LINE BROWN STORIES Game Overview – Everything You Need To Know

Line Corporation has just released a brand new strategy game “LINE BROWN STORIES” for mobile. Here’s the short Line Brown Stories game overview

Line Brown Stories is a simple strategy game for mobile where the player deploys Line Characters on the board to crush the enemy’s leader. The best feature in this game is the co-op mode. You can team up with friends or battle each other. The combat system is similar to Clash Royale game. Line Brown Stories game’s download size is around 800 MB and you need an active internet connection to play this game. Additionally, you need a Line account to save progress. You can continue with the guest account, but the game progress will be lost if you delete the game. In this post, we will give you a short overview of the Line Brown Stories game!

Getting Started, UI, Game Modes

Line Brown Stories

⇒There are over five modes available to play; Hyde’s Forest, Anamnesis Stone, Cave Of Illusions, Ranking Battles(Dimensional Hourglass), and Arena. In the arena mode, you can invite your friends(1v1, 2v2). From Hyde’s Forest game mode, you can earn upgrade materials of different elements. You need these material items to develop characters. From the cave of Illusions mode, you can earn skill upgrade materials. From the Anamnesis Stone mode, you can grab unique characters. So there is a variety of game modes; you will need to play each mode to farm materials.

⇒In addition to the above-mentioned modes, there is also a story mode. Progress through the story mode to unlock new modes.

The home UI is pretty impressive. If you tap the teleport button, you can see all the content; battles, town buildings. In the battle tab, tap on any mode to teleport there instantly. If you need any help, you go to the menu -> settings -> help. The menu button is at the top-right corner of the home screen. The FAQ page features the complete guide.

On the left side of the screen, events/quests/guild quests are displayed. Tap the icon to get more details.

Line Brown Stories – The Battle Mechanics

Line Brown Stories⇒You can create a team of up to four characters and add two supporters; supporter and supporter soul. All these character units have different stats, roles, and skills. There are five elements of characters; fire, water, wood, light, and dark. Additionally, all these characters belong to one of these classes; Valiant, Nighthawk, Crusader, Sniper, Bastion, Desperado, Battlemage, Archmage.

⇒You will need to choose the characters strategically. In the battle, all you need to do is reduce the enemy’s HP to 0 and defend yourself from enemy attacks. To attack and defend, you will deploy the characters on the board; there are a lot of strategies involved in this part. For example; deploy defenders, then characters who can attack from a range, healers to heal allies, using the leader skill, and much more. Also, there is a fixed amount of time is given to the player to finish the battle.

⇒To play the battle, you need stamina(restores gradually). From these story mode battles, you can earn gold, Rank EXP, materials. Participate in other game modes to earn upgrade material items.

The battlefield environment graphics make it more engaging. It’s fast-paced, addictive, and awesome.

Gacha, In-Game Currency

To get characters in Line Brown Stories game, you need orbs or friendship points. Orb is the premium in-game item. You can get it as an event reward or from other missions or tasks. You can also purchase orbs with real money. And, you can earn friend points by adding supporters to the team, joining a party. At the bottom of the screen, tap the gacha button -> swipe the screen to get more gacha options. Summon to get characters, souls, and materials.

To check the complete list of characters -> go to the upgrade tab -> swipe until you see the encyclopedia option. Tap the book to see the list of characters featured in Line Brown Stories game.

Graphics, Controls, Others

The graphics of the game are great; character’s animations, skill effects, battlefield, town UI – everything is perfect. Controls are also good. All you need to do is select the character card and deploy it on the field. The character attacks the enemy automatically. However, you need to activate the skills manually. That’s also pretty easy.

The Final Verdict

Line Brown Stories is really a nice game. It does not have real-time PvP modes, but it lets you play with friends in lots of dungeon, boss fight modes; you can battle each other or team up to fight against the enemy. The premium in-game currency is the orb. You can purchase it with real money and summon top characters. So it gives an advantage to the player who spends money into the game. If you are a f2p player, you can still get the good characters by just playing the game; complete the quests(get gacha ticket), use friend points, from the events. So it’s not too aggressive P2W game. The strategy plays an important role. We would rate it 4/5.

So this is a short overview of the Line Brown Stories game. What do you think about the game? Let us know in the comment section!

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