Call me a Legend Beauty Guide: All Beauties, How To Get, And Much More

Started playing Call me a Legend and wondering how the beauty system works in this game? Read on for Call me a Legend Beauty guide – all beauties, how to get, and much more

Call me a Legend Beauty Guide All Beauties ListFor starters, we recommend checking the Call me a Legend guide for beginners. This post is fully dedicated to the “BEAUTY” Concept. It covers how to get beauties, all beauties in the game, why do you need them, how they help you grow, etc. So let’s not waste any time and read the Call me a Legend Beauty guide for beginners. 

Call me a Legend Beauty Guide: –

Beauty or the girl in Call me a Legend have more main stats; Management, EXP, and Intimacy, and Charm. When you date the beauties, their stats such as management, intimacy, EXP, and Charm will increase. Each stat has its importance that we will discuss further into this guide. First of all, let’s learn how to get the beauty or beauties: –

All Beauties In The Game And How To Get Them: –

  • Delia – Free
  • Christine – Town
  • Emily – Valentine’s Gift
  • Sonia – Shamrock Cafe Event
  • Stephy Yang – Lunar Auction
  • Melina – 7DS Survival Camp
  • Rika – Sakura Blossom
  • Mary Wilis – Snowball Fight
  • Kate Wilis – Snowball Fight
  • Lucy – Lucy’s Wishes
  • Valkyrie – Arena Shop
  • Rachel – Vaccine Room
  • Bernadette – Thanksgiving
  • Zora – Trick or Treat
  • Haley – Lipstick War
  • Joyeeta Sharma – Town
  • Cecilia – Town Search
  • Victoria – Town Search
  • Sofia – Town Search

You can check the complete Call me a Legend Beauties list in the headquarter. Tap on the headquarter building on the base -> beauty -> tap the mission tab -> there you can check all beauties and how to acquire them. The free method to get beauties in Call me a Legend is doing searches in the town. Call me a Legend Beauty Guide All Beauties List

What is the town search?

On the base, if you tap the town building option, the game will take you to the town. The town in Call me a Legend is a place where you can search the beauties. When you search (you need the energy to search in the town. Energy recovers gradually or you can watch video ads to recover), you will encounter a random person; it could be beauties or other people in the town. As you encounter beauty, search favorability increases – when it reaches 100%, you will get the beauty. Usually, it reaches 100%, when you encounter a beauty five times in the town. 

What is an exclusive search?

Head to the town. There you will see lots of places. Tap on any place to see if there is a beauty there or not. If yes, you will see her on the bottom-left side. Tap the exclusive search button – x10 searches and you will encounter the beauty. Increase favorability to 100% to get her. Exclusive search tickets can be acquired from the quests, missions, stores. 

How And Why To Date A Beauty?

Go to the headquarter -> Beauty. Tap the random dating button in the bottom-right corner. This will start a date with a random beauty in your harem. Or tap the beauty avatar -> spend diamonds for the diamond date. The diamond date also increases intimacy and gives EXP. 

On the beauty profile page, on the left side, you can check her stats: –

  • Intimacy – the bottom-center of the beauty profile page displays the milestone levels. When you reach a certain level intimacy, you will get to upgrade the abilities of the partner hero. All the beauties have specific partner heroes. Also, it determines the descendant attributes; higher the beauty’s intimacy, the more attributes a descendant gets
  • Charm – higher the charm, the more EXP you get from date
  • Management Points – more resources when you assign beauties on the operation
  • EXP – you can use EXP to level up the partner hero abilities

Beauty Partners

Call me a Legend Beauty Guide All Beauties ListAs said above, all the beauties in Call me a Legend have partner heroes. When a beauty hits certain intimacy, you will get to upgrade her partner’s ability. Head to her profile page from the beauty menu -> on the top-right corner, you can see her partner hero. At the bottom-center, pay attention to the intimacy level milestones. Each time you hit a milestone, you will be able to level up the partner’s abilities – increases stats such as ATK, POL, INT, LEAD. POL, INT, LEAD stats increase the rewards you get from operation.  

Also, see – 

So this would be all in this post on Call me a Legend beauty guide. If you have more info, share in the comment section below. 

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