Area F2 Best Agents: The Best Attackers And Defenders In The Game

Area F2 is an online multiplayer shooting game where two teams clash for the victory. Read on for Area F2 Best Agents Guide – best attackers, defenders


For starters, we recommend reading the beginners guide & tips. In this post, we have shared info on the Area F2 Best Agents; the best attackers that you can choose when playing as an attacking side. And, the best defenders that you can choose when playing as a defending side. Speaking of the roles, as an attacker, you want smooth running, great DMG, and control with decent survivability so that you can easily deal with the defenders. Being a defender, you would want the best survivability and shield skills with decent DMG so that you can easily deal with the attackers. So let’s not waste any time and check out the Area F2 Best Agents guide featuring the best attackers and defenders. 

Area F2 Agents – Best Defenders In The Game: –Area F2 Best Agents Attackers Defenders

In our opinion, the four best defender agents in Area F2 game are; Fortress, Wolf, Cobra, and Black Hole. Fortress is one of the best defenders in the game with the ability to provide supply packs for all the teammates containing ballistic armors that reduce the damage taken. Another best defender in this game is Wolf with the ability to deploy the trigger bombs on the windows and doors that explode when triggered. 

Cobra is another great defender agent with the ability to create the poison trap that causes continuous HP loss to the attackers when triggered. And, at last, Black Hole with great armor, speed, and ability to set magnet on floor or wall – destroying metal explosives in a spherical area. 

List of Defenders in the game: –

  • Fortress
  • Wolf
  • Spitfire
  • Lightning
  • Silence
  • Cobra
  • Swamp
  • Spider
  • Blackhole

Best Defenders in the game: –

  • Fortress – strong armor, slow, great skill
  • Cobra – balanced armor/speed, poison trap skill
  • Wolf – balanced armor/speed, booby trap skill
  • Black Hole – balanced armor/speed, magnet system skill

It does not mean that other agents are worst – master them and they will deliver the best. 

Area F2 Best Attackers In The Game: –

Area F2 Best Agents Attackers DefendersIn our opinion, the four best Area F2 attackers are Boulder, Hammer, Phantom, and Volcano. Hammer uses the MS249 gun that has lots of ammo and a great damage rate. Boulder is one of the best attackers in the game with a shield weapon that protects you from enemy shots. He uses the shield as a primary weapon and P99 as a secondary weapon. Phantom has two UAVs trackers that reveal the location of enemies hit. He uses the Skar gun, which is quite a good gun. And, at last, Volcano – another great attacker who can set up thermite to destroy the walls and floors. He uses AKL-12 as a primary gun – does decent damage. 

List of attackers in the game: –

  • Hammer
  • Wildfire
  • Volcano
  • Boulder
  • Hawkeye
  • Phantom
  • Magnet
  • Panther
  • Flash

Best attackers in the game: –

  • Hammer
  • Boulder
  • Volcano
  • Phantom

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So this would be all in this post on Area F2 best agents guide for beginners. In your opinion, who is the best attacker or defender? Comment below. 

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