Dragon Raja Phantom Sound Class Guide: Core Build, Gems, Skills, Allies & More

Phantom Sound is the new class in the Dragon Raja Global version that was released in January 2021. Read on for Dragon Raja Phantom Sound core build. 

Dragon Raja Phantom Sound

Dragon Raja Phantom Sound Class⇓

Phantom Sound is another support class in the Dragona Raja global version, after Soul Dancer. But unlike Soul Dancer, Phantom Sound class can not be picked in the beginning. You must reach level 90 with any one of the newbie classes and then you can change/switch to the Phantom Sound class. You can read the best class and change the class guide here. In this post, we will give you a brief info on Dragon Raja Phantom Sound class, Phantom Sound core build; best gems, skill info, best allies, and much more. So without further ado, let’s get straight to the main content: –

Dragon Raja Phantom Sound Class Details⇓

Phantom Sound is one of the supporter role classes in the game; just like Soul Dancer. But, both these classes have different support abilities; Soul Dancer supports the team with healing abilities while Phantom Sound provides buff effects like Praise that increase PDEF and MDEF. Also, Phantom Sound has healing and shield knacks. 

Phantom Sound Core Build: Best Gems⇓

We would advise you to build the INS, INT, and DEX score of Phantom Sound if you want to make it stronger. Below, we have listed the set of gems that you can apply and make Phantom Sound stronger: –

  • X7 Fire Gems(+INT), X7 Water Gems(+INS), X2 Wind Gems(+DEX)
  • X9 Wind Gems(+DEX), X5 Fire Gems(+INT), X2 Water Gems(+INS)
  • X9 Fire Gems(+INT), X5 Water Gems(+INS), X2 Wind Gems(+DEX)
  • X9 Fire Gems(+INT), X5 Wind Gems(+DEX), X2 Water Gems(+INS)

Phantom Sound Allies: Best Recommended Allies⇓

  • Main Recommended: Erii Uesugi, Alternative: Ming-Z-Lu
  • Supporters: College Erii, Anjou, Love Johann, Christmas Erii, Ming-Z-Lu

Phantom Sound Details⇓

  • Role: Support/Caster
  • Strength: Supporting Allies
  • Range: Mid-Distance
  • Assistance – Amazing
  • Damage – Decent, but not the best
  • Survivability – Decent, but not the best
  • Crowd Control Abilities – Yes
  • Difficulty – Easy to master

Dragon Raja Phantom Sound Skills⇓

  • Sonic Pulse – Magical DMG
  • Amplified Blast – Summons x2 holographic loudspeakers that causes heavy M. DMG. 
  • The Chosen Star – Removes control and skill lock effects while increasing magical attack and multistrike rate, becoming immune to skill lock effect for a few seconds + gains entropy
  • Soundwave – M. DMG
  • Sonic Boom – Buffs PATK and MATK, CRIT of allies with the battle song effect that triggers with this skill
  • Spring’s Embrace – healing allies, shield allies
  • Poison Pool – DoT and reduce move speed and CDR with the fever dream effect that triggers with this ability

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So this would be all in this post on Dragon Raja Phantom Sound guide, core build, gems, allies, and more. Got more tips? Comment below. 

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