Astral Chronicles Tier List And Reroll Guide

Astral Chronicles is a brand new JRPG for Android and iOS by uBeeJoy. Let’s have a look at Astral Chronicles tier list and the reroll guide

Astral Chronicles features so many characters – warrior, guardian, ranger, sorcer, and chanter. All the characters fall in three rarities – SSR, SR, and R – where SSR and SR characters are super rare. As you progress through the game, you will need powerful characters to strike down the beasts. If you manage to get the powerful characters from the initial summons, it will help you a lot in the late game. In today’s post, we have shared the Astral Chronicles tier list and Astral Chronicles reroll guide. Let’s get started!

Astral Chronicles Reroll Guide

Astral Chronicles Tier List and Reroll Guide
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You can reroll once you open the gate of destiny. When you start the game, you will see a gate of destiny button at the top-right corner of the screen. Tap it and you will see three Summon x10 buttons – which mean, you can open the gate three times and summon (10) characters(each time). You can use this function once you clear the chapter (2). On the right side of the screen, you can check the chapter quests. Complete all of them and discover new things.

The three summon(s) -> Out of three x10 draws, you can only pick one. Tap the summon button and check the units -> you will get (1) SSR for free from each summon. Before you claim it, tap the think twice button and open other gates – tap the summon button. And, at last, pick the set which features your desired characters.

Now, another thing that you want to do is summon using the cosmo tickets. Cosmo ticket is required to summon the characters from the stargate. At the bottom of the screen, tap the stargate button -> choose a banner -> summon. The individual summons costs (1) cosmo ticket. And, the x10 summon costs (9) tickets. You can obtain the cosmo ticket from 7-day gift event, as a sign in reward, by completing the requests or exchange the magic gems in the shop for cosmo tickets.

If you are all done(x10 draw from the gate of destiny and summon using cosmo tickets), check the tier list below and find out whether the Astral Chronicles characters you got are good or not. If not, you should reroll and repeat all the steps.

Here’s how to reroll: –

  • Tap the profile avatar at the upper-left corner
  • Go to settings
  • Logout from the current account
  • Now, you are on the home screen
  • Tap the account option at the top-left
  • Tap switch account option and then create a new one

Once you get the desired units, make sure to bind the account with Google accounts or Facebook.

From the gate of destiny, you may get one of these SSR units: –

  • Athena
  • Yoru Ruri
  • Newton
  • Titan Cynthia
  • Cupid
  • Hachi Araumi

Astral Chronicles Tier List

Tier List Link – Here(Google Docs, Source – Reddit, Subreddit – AstralChronicles). Navigate to the given link and you can check the overview of all the SSR/SR/R characters as well as their rankings – there is a separate tab for SSR ranking, R Ranking, and SR Ranking. For the best view, use PC or open it in the Google Docs app. Or here’s the only rating tier list(S – Top Tier, A – Excellent, B – Good, C – Average, D – Bad, F – Useless): –

Astral Chronicles Tier List – SSR : –

  • Alphard – C(PvE), D(PvP)
  • Nora – A(PvE), B+(PvP)
  • Ryudo – S(PvE), A(PvP)
  • Gillian – A(PvE), S(PvP)
  • Ouroboros – A(PvE), S(PvP)
  • Yoru Rumi – B+(PvE), A(PvP)
  • Allur – B+(PvE), C(PvP)
  • Hachi Araumi – C(PvE), C(PvP)
  • Netheria – S(PvE), A(PvP)
  • Pandora Z – B+(PvE), B+(PvP)
  • Titan Cynthia – B(PvE), B(PvP)
  • Athena – S(PvE), A(PvP)
  • Newton – B+(PvE), A(PvP)
  • Zeus – A+(PvE), S(PvP)
  • Cupid – B(PvE), B(PvP)
  • Felicia – B+(PvE), B(PvP)
  • Kamiko – A(PvE), A(PvP)
  • Lars – A(PvE), B+(PvP)
  • Undine – B-(PvE), A+(PvP)

Astral Chronicles Tier List – SR : –

  • Haname – C+(PvE), C(PvP)
  • Nyx – B-(PvE), A(PvP)
  • Rintsuki – C(PvE), D(PvP)
  • Bahameowt – C-(PvE), D(PvP)
  • Ryuni Meikami – B+(PvE), B+(PvP)
  • Titan Soul – C(PvE), C(PvP)
  • Gin – C(PvE), D(PvP)
  • Kidd – B+(PvE), B(PvP)
  • Manjusaka – D(PvE), F(PvP)
  • Yuki Nozomi – B-(PvE), C+(PvP)
  • Maid Gemma – C(PvE), C+(PvP)
  • Shay – B+(PvE), B(PvP)
  • Suzukaze – D(PvE), D(PvP)
  • Utanashi – D(PvE), D(PvP)
  • Yoyo Nozomi – C(PvE), C(PvP)
  • Alice – B(PvE), C(PvP)
  • Kanna – D(PvE), D(PvP)
  • Maid Betta – B(PvE), C(PvP)

Astral Chronicles R(Rare) Grade Usable Characters: –

  • H10
  • Cynthia
  • Nephele
  • Roshi
  • Schala

For more information, you can visit the codex in the game or open the doc(the link is given above).

Complete List Of Characters

To check the complete list of characters, go to the lobby -> at the bottom of the screen, tap the honor button -> collection -> use the navigation keys(<>) to open next page -> tap character -> here you can check the complete list of characters. Tap the filter button and you can sort it by class or rarity.

So that would be all in this Astral Chronicles tier list and rerolling guide.

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