Archero Outfits Guide: List, How To Get Coupons For Outfits?

Archero Outfits: players can now equip the outfits to the heroes and make them stronger! Read on for Archero Outfits guide; list, how to get coupons?

Archero Outfits Coupons

Click here to seel all the outfits, scroll down for the Archero Outfits guide. 

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Archero Outfits Guide⇓

The outfit system was released in a December update; Archero version 2.6.0. Except for the starting hero Atreus, outfits for all the other heroes are available in the game. Players can get their outfits with the new in-game currency called coupons. In this post, we are going to showcase the list of all the outfits for each hero + how to get the coupons to get those outfits!

Archero Outfit Coupons⇓

There are two outfit coupons in the Archero game; Exquisite Coupon and the Premium Coupon. The purple coupon is called the Exquisite coupon while the gold one is called the Premium coupon. You can use these coupons to redeem hero outfits. 

How To Get Outfit Coupons?

Players in Archero can obtain the outfit coupons; premium as well as Exquisite coupons, by completing the event quests. For instance, as of writing this, the Christmas event is live where you collect the snowballs and redeem them for the rewards. Completing the phase I gives you x10 Exquisite coupons. Also, for a limited period of time, you can exchange the snowballs and stockings(obtain from the normal mode, hero mode, and snow fight), and get gold premium coupons. 

How To Get Archero Outfits For Free Without Any Hacks?

Keep an eye on the outfit giveaway events and you can get a free outfit for free. Right now, a Christmas event is in progress where you can open a gift pack daily(invite other friends via the link by sharing on FB to get help) and get the chance to grab a free outfit. Here’s the link to the free outfit event page created by developers: –

Also, keep an eye on the Archero promo codes.

Archero Outfits List For All Heroes⇓

You can check all the outfits’ image here. Each outfit comes with two effects; the first one activates when you wear the outfit and enter the battle, the second one activates at a certain level and does not require you to wear the outfit: –

  • Urasil Outfit: Royal Knight
  • Phoren Outfit: Flame Student
  • Taranis Outfit: Thunder Lord
  • Helix Outfit: Bear Master
  • Meowgik: Cat Warlock, Cherry Kitty
  • Shari Outfit: Shaman Sacrifice
  • Ayana Outfit: Little Witch
  • Onir Outfit: Athenian Lord
  • Rolla Outfit: Ice Empress
  • Bonnie Outfit: Pirate Captain
  • Sylvan Outfit: Elegant Prince
  • Shade Outfit: Legendary Assassin
  • Ryan Outfit: Christmas Elf
  • Ophelia Outfit: Demon Shift

Urasil Outfit: Royal Knight

It would cost x55 Exquisite Coupons to get this outfit. Effect: the first effect will increase the chances to resist long-distance damage by 10%. And, the second stat effect will empower the all heroes’ max HP by +150. 

Phoren Outfit: Flame Student⇓

It would cost x20 Exquisite Coupons to get this cool outfit for the hero Phoren. Effect; the first effect of this outfit will reduce the enemy’s movement when they suffer flame damage. And, the second stat effect will empower the all heroes’ max HP by +40. 

Taranis Outfit: Thunder Lord⇓

It would cost whopping x100 Exquisite Coupons to obtain this outfit for the hero Taranis. Speaking of its effects; the first effect makes the hero inflict lightning damage to the surrounding enemies when moving. And, the second effect increases the max HP By +200. 

Helix Outfit: Bear Master⇓

You will need x120 Exiquiste Coupons/Tickets to get this beast outfit for the hero Helix hero in the Archero Game. The first effect increases the damage on the enemies on food while the second effect increases the attack power by 60. 

Meowgik Outfits⇓

The two outfits for the little kitties that walk with the Meowgik. The Cat Warlock outfit costs x120 tickets and increases the dodge rating and increases max HP by 200. And, the Cherry Kitty outfit comes with an effect; when dying there is a 20% chance to be resurrected in a random Meowspirit’s location + increases the all heroes’ max HP by 500. 

Shari Outfit: Shaman Sacrifice⇓

This Shaman Sacrifice outfit costs you x40 Exquisite Tickets that increase the damage resistance when around vines. And, the 2nd effect increases all heroes’ max HP by 150. 

Ayana Outfit: Little Witch⇓

Players need to spend x145 Exquisite Purple Coupon Tickets to grab this outfit. It comes with two effects; the first is; after being transported, collision damage is reduced by 25% within x3 seconds. Also, increases all the heroes’ ATK by +60. 

Onir Outfit: Athenian Lord⇓

Spend x95 Exquisite Coupons to get this outfit that increases the light stats damage by 10%, increase the max HP for all heroes by 250 points. 

Rolla Outfit: Ice Empress⇓

You will need x70 premium gold coupons to get the Ice Empress outfit for the hero Rolla in the Archero game. The first effect reduces the enemies’ movement speed; nearby enemies. And, the second effect increases the all heroes’ attack by 100 points. 

Bonnie Outfit: Pirate Captain⇓

Spend x20 premium coupons to get the Pirate Captain outfit for Bonnie in the Archero game. First effect; Bonnie’s clone duration extends with the number of abilities and increases the all heroes’ max HP by 250 points. 

Sylvan Outfit: Elegant Prince⇓

Spend x95 premium coupons and get the Elegant Prince outfit for the character Sylvan. First effect; when stationary, the attack is increased by 4%. And, the second effect increases all the heroes’ attack by 120. 

Shade Outfit: Legendary Assassin⇓

Spend x95 premium coupons to get this outfit for the Archero hero Shade. This outfit reduces the collision damage when in the shadow form. And, increases all heroes’ attack by 120. 

Ryan Outfit: Christmas Elf⇓

To get this Ryan Outfit, you will need x100 premium coupons. The first effect; after eliminating the enemy, here is a chance to summon a chest that can freeze surrounding enemies. And, the second effect increases the weapon drop rate for all the heroes. 

Ophelia Outfit: Demon Shift⇓

To acquire this Ophelia outfit, you will need 55 premium coupons. The first effect; the lower the health, the stronger the recovery of HP. The second one; increases the attack by 100 for all heroes. 

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So this would be all in this post on Archero Outfits and Outfit Coupons!

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