BTS Universe Story Guide: How To Play, Walkthrough & Tips

New to the BTS Universe Story mobile game? Read on for a detailed BTS Universe Story guide that’s packed with how to play walkthrough tips, cheats & strategies

BTS Universe Story
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Netmarble’s BTS Universe Story game app is now available on Android & iOS platforms. Their last game on BTS was a hit worldwide. 

BTS Universe Story Guide, Walkthrough Tips, Cheats & Strategies: – 

This article covers “how to play BTS Universe Story game”, about progression, “in-game currencies guide” tips & tricks for progression, and other aspects such as profile settings, getting freebies, creators, and much more. So, let’s get straight to the BTS Universe Story guide, walkthrough and tips: – 

BTS Universe Story Guide: “How To Play Walkthrough”⇓

Walkthrough to game basics: – BTS Universe Story game is all about “creating stories” and “reading stories”. The game features a great story editor that helps you create stories, series, episodes – you can set up different-different backgrounds, choose characters, add choices, and get popular by publishing them! If you publish good stories, you will definitely get more views, followers, and shares! 

If you don’t like creating stories, then you can enjoy the stories created by other users/players! 

BTS Universe Story Guide: “In-Game Currencies”⇓

The three main in-game currencies in the BTS Universe Story game are coins, jewels, and tickets. Tickets – you will need tickets to play the stories. Jewels – to get accessories, outfits, or other character customizations items from the shop, you will need jewels. Coins – you can use coins in the coin shop(shop -> scroll down to the bottom and you will see the coin shop) -> spend coins on accessories or other items. 

How to get coins, jewels, and tickets: complete the achievements, by playing the stories, completing the event quests, watching the video ads. 

BTS Universe Story Guide: “Menus & Options”⇓

At the bottom of the game screen, there are five tabs; the first tab is “Home” – this is where you can access the published stories by other players and check them out; play these stories and have fun! The second tab is “collection” – this is where you can see the characters and take pictures; you can change the theme, access the AR function. The third tab is “screen share” – this is where you will see the screenshots of episodes shared by other players. And, at last, the 5th tab “shop” – this is where you can spend the coins and jewels to buy premium themes, jewels, accessories, tickets, etc. 

BTS Universe Story Guide: “Membership”⇓

With premium membership, which costs $7.99, you can get some bonuses; access to premium items, premium stories, reduces the ticket recharge time, increases the max tickets capacity, x10 jewels for free; daily! 

BTS Universe Story Game Guide: “Creating & Publishing Stories”⇓

To create the story, go to the third tab at the bottom menu -> tap “create new story”. Choose its thumbnail, enter its title, give a short intro and synopsis/summary. Once created, tap it -> now, you have to create “episode”. Show your creativity by building great stories! You can get inspiration from other players’ stories that you see in the home tab. 

There is an easy editor mode and expert editor mode. We recommend using expert editor mode as it gives you access to advance controls that you will need to build an awesome story! 

Advance Editor: – first, choose a background. After that, tap the (+) button in the top-right corner to add effects, sound, dialogues, character actions, change character appearance(you can buy accessories and outfits from the shop), add choices! To save, tap the menu button in the upper-left corner -> save. From the same menu, you can load a spreadsheet; you can create a spreadsheet of dialogue and load it in the game! At the top of the editor screen, tap on the clip option -> see the list of clips that you have made; select it if you want to make changes. 

Exit the editor from the menu and you will see the episodes in the draft. Tap the menu button(three dots) next to the episode name -> publish it -> choose good keywords and add character tags and tap the save button. Once published, it will be listed in the published tab under the current story menu. Tap the menu button(three dots) next to the published episode -> share with other players/friends to get views! It may appear in the home tab as well!

BTS Universe Story Game Guide: “Searching Stories By Username”⇓

Go to the home tab(first tab in the bottom menu) -> tap the search button in the bottom-right corner -> there you can enter the username of your friend to check his/her profile -> tap on the profile -> go to stories tab to check the published episodes. Tap the follow button to follow your friend. 

How to find username: tap the menu button in the top-left corner -> there you will see the username below the nickname; it would be like this 7XCLVB, R398VX…

BTS Universe Story Game Tips: “Get Freebies In The Game”⇓

  • Tap menu -> achievements -> complete the achievements quests to get free rewards.
  • Go to the shop -> jewel & ticket recharging -> watch the video ad to spin the roulette and get free rewards. 
  • Play stories created by other players
  • Create stories and don’t forget to share with others via other platforms; social media

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So that’s all we got in this post on the BTS Universe Story guide and tips for beginners.


About BTS Universe Story Game: – 

BTS Universe Story is a storytelling game featuring a well-built story creation system that allows players to create stories with available powerful tools such as choosing the BTS Characters, giving them dialogue, setting up the background, and much more. Like most other story games, the BTS Universe Story game app also features a choice system where players’ choices influence the outcome! Other than that, the game offers customization functionality; allowing you to customize the BTS characters with clothes and stylish accessories. 

BTS Universe Story: How To Download APK & Play The Game?

The official BTS Universe Story game app is available on Google Play Store. Please avoid downloading APKs from third-party websites. We suggest you get it from Google Play Store: – 

BTS Universe Story: Is It Free Or Paid Game App?

BTS Universe Story is a free-to-play game. 

BTS Universe Story: Is It Offline or Online?

BTS Universe Story game requires internet connection; it’s online, not offline!

BTS Universe Story Features: –

  • Lets you create the story with powerful story creation tools
  • Choice-system; players will make choices that influence the story endings
  • Customzations: players can customize the characters
  • Collection: lots of outfits to collect

BTS Universe Story Error Codes: – 

Got any error code while playing the game? There could be a couple of reasons behind it;

  • The game is in maintenance and servers are down – often, before the updates, devs put the game servers in maintenance. Check out the BTS Universe Story’s social media handles to get the updates regarding this
  • Internet Connection: make sure to have an active internet connection. Play on Wi-Fi if you are getting error while on mobile data and vice versa
  • Common Error fix: clear the game’s cache in the mobile settings. Restart the phone. 

Are There Any BTS Universe Story Cheats or Cheat Codes Available?

No! There are no cheat codes for BTS Universe Story game app. 

Community Handles: – 

Note – this article on guide, tips, and cheats is in development. We will add more info later! Got any questions? Comment below. 

So that’s all we got in this post on BTS Universe Story guide, tips, cheats & strategies!

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