Illusion Connect Code: Redeem Pack Code

Illusion Connect Code: Redeem Pack Code – find out how to get the pack codes and redeem codes in the Illusion Connect game

Illusion Connect Code Redeem Pack Code

Illusion Connect Code: Redeem Pack Codes⇓

To redeem the Illusion Connect code/pack codes, navigate to the lobby screen. You will be able to access all the menus and options after completing the tutorial. See that character avatar in the upper-left corner? Tap it. This will open a new menu “my info” with lots of options; one of them is “Redeem Pack”. Tap on it. Enter the pack code and tap the confirm button. You will get the rewards if the code is valid. It will show you an error if the pack code is not active. 

Illusion Connect Pack Code List: 

Illusion Connect has just released(in soft launch) and there is no pack code that’s available at the moment. Read the information below to know how to get the codes. We will update this page as soon as a pack code comes up from the devs. 

Illusion Connect Code: How To Get?

Please follow Illusion Connect social media handles to get the code updates. Most often, codes are released there or sometimes, shared via in-game notifications; based on games like this. Here are the links to game profiles: – 

About The Game

Published by Superprism Technology Co., Ltd on Google Play Store and iOS App Store, Illusion Connect is a gacha RPG that offers strategic combat gameplay and lots of characters to develop and build. As of writing this, the game is in the soft launch; the public global version is yet to be released. New codes may be released at global release. 

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