Exos Heroes Rera Guide: Overview, Skills, And More

Rera is one of the fated heroes characters in Exos Heroes game. Is it any good? Read on for Exos Heroes Rera guide covering the overview, skills info

Exos Heroes Rera

Exos Heroes Rera Guide: –

  • Primary Role – Chaos, DMG, Debuffer
  • Strength – AoE DMG, Poisons Target 
  • Top Parameters – Attack
  • Best Position – Back Row
  • Element – Nature
  • Damage Type – Physical
  • Grade – Fated

Rera Overview & Skills: –

Rera excels in inflicting enemies with debuffs and massive damage. Rera’s passive skill puts the focus fire mark on the enemy that causes a reduction in dodge and block for a round on basic attack. Like all other characters, this one also possesses two active skills; Verdant Fire. Summon Uloom. Verdant Fire inflicts damage and poison effect that causes damage over time for a few turns. Summon Uloom skill summons Uloom character on the battlefield and makes it unleash AoE DMG. 

Tip – Pair Rera with Bathory for additional damage. The two active skills that Rera possesses can inflict more damage if the tranquil mark is active. Bathory is the character having a passive skill, which gives a tranquil mark to the allies; Rera and Uloom are the two characters that would require tranquil mark. 

Exos Heroes Rera Character Conclusion: –

Overall a good damage dealer with debuff effects. With the right team combination; Rera and Bathory, you can achieve more damage during the battle game. Tier  – S(Pair with Bathory). 

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So this would be all in this post on Exos Heroes Rera guide for beginners. 

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