Towerlands Best Units: Best Build To Clear Waves Quickly

Started playing Towerlands and wondering what are the best units that you can use to set up the best build? Read on for Towerlands Best Units, Best Build

There are several units in Towerlands – each unit has its characteristics. You would not want to waste the resources on the useless units, right? You can get the free units by clearing certain stages or defeating the castles/bosses on the map. Other than the free units, there are unqiue units, which are premium – can only be obtained by paying real money. In today’s post, you will get to know about Towerlands best units and how you can use them for the best build. For starters, we would recommend checking the Towerlands guide & tips for beginners. So let’s not waste any time and check out the main content. 

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Towerlands Best Units, Best Build & Setup⇓

There are mainly four types of Towerlands Units; Summoners, Mages, Archers, and Supporters. Let’s go through each type of unit and figure out their strengths.

Summoners Units⇓

Towerlands Best Units Best BuildSummoners type units summon the creatures on the battlefield to invade the enemies. For example; Commander, Old Paladin, Knight, Spearman, Valkyrie. All these units can summon the creatures with their skills. For example; Valkyrie’s summoned creatures excel at stopping air units. Old Paladin summons the “Paladin” creature with the ability to stun and throwback enemies. Summoner units help stall enemies. 

Mages Units⇓

Towerlands Best Units Best BuildMages are the Towerlands best units – they possess CC skills that can help you stall the enemies coming towards the tower. For example; Ice Mage, Earth Mage, Fire Mage. Ice Mage can slow down the enemies with winter storms. Earth Mage can stun enemies by creating an earthquake. Fire Mage can cause continuous damage to enemies. Mage Units help stall enemies + do AoE DMG. 

Archers Units⇓

Towerlands Best Units Best BuildArcher units are good at inflicting damage to the enemies. For example; Archer, Ranger, Light Archer, etc. Archers do decent damage. 

Supporters Units⇓

Towerlands Best Units Best BuildSupporters units are not meant for offense, defense – but they can help you drive more loot from the battles or in any other way. For example – the Veteran unit helps you gain more EXP for each enemy killed. The Looter unit drives more gold for kills. The worker unit restores tower strength. Prophet buffs mage damage. We don’t recommend investing much in these types of units. 

So, here’s the summary: –

  • Summoners Units – for stalling enemies(delaying them coming towards the tower) + DPS
  • Mage Units – AoE DMG and CC skills/stalling
  • Archer Units – Ranged-DPS
  • Supporter Units – Helps you get more gold, EXP or in many other ways – no DPS/CC

Towerlands Best Units List⇓

  • Ice Mage – Mage Unit
  • Earth Mage – Mage Unit
  • Fire Mage – Mage Unit
  • Air Mage – Mage Unit
  • Archmage – Mage Units
  • Valkyrie – Summoner
  • Old Paladin – Summoner
  • Light Archer – Archer
  • Zeus
  • Commander – Summoner
  • Prophet – Supporter
  • Drummer

So these would be our Towerlands Best Units. We recommend Mages for DPS, summoners for stalling. If you are looking for the best unique unit, then Light Archer would be the best in our opinion; summoner + archer. 

Towerlands Best Build Setup⇓

Building the best tower is not an easy task. The number of units that you can add to the tower depends on its unlocked slots; you can get We would recommend focusing on the mage build set up in Towerlands; use “Mage Units” the most; for AoE Damage and CC skills like stun, continuous damage. And, add 1-2 summoners for stalling(Valkyrie or Old Paladin) or you can experiment with the “Archer Units”. We prefer more mages and a few summoners. more by leveling up the tower.  

Best Module Build; Archers at the top, Ballista, or Magic Sphere in the Center. And, Hammer at the bottom. 

Also, see – 

So this would be all in this post on Towerlands Best Units and Towerlands Best Build. Share your build and best units in the comment section below. 

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