Aura Kingdom 2 Equipment Guide For Beginners

Your character in the Aura Kingdom 2 can equip lots of types of gears. Read on for Aura Kingdom 2 equipment guide for beginners – blueprint, better gears, etc.

Aura Kingdom 2 Equipment GuideEquipment boosts the EP of character by massive numbers. If you want to increase the defense, attack, CRIT, speed like attributes of the character, then you must equip the high-tier best gears. For starters, we recommend reading beginner’s guide, leveling, guild guide, eidolons guide, life skills guide, codes, and class info. In this post, you will learn about the quality of the gears, how to get better gears in Aura Kingdom 2, and how to upgrade them for more stat boost. So without any further ado, let’s get started – Aura Kingdom 2 Equipment guide for beginners. 

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There are mainly five grades of gears; blue, green, orange, purple, and gold. Gold quality gears are the best ones, then purple, and then orange. (Gold > Purple > Orange > Green > Blue). In the bottom-left side of the game screen, tap the bag icon -> this will open the inventory where you can check the equipped gears and their quality type; green, blue, and orange. 

All the gears provide unqiue stats to the character. For example; increase in attack, CRIT, defense, movement speed, etc. So make sure you check the details of all the gears you have and equip the best ones by comparing their stats. 

How To Get Equipment In Aura Kingdom 2?

Aura Kingdom 2 Equipment GuideThere are several ways to get the equipment in Aura Kingdom 2: by playing the story-dungeon mode, using blueprints, from quests, time-limited events, etc. Let’s learn all the ways of getting gears in detail. 

Get Equipment By Playing Story Dungeon

Story dungeon is one of the dungeon modes where you can get the armor equipment for free. Tap the dungeon button at the top-menu list and then check the story mode. There you will find game modes such as the temple of myos, meteor hall, beast festival, etc. You can play these game modes in multiple difficulties. If you are solo, then you can only play the easy difficulty mode. For high-difficulty, you must join a party. It’s better to join a guild and play with guild members. 

The higher the difficulty, the higher the quality of the reward. 

Farm Equipment Blueprint

You can get the equipment blueprints; weapon blueprints, armor blueprints, cape blueprints, ring blueprints, etc. by playing the event game modes. 

  • Commission Quest event – this event gives you the chest containing weapon blueprints
  • Event tower – this event gives you the weapon blueprint chest containing the gold/purple/orange/green/blue weapon blueprints
  • Alchemy event gives element chest containing cape blueprints
  • Blacksmith event gives you a worn chest containing necklace blueprint
  • And, the fishing event gives you gold chest containing the ring blueprints

Go to the inventory -> item -> there you can open these chests and get the blueprints. 

Fusing Blueprints To Get Equipment

You will need to fuse the blueprint to get the equipment. Go to the inventory by tapping the bag button on the bottom-left. In the inventory, go to the fuse tab and tap on the blueprint that you want to fuse. Tap the use button and on the next screen, you will see the materials required for crafting the equipment. Tap the fuse button – fusing costs you gold and materials. 

Crafting Materials Farming Guide

You can get the crafting materials from fishing, alchemy, and blacksmith events. 

  • Mana Crystal(crafting) – Alchemy
  • Textile – Alchemy
  • Earth Element Crystals – Alchemy
  • Essence Orb – Fishing
  • Magic Scale – Fishing
  • Earth Essence – Fishing
  • Essence Crystal – Blacksmith
  • Cobblestone – Blacksmith
  • Gemstone – Blacksmith

Also, you can obtain these materials from the auction house or mall. 

Salvaging Equipment

Salvaging equipment gives you alloy material that you can use in fusing blueprints. Head to the inventory -> tap the salvage button -> select the gears that you want to dismantle and confirm by tapping the salvage button. The selected gears will disappear and you will get the alloy. 

Aura Kingdom 2 Equipment UpgradesAura Kingdom 2 Equipment Guide

  • Fortify – use mana crystal to fortify the equipment. You can farm equipment fortify material in seven gods dungeon mode or obtain from mall, quests, events
  • Inlay gems – you can inlay gems to the equipment and get stat boost. Gems in the Aura Kingdom 2 can be acquired from gem gacha(costs diamonds), from guild store – exchange guild currency for gem chest
  • Rank-up – you will need the same gear as a material to increase the target gear stats with rank-up function
  • Evolve gear to unleash its true potential

Check Out The Event Tower

Every day in Aura Kingdom 2, you get to play lots of events. Navigate to the event map and tap on the event tower. Make sure to keep an eye on these events and must complete the one that gives you quality gears blueprints. 

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So this would be all in this post on the Aura Kingdom 2 Equipment guide for beginners. 

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