Elune Reroll Guide And Tier List(Top Elunes To Look For)!

Elune Reroll Guide & Tier ListElune is a brand new gacha game for Android and iOS by Gamevil Inc. Let’s check out Elune tier list, reroll guide and roll the best Elunes

Gamevil’s latest game “Elune” features over 200 characters(Elunes) – all belong to one of the five classes; Tank, DPS, Support, Healer, Debuffer. Since there are so many characters, it would be difficult for the starters to figure out the best ones. To get the headstart, you should try rerolling the best characters – epic, legendary, and rare. If you are a f2p player, you should try getting a legendary tank, epic DPS, epic healer. Let’s dive into the Elune reroll guide and check the Elune tier list(the characters to look for when rerolling).

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Elune Reroll Guide: –

1.) The summon function unlocks once you clear the 1-2 stage in the adventure mode. At this point, the game will teach you how to summon the characters. You will get one free premium summon, (3) premium summon tickets, and 10+1 Premium summon ticket. In short,

  • Use the free tutorial summon
  • (3) Premium Tickets
  • 10+1 Premium Summon

You may get a (5) star legendary from 1-2 reroll.

2.) Now, go back to the adventure mode and clear 1-5 stage. Once you clear this stage, selective summon will get unlocked. In this summon, you can reroll the characters 30 times – reroll until you get the Elunes that you desire. Once you are satisfied, tap the guaranteed select button to confirm. You may get a (3) star legendary character from 1-5 selective summon. The epic units are confirmed.

Part 2 – Check The Tier List And Decide To Keep Or Roll

See the below tier list and check whether you have got the top tier character or not. If yes, then go to the lobby -> tap the menu button at the upper-right corner -> account -> link the game to one of the social media accounts or Gamecenter.

How to reroll: –

  • Tap the menu button(it’s at the top-right corner)
  • Choose settings
  • At the bottom-left of the account tab, tap delete account option
  • Enter “Delete Now” in the box
  • Hit the delete button to confirm

Elune Reroll Guide & Tier ListNow, the game will start from scratch. Finish the 1-2 and use free+premium tickets+(10+1) premium draw. Finish 1-5 and start selective summon.

The drop rate of legendary heroes is quite low – that’s why you should try rerolling. The characters are classified into the rarity: –

  1. Legendary
  2. Epic
  3. Rare
  4. Uncommon
  5. Normal

Don’t waste your time in developing/upgrading the uncommon or normal units because these low-tier units would not help you much. To check the rarity of heroes or a complete list of Elunes/Characters –> tap the menu button at the top-right corner -> index -> Elunes.

Best Elunes To Look For When Rerolling: –

  • Fahrenheit

Fahrenheit is a tank class legendary character in the game. His stats such as HP, Physical Defense, Magic Defense, etc. are pretty good and he can easily soak most of the enemy damage. Skills – The characters have four types of skills – ultimate, passive, normal, and special. Let’s have a look at Fahrenheit skills: –

  • The normal skill deals damage to the enemy. Also, there is a chance to stun the target
  • Special skill increases Physical Defense, Magical Defense and gives a barrier that absorbs damage. There is a chance to become immune to weaken effect when you use this skill(Skill Gem Set)
  • The ultimate skill protects the allies and reduces the damage received

You can read more about the characters’ stats in the Index.

  • Owen

Owen is another one of the best tanks in the Elune game. Rarity – Epic. As a tank unit, Owen possesses decent defense as well as HP stats. That makes him a big shield for allies attacking and supporting from the backline. Let’s have a look at Owen skills: –

  • Normal Skill – Deals damage, stuns the target
  • Special – Reduces damage received, restores HP
  • Ultimate – Increases ATK, Physical DEF, Magical DEF and provokes the enemy

  • Enme

Another epic rarity tank class character with decent defense as well as HP stats – quite enough to become a shield for the allies battling from the backline. Let’s have a look at Enme’s skill stats; normal, special, and ultimate: –

  • Enme’s normal skill deals damage to all the enemies – chance to stun the target
  • Special Skill – Banishes the enemy and deal damage – chance to restore 1 SOUL
  • Ultimate – Reduces M. DMG received – for all allies

So these are the top tier tank characters to look for when rerolling. Let’s check out the DPS, debuffers, healers, and supporters.

