Awaken Chaos Era Reroll Guide

Wondering how to reroll in Awaken Chaos Era? Read on for Awaken Chaos Era Reroll Guide: step-by-step instructions on how to reroll.

Awaken Chaos Era Reroll Guide

Awaken Chaos Era Reroll Guide⇓

To reroll in Awaken Chaos Era, go through the tutorial. By adventure mode(normal) stage 2-8, you will be able to access all the menus and functions.

On the lobby(main screen of the game), tap on the mailbox icon in the top-right corner and claim all the rewards. You will get tons of diamonds as a newbie reward.

Completing the 2-8th stage will give you more and also unlock the rookie summon feature. Also, redeem these Awaken Chaos Era codes to get more diamonds or advanced summoning crystals. 

Once you have claimed all the rewards from the mailbox and redeemed all the codes, go to the summon menu of the game -> choose a banner; advanced/normal -> spend the diamonds or advanced summoning crystals. Aim for higher grade heroes; legendary or epic. The drop rates for legendary grade heroes are lower. As of writing this reroll guide, it’s 1% on the advanced summon banner. For epic heroes, the drop rate is 10%. And, for elite heroes, the drop rate is 89%. 

We would recommend you to check out this Awaken Chaos Era Tier List if you want to know what heroes are the best ones. Below we have shared Awaken Chaos Era reroll process; how to reroll. 

Awaken Chaos Era Reroll Guide: How To Reroll⇓

If you don’t get any top-tier hero or character using newbie rewards or codes rewards in the beginning, you can reset the account and reroll in Awaken Chaos Era. Tap on the star icon in the top-right corner. Tap settings. Navigate to the account tab. Tap on “Data Reset”. Tap confirm. Enter nickname or account name. Tap confirm. You will see a message saying the account has been forced to go offline. You will be redirected to the title screen. Tap start to start the game. The will start from the beginning. 

  • Resetting will downgrade your account to level 1 and erase all hero and battle data
  • Resetting your account will also remove any purchases that you have made on your account, including your purchase history
  • Resetting your account will also remove all messages and other social information on your account, including all friend connections and lists. 
  • Resetting your account will effectively remove your account from any leaderboards on which it sits

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