

    Frozen Area
    Cold Town – Secret Papers
    Cosme Town – Poison

    Pollution Area
    Revival Town –


    Still a work in progress, but do have a spot on Facebook that I am updating as well. Will work on putting my spreadsheet into a GoogleDoc this weekend.

    • The last one for Trendy Panda for Doctor-less (or something similar) food for me was a Tomato. Chocolate is not in my Android version.

  25. There was like no useful information at all in this. You just stated what the game tells you in the tutorial. Honestly a waste of effort on your part and extremely annoying when people are actually trying to find helpful info. Wtf