Elune Tier List –  Best DPS: –

  • Reve – Legendary
  • Baldr – Legendary
  • Kang Rim – Legendary
  • Caroline – Legendary
  • Kai – Epic
  • Eris – Epic

DPS Characters – The ones with the role to deal massive damage to the enemies.

Best Debuffers: –

  • Mikazuki – Legendary
  • Chloe Vann – Epic
  • Reina – Epic
  • Sally – Rare

Best Supporters: –

  • Wei Wei – Legendary
  • Lam – Rare
  • Stella – Rare
  • Mana – Epic

Best Elune Healers: –

  • Freya – Legendary
  • Fabian – Epic
  • Eun – Epic

We would strongly recommend you to pull a legendary hero through rerolling process with a good epic rarity characters combos.

Let’s filter the heroes by tier(SS, S, A, and B): –

Elune SS Tier List: –

  • Fahrenheit
  • Freya
  • Wei Wei

Elune S Tier List: –

  • Reve
  • Mikazuki
  • Chloe
  • Kang Rim
  • Eris
  • Stella
  • Reina
  • Arslan
  • Baldr
  • Caroline

A Tier: –

  • Owen
  • Enme
  • Mana
  • Fabian
  • Nika
  • Miho
  • McCarthy
  • Lescar
  • Gaonsari
  • Sally
  • Eun
  • Kai

Tier B: –

  • Baek Wanjo
  • Baron J
  • Michelle
  • Victoria
  • Skadi
  • Catherine
  • Taya

We will update this post with more info soon. Any feedback would be appreciated.

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  1. 3★ Epic Kartia 0.2105%
    3★ Epic Lilith 0.2105%
    3★ Epic Thanatos 0.3158%
    3★ Epic Kai 0.2105%
    3★ Epic Seraphine 0.3158%
    3★ Epic Michelle 0.2105%
    3★ Epic Lillia 0.3158%
    3★ Epic Owen 0.3158%
    3★ Epic Gaian 0.3158%
    3★ Epic Sid Rainer 0.3158%
    3★ Epic Lisa Rose 0.2105%
    3★ Epic Catherine 0.3158%
    3★ Epic Chloe Vann 0.3158%
    3★ Epic Baron J 0.2105%
    3★ Epic Lescar 0.2105%
    3★ Epic Haemosu 0.3158%
    3★ Epic Hong Gyeon 0.3158%
    3★ Epic Baek Wanjo 0.3158%
    3★ Epic Eun 0.3158%
    3★ Epic Gaonsari 0.3158%
    3★ Epic Fabian 0.2105%
    3★ Epic Eris 0.3158%
    3★ Epic Charlotte 0.3158%
    3★ Epic Cyrus 0.2105%
    3★ Epic Nyx 0.2105%
    3★ Epic Kunhar 0.2105%
    3★ Epic Taya 0.2105%
    3★ Epic Kartia 0.2105%
    3★ Epic Nesari 0.2105%
    3★ Epic Enme 0.3158%
    3★ Epic Sedna 0.2105%
    3★ Epic Mana 0.3158%
    3★ Epic Anarore 0.2105%
    3★ Epic Popo & Pepe 0.2105%
    3★ Epic Skadi 0.2105%
    3★ Epic Miho 0.3158%
    3★ Epic Victoria 0.2105%
    3★ Epic Lato 1.3808%

  2. The Free 10+1 (Stage 1-5) summon drops the follow:
    3★ Legendary Caroline 0.2857%
    3★ Legendary Baldr 0.2857%
    3★ Legendary McCarthy 0.2857%
    3★ Legendary Revé 0.2857%
    3★ Legendary Kang Rim 0.2857%
    3★ Legendary Arslan 0.2857%
    3★ Legendary Freya 0.2857%

    This article should be updated with who can be rolled

  3. it isn’t a bad tier list that just got 2 things wrong you scrub…those are the units you use unless your a * like you