Luna M Best Class: Job & Race(Luna with Moonlight)

Luna M A.K.A. Luna with Moonlight is a new MMORPG packed with six unique character classes. Read on for Luna M best class; jobs & races. 

Luna M Best Class

Luna M Best Class: All Classes/Jobs⇓

Right after the launch, you will be asked to pick a character class; with six Luna M classes to choose from, one might get confused about which class is the best one to start the journey! These six classes or jobs are; Archer(Elf Race), Crusader(Elf Race), Warrior(Human Race), Healer(Human Race), Wizard(Dark Elf Race), and Warlock(Dark Elf Race). To summarize things, each race features x2 classes/jobs. Each race has a different definition + each job possess unqiue stats/strengths/skills. Elf – A race that loves nature and lives in harmony with nature. Warrior – A race that can be either absolute good or absolute evil. Dark Elf – A race that only pursues strength. Now, let’s check out the Luna M classes and find out the best Luna M class for you: –

Archer In Luna M Game⇓

Belongs to the Elf Race, Archer is among the six Luna M classes that players get to pick at the beginning of the game. Brief Description: Archer class is fast and specializes in long-range attacks. The main highlight here is the “long-range attacks” – because of that, you get to deal with the enemies from a distance and cause a decent amount of damage to them. The skills do an enormous amount of damage; single and AoE. 

  • Strength: Long-range attack skills that inflict massive damage help you defeat waves of enemies quickly.
  • Who should pick Archer class in Luna M: players who love ranged DPS characters in MMORPGs. 

Crusader In Luna M Game⇓

Crusader also belongs to Elf Race, just like the Archer class – but unlike Archer, Crusader is a melee class that excels in close-combat. Brief description: Crusader specializes in magic and divine power that makes the body strong. This class is not as aggressive as Archer class – but possesses great skills. 

  • Strengths: decent melee magic DMG and survivability, disarm enemy’s shield, stun enemies
  • Cons: slow
  • Who should pick Crusader class: players who love melee DPS character classes in MMORPGs. 

Warrior In Luna M Game⇓

Belongs to the Human race, Warrior is one of our favorite melee DPS classes with attributes much better than the Crusader class. As compared to the Crusader class, Warrior’s stats such as HP, strength, and speed are much better. Although, Crusade’s INT/Intelligence stats are more than the Warrior class. 

  • Strengths: tanky, decent melee PHY DMG and survivability, CC skills like stun
  • Who should pick Warrior class in Luna M: players who love tank and melee DPS character classes in MMORPGs. 

Healer In Luna M Game⇓

The healer also belongs to the Human class, just like the Warrior class. As the name of the class suggests, Healer specializes in healing the allies in the team. 

  • Strengths: healing, supportive skills
  • Cons: DMG is not good
  • Who should pick Healer class in Luna M: players who love priest/supporter character classes in MMORPGs. 

Wizard In Luna M Game⇓

Belongs to the Dark Elf Race, Wizard is the mage class with skills that inflict magic damage to the enemies. 

  • Strengths: DMG
  • Who should pick Wizard class in Luna M: if you like mage DMG classes that possess magical skills

Warlock In Luna M Game⇓

Also known as Dark Mage, Warlock, unlike other classes, summon companions to fight the enemies. While playing as a Warlock, you can summon golem, legendary tower, dead spirits to attack the enemies; poison DMG, AoE. 

  • Strengths: summon companions to fight enemies
  • Who should pick Warlock class in Luna M: if you want to try something unqiue and fun, then Warlock would be a great pick. This class excels in the DMG aspect; AoE, Poison, Lifesteal, CC

Luna M Best Class⇓

  • Warlock/Crusade: Best Crowd Control/Mage Class
  • Wizard: Best Mage DPS
  • Archero: Best Long-Range DPS Class
  • Warrior: Best Tank PHY DMG Class
  • Healer: Best Support Class

So this would be all in this post on Luna M best class; all classes/jobs/race in the game. 

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