BTS Universe Story Coupon Code: How To Redeem & Get Coupon Codes?

Wondering how to redeem and get BTS Universe Story coupon codes? Read on for BTS Universe Story coupon code info; packed with all the details

BTS Universe Story Coupon Code
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BTS Universe Story Coupon Code: – 

To redeem the BTS Universe Story coupon code, tap on the menu button in the upper left-hand corner of the game screen. After tapping it, a bunch of options on the left side will appear; one of them is “settings” -> tap it and navigate to the setting page. Under the settings, go to the “info tab” -> coupon -> coupon event -> enter the coupon number and tap the confirm button to claim the rewards. 

List of BTS Universe Story Coupon Codes: – 

BTS Universe Story has just got released on mobile app stores and there is no code to redeem as of now! Read the guide below to learn how to get coupon codes or coupon nubers! If you have got any coupon code, share it in the comments. We will update this post once devs release the code or coupon code event!

BTS Universe Story Coupon Codes: How To Get?

You can get coupon codes from the coupon events or from the social media community handles. Coupon events; in most games like this, coupon events are released on a regularly basis – keep an eye on BTS Universe Story community handles; FB, Twitter, Instagram for the events. Particpate in the events and try to be at the top for the coupon number codes!

Direct codes; devs may release universe coupon codes for all the players – redeemable for all without any sort of competition of event. Most times, these codes are published on game’s community pages; Twitter, FB, Insta or through YouTuber streamers!

BTS Universe Story Codes & Coupon Events Sources: – 

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So that’s all we got in this post on BTS Universe Story coupon code info. Got any coupon code or number? Share it in the comments!

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