BitLife – Life Simulator Guide, Tips, Cheats & Strategies

BitLife – Life Simulator is a life simulation game for mobile by Candywriter LLC. Let’s have a look at our BitLife – Life Simulator guide, tips, cheats & strategies

In BitLife – Life Simulator game, the player starts a virtual life as a random girl character. In your life, you will come across various events that write your life timeline in BitLife – Life Simulator game. You will have to take care of plenty of things to live a good life; relationship with family members, nephews, happiness, health, smarts stat, looks stat, and more. The education quality impacts the job position. Money helps you in many circumstances. Activities such as crime, love, casino, vacation, workout, and more also matters. If you have just started playing it, let’s have a look at our BitLife – Life Simulator guide and BitLife – Life Simulator tips, cheats & strategies.

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Things You Need To Know In BitLife – Life Simulator Game

BitLife - Life Simulator1.) The Basics – You start a random life and play as a girl character. You can also start a custom life and change gender, country, and city. After it, the character gets random stats at the time of birth. You can check the stats at the bottom of the screen; happiness, health, smarts, and looks. These stats matter a lot. If you want to be a successful person, you must start with the character having good stats(90+).

For example; If the character is not enough smart, he/she may not get approval in the schools, colleges, jobs. To progress further, you tap the age button. At the age of 6, you will join a primary school. Before this event, you will come across a childhood event; with one of your family members. The Android version and the iOS version, both have different childhood event. Your decisions impact the relationship with other people. So make sure to choose wisely.

School – Activities, Assets, Relationships

Community College – Community College is not a good choice if you want to become something great in life. Usually, when the character is not smart enough, he/she gets rejected in other education centers. In this case, you can apply for the community college.

University – After you graduate from high school, you will be prompted to join a university. Choosing the education field is one of the important decisions in BitLife – Life Simulator. You can choose Engineering, music, political science, chemistry, biology, and there are many options. You should choose the one where you have to build your career.

Business School – After university graduation, you can apply for the business school. If you want to become a CEO, you should apply for it.

Dental School – For Dentists.

Graduate School – You will get approval for the graduate school if you pursue English, Math like subjects in the university.

Medical School – For doctors.

Nursing School/Pharmacy School – You can pursue chemistry or nursing to get into these schools if you are looking for the corresponding job.

Veterinary School – Study biology to get into this school. After that, you will get a job related to this subject.

Others –

⇒At the age of 6, you don’t have much to do in the activity part. Tap the activities button -> here you can see all the activities that you can enjoy in your life.

⇒If you want to get a good job in the future, you will have to study hard. Tapping the school button(when you are in the school) will give you the option to study harder. It also shows you how many years are left to graduate from school. You can study hard every year to seal the perfect job in the future.

⇒In BitLife – Life Simulator game, you can buy assets; cars, house. But you must have enough money. In the early phase(before the job), you can’t buy the assets. If you don’t have a baby(in future), you can adopt a child(Activities) and that requires a house. And, sometimes, In-game character demands car(if you are in a relationship).

⇒In the early phase of the game, you can boost the relationship with father and mother by spending time every year. You can even ask them for the money. To interact with other characters in BitLife – Life Simulator game, you go to the relationship menu and choose a character. Tapping the character will show you the stats; relationship, religiousness, money, smart, and more. You can chat with them, compliment them, give them money, and there are loads of options to boos the relationship.


As you progress further, you will come across with other childhood events; bully event, hang out event, dance, first kiss, and more. These events can impact your stats; happiness, smarts.

At this stage, mind & body activity in the activities menu get unlocked. You will be able to go to the library, practice meditation. It would be better to do these casual activities every turn(to maintain the stats).

Secondary School or High School

At the age of 15 or 16 years, you will join a secondary school or high school. In this phase, you can do a lot more things. Also, keep in mind that you have to study hard(if you want). As you progress a bit more, you will be able to access the gym, love, social media activities. Additionally, the game will also prompt you to choose an identity.

In the love event, you can go for a date or reject the application. If you did something wrong, you can break up and find a new girl/boy for the date. All you need to do is go to the relationships menu and activities menu.

Another event you get in this age period is the driving test. You can take the driving test or choose another option. If you are on Android, it will automatically push you to the next step and you get the driving license. On the other hand, BitLife – Life Simulator iOS version makes the challenge a bit difficult. The game tests your knowledge. If you fail in the driving test, you will have to pay money to apply again. Since you are not earning in this age period, you can ask for the money(Go to the relationships tab -> father or mother -> ask for the money). Boost the relationships with father and mother to get the money easily.

You can also use pocket money to workout at the Gym.

BitLife – Life Simulator University

Once you are graduated from high school, you can seek higher education in the college or skip education. University choices are random; Nursing, Computer Science, Arts, History, Biology, Engineering, Information System, and more. Make sure to choose the right option as it impacts your future job or career.

Another decision that you need to take is choosing the payment method. In some countries, you get free education. For example; Australia’s public education. So it could be free or not. If not, then you can apply for a student loan(at the top-right corner of the screen, you can check the bank balance). Additionally, you can ask your parents to pay the university fee or apply for a scholarship. If it’s your lucky day, your scholarship application may get approved. We would recommend you to choose scholarship or parents option. If nothing works, go for the loan.

Instant Drop Out

Tap the school button and you get the options; study harder or drop out. If you drop out of university, you can apply for a small job to earn money.

Go Back Again – EDUCATION

If you want to apply for the university again, tap the occupation button -> here you have three options; education, jobs, and military. To become successful in life or get a good job at a higher post, you must educate yourself.

