How To Become An Actor In BitLife(Also a Movie Star)?

Started playing BitLife – Life Simulator and wondering how to become an actor & movie star? Read on for the guide on how to become an actor in BitLife and also a movie star?

BitLife - Life Simulator Actor

How To Become An Actor In BitLife(Also a Movie Star)?

Hi! It’s very easy to become an actor in BitLife; all you need to do is apply for a Voiceover Actor job in any company(film studio) and work there for a few years. You will instantly get the Actor achievement as soon as you get approved for the Voiceover actor job. After working as a voiceover actor for a few years, the company will promote you to the next title; that’s Actor and then lead actor. Speaking of becoming a movie star in BitLife, you will need to continue working as a lead actor and eventually you become a movie star. To get approved for the right job(Voiceover actor), there are some things you need to know, which we have mentioned in today’s BitLife – Life Simulator walkthroughHow to become an actor in BitLife?

How to become an actor in BitLife – Requirements

  • Good Looks and High Smart Stats(95+)
  • No Education Requirement
  • Voiceover Actor Job

How to become a movie star in BitLife – Requirements

A full walkthrough guide to becoming an actor and movie star -> 

How to become an actor in BitLife : Things To Know!

Stats such as looks, smartness, happiness, and health matter a lot. If you want to become an actor, make sure to start with a good looking character. Just after you start a new life, check the virtual character’s looks stats. If it’s over 85, head to the second part of this walkthrough. If not, we would recommend you to start a new life(tap the menu button at the upper right corner -> start a new life). Continue with the character having good looks.

How to become an actor in BitLife : Educations Qualifications

Well, the educational qualification of the character does not really matter. But, we would recommend you to go for one of these education careers at the university; Arts, Political Science, Dance, and Music.


After getting an undergraduate degree in one of the above-mentioned subjects, you can seek higher education in schools(i.e. Graduate School). But it does not matter. 

Look For A Job

BitLife - Life Simulator ActorAs we mentioned above, to become an actor in BitLife, you need to apply for Voiceover Job. If you have good looks or smart stats + happiness, you will get approved instantly. If not, then you should start strong with a good looking character(As mentioned in the first tip).

Now, another problem that you might face is the Job Listings. After getting a degree from the university, you will have to apply for a job to make a living. Since you want to become an actor, Voiceover Actor is the way to enter the actor career. But there is no guarantee that there would be a vacancy in the Voiceover Actor slot.

If there is a vacancy available, apply for it. If not, then wait until you see that job in job listings. All you need to do is tap the age button -> then occupation/job -> check the Jobs/Job-listings(every year) and look for the Voiceover actor job. It will appear eventually. Meanwhile, you can apply for a job like a Dancer or Artist(if you want. If not, check job listings every year). Or you could just restart the app to change the job listings. Every time you restart the app, you will see different jobs in the job listings. Keep doing this until you see the voiceover actor job. 

BitLife - Life Simulator Actor

All you have to do is maintain the looks stats and apply for a Voiceover Job. It appears eventually as you progress through the game. Keep patience and you will get it. Here are some tips to maintain the looks stats: –

  • If you have any kind of disease, visit the doctor immedietly
  • Go to the Gym every year
  • Meditate
  • Don’t work hard every year(while studying)
  • Don’t fight(In bully event)

What to do if the Voiceover Actor job is not available?

It might be possible that you have good looks, high smart stats but the game would not show this Voiceover Actor job. If that’s the case, restart the app(close the game and open again – restart). Restarting the app shuffles the job listings. Keep doing it until you see the Voiceover Actor Job. 

So this would be all in this post on how to become an actor in BitLife. If you know any other method to become an actor in BitLife, don’t forget to share it with other fellow players in the comment section below!

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    • If the Voiceover Actor job is not available, then you need to shuffle the job listings. The game lists random jobs for you – and it is not necessary that if you have high smart and look stats, there would be Voiceover Actor job. So shuffle the jobs –
      close the game
      open again
      check jobs again
      keep doing this until you see the Voiceover Actor job in the film studio.

      Summary – to become an actor, you need to have high smart/look stats(90+). You don’t need any degree to become an Actor as it does not matter. After graduating from high school, start shuffling the jobs by opening/closing the game over and over again until you get the Voiceover Actor job. This method works in 2020. That’s it! Hope this helps

  3. I always wanted to become a actor and I am doing so much practice for that. Your tips are priceless for me, that motivated and taught me a lot. I will follow them.

  4. I went and got my degree in Arts graduated at 22, and all my stats are at 100. 20 years later still nothing for a voice actor, no stunt man, foot model NOTHING ?

    • i have 98% happiness, 100% health, 96% smarts and 100% looks and i’ve been looking for the voiceover job and it’s no where to be seen

  5. I’ve been working as a voiceover actor for 5 years. Working hard and I have 100% looks 99% smarts 100% health and 72%happiness

    Why am I not an actor yet. I should be a lead! Like I’m already 27 I have an undergrad in arts as well

  6. I try I have
    The game said that the people at the studio laughed at me and threw my resume in the trash |_|

  7. Every tine I try to be famous. I have 90% looks and smarts, healthy and happy, I get an undergraduate degree in arts, and graduate school, but I never get accepted. Help?

  8. I need help. I’ve been trying to get the actor achievement for a while now, using different characters every time.
    It NEVER allows me to become an actor. I’ve tried with 100% looks with a degree in music, 85% or more looks with a degree in arts, and 100% looks with no degree, and it’s never allowed me to become an actor. It’s making me mad.
    Any advice???

    • Keep the looks 90-100%, smarts – 80-100, health – 90-100, happiness – 90-100. You can also choose English after high-school. It would be a piece of cake if you get the voiceover actor job in the listings. Or open and close the game to shake job listings. After all, even if you have enough stats, luck matters a lot.

    • @Anonymous As long as your all stats are good, you don’t need to do this. But it’s always a best practice to make use of these activities every year.

    • Yep, you don’t need to work hard if your smarts stats are good. If not good, then you should try working hard every year.