DQ Dai Reroll Guide | DQ Dai A Hero’s Bonds

Our DQ Dai Reroll Guide covers how to reroll, reroll tier list, or best characters/weapons to reroll for. Read on for Dragon Quest Dai reroll guide. 

DQ Dai Reroll Guide DQ Dai A Hero's Bonds

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DQ Dai Reroll Guide⇓

The following DQ Dai Reroll guide is based on the English version of the game and as per the original release version. If things change, we will try our best to update this Dragon Quest The Adventure of Dai A Hero’s Bonds reroll guide. Now, let’s not waste any time and check out the Dragon Quest Reroll Guide!

DQ Dai Reroll Guide: Part I⇓

In DQ Dai, you don’t reroll for the characters, but the weapons. You can check the DQ Dai Tier List Guide here

DQ Dai Reroll Guide: Part II⇓

Your goal would be rerolling for the top-tier weapons – 4-star grade. 

Dragon Quest Dai Reroll Guide: Part III⇓

What are the best 4-star weapons that you should be aiming at while rerolling? These 4-star weapons are; Knife of Papnica(Sun), Shadow Armour Blade. These are the two 4-star grade weapons to reroll for. Other good 4-star weapons are Avan’s Sword, Vortex Axe, Lightning Lance, Magical Booster, Staff of Gald Tidings. 

Dragon Quest Dai Reroll Guide: Part IV⇓

Now, the main part. How do you reroll? As a pre-registration reward, the game gives you around 3K gems, which would be enough for a 10X draw. As we mentioned above, you will be rerolling for the weapons, not the characters, as the characters can be obtained by playing the game. Aim for the 4-star grade weapons; weapons are available in multiple rarities; 2-star, 3-star, and 4-star. 

Dragon Quest Dai A Hero’s Bonds Reroll Guide: Part V⇓

If you don’t get any top-tier high-grade weapons, you can erase the game data and start over. To erase the data, go back to the title screen; close the game, launch it again, a title screen is where you tap the screen to start the game. On this screen, in the lower-right corner, you will see a menu button. Tap it and choose to erase the data. Confirm it. Please do note that it will reset the game progress and it would not come back. So proceed carefully. 

So this would be all in this post on Dragon Quest Dai Reroll Guide. 

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