You can apply for the community college, then university, and then choose a school. The options you get in the early phase(university education) may change after you graduate from the community college.

After getting the degree or graduation from university, you can look for a job(a decent one) or seek higher education in a school. Getting into the business school, law school, the medical school could be difficult. Make sure to study hard in school, high school, university and go library again to increase the chances of getting the application approved. Most of the time, it rejects 🙁

BitLife – Life Simulator Guide To Jobs – Junior, Senior, Work Hard, Promotion, Ask For A Raise

BitLife - Life SimulatorIn BitLife – Life Simulator game, after graduation from the university, you can apply for a job. Go to the occupation menu -> jobs -> here you can see all the jobs; dentist, law clerk, finance analyst, accountant, manager, and more. Go for the junior level jobs first -> work hard every year -> then apply for the senior level jobs or get promoted. You can also ask for a salary raise, promotion. Also, keep in mind that these job vacancies change every year(tap the age button and you will see some new or different jobs). So if you are looking for a specific job, you should check back every year.


After you progress further, all the activities will get unlocked. You can do an unlimited number of activities every year to maintain happiness, smarts, looks, health stats.

  • Love(Find a girl/boy for the date)
  • Mind & Body(Gym – Improves happiness/health, Library – Improves Smartness, Meditate – Improves Happiness/Health)
  • Crime(To unlock the prison escape achievement – commit a crime, tap prison – attempt to escape)
  • Adoption(Adopt a child)
  • Doctor(Treatment)
  • Emigrate(Migrate)
  • Vacation(Improves happiness)
  • Casino(Gamble)
  • Horse Races Bet(Gamble)
  • Lottery(Luck)
  • Club/Hang Out(Enjoyment/Happiness)
  • Plastic Surgery(Looks)
  • Social Media(Followers)
  • Rehab(Get rid of addiction)
  • Nightlife(Club)
  • Movie Theater(Watch movies – Event)
  • Pets(Get a pet)
  • Salon & Spa(Looks)

Make use of these activities to maintain wealth, stats, relationships. For example; you can increase the look stats by plastic surgery. Increase happiness by going on a vacation.

Net Worth

BitLife - Life SimulatorYou can check your net worth in the activities menu. Go to the activities menu -> Will & Testament -> here you can see your net worth. There are some achievements that you can unlock by earning millions of dollars. To become super-rich, we would advise you to become an actor. You can unlock almost all the rich achievements if you reach the lead actor role; Millionaire, Multimillionaire, Rich, Super Rich.

BitLife - Life Simulator

Tap the menu button at the top-left corner of the screen -> In the achievements menu, you can see all the locked/unlocked achievements. In the cemetery tab, you can see the ribbons. If you are on Android, these options are not available as of now.

So this would be all for now as BitLife – Life Simulator guide for the beginners. Let’s have a look at our top BitLife – Life Simulator tips, cheats & strategies.

BitLife – Life Simulator Tips & Tricks –

1.) Start Strong And Get Benefits

⇒Before you progress in the newly created virtual life, pay attention to the stats; your stats and parents stats in the relationship menu. You can find out either you are born in a rich family or a poor family. If you are happy with the stats, progress with that virtual character or start another life.

⇒Visit a doctor if you are infected with a disease.

⇒Study hard in the school to increase the chances of getting admission in medical, law, and business school.

⇒You can ask for the money(from parents, In the relationships menu).

⇒Spend time with the family members, girlfriend, brothers, sisters to boost the relationship.

⇒Do the mind & body activities every turn.

2.) Go On Vacation If You Are Low On Happiness

As you progress through the game, certain events may drop your happiness level. Going on a vacation is one of the best ways to increase happiness instantly.

3.) Study Hard If You Want A Good Job

You should study hard every year in the school/college years to secure a good job in the desired career. After that, work hard in the job for a few years -> then browse job listings and apply for a senior-level job to earn more money. Money helps you a lot in the worst circumstances; you can go on vacation(increases happiness), buy assets(increases net worth), pay the loan amount, tuition fee, and there are more instances.

4.) Set Your Own Goal

If you are still struggling to figure out how to play this game wisely(with one goal in mind at a time), we would recommend you to check the achievements. You can get lots of ideas from there. For example; Become rich, become a dentist, see your 100th birthday, and more.

5.) Buy The Lottery Tickets

In the activities tab, you can buy the lottery tickets and win a massive jackpot that can help you in becoming a millionaire. It worths a try!

6.) Boost The Stats

That’s the new function in the game. If you are low on stats such as happiness, smart, looks, and health – you can watch the video ad and boost the stats. Make sure that you are connected to the Internet and the boost function is unlocked – go to the menu -> settings – check the box next to boosts.

7.) Collect The Heirlooms

Heirlooms function is another new thing in BitLife – Life Simulator. You get an heirloom every certain number of hours. For the first time, when you open the game – the game asks you to drag the torch over a dark room where you can find a random heirloom. Go to the menu -> heirloom -> here you can check all the heirlooms that you have collected so far. At the top of the heirloom, you can check the time left for a new heirloom draw. We will post a separate Heirloom guide soon.

So this is the BitLife – Life Simulator guide and some basic BitLife – Life Simulator tips for the Bitizens. If you have more tips or walkthrough to a specific job, comment below!

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  1. I have bit life but when I watch youtubers do bitlife they more advantages than me like they have sibling and other things but not my biylife

  2. if u use android u hv to keep rejecting until u find the custom person. If you can’t find anyone for that year, wait another yr

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