Bleach: Immortal Soul List of Characters

Started playing Bleach: immortal Soul and wondering how many characters in the game and how to get them? Read on for Bleach: Immortal Soul List of Characters & their tier

Bleach Immortal Soul List of Characters TierBleach: Immortal Soul is now available worldwide on Android & iOS. There are over 35 characters classified into four tiers; R-tier, SR-Tier, SSR-Tier, and UR-Tier. UR and SSR-Tier are hard to get – but they have more power and can help you in clearing the enemy waves quickly in high-difficulty modes. Also, it’ wise to develop the high-tier characters because R-tier characters would not stand in the late game. SR-Tier characters are good – they can do well in mid-late game if used wisely. If you have just started playing it, then make sure to read Bleach: Immortal Soul codes to redeem and grab free gacha tokens. Use these tokens in summoning the characters. Now, let’s not waste any time and head to the main content – Bleach: Immortal Soul List of Characters & their tier. 

Bleach: Immortal Soul UR-Tier Characters: –

  • Aizen – Attacker
  • URAHARA – Supporter(DMG Reduction)
  • Zangetsu – Attacker
  • Kyroraku – Tank
  • Kenpachi – Attacker
  • Yamamoto – Attacker


Aizen is one of the UR-Tier characters in Bleach: Immortal Soul with a speciality in inflicting massive single-target damage. 

  • Attacker
  • Skills; Single-target damage, Disorient effect to seal target’s action, bleed, steals target’s ATK
  • Passive/Trait – Increases the character’s attack
  • P2 – Reduces the defense of all enemies. If the enemy dies, the damage rate of allies(Hueco Mundo) gets increased


Urahara is a support-type character in Bleach: Immortal Soul with the specialty in damage reduction. 

  • Supporter
  • Skills; Single-target damage, damage reduction, silence effect to seal rage skill, reduces the CRIT chances of all foes
  • Passive/Trait – Increases the attack
  • P2 – When low on HP, a random enemy gets Entangled(unable to take action). Rage skill transforms the bleed effect on all enemies into shields for the teammates


Zangetsu is another attacker in the game with the speciality in inflicting bleed, stun like effects. 

  • Attacker
  • Skills; DMG, Bleed/Stun effect
  • Passive/Trait – ATK Increases
  • P2 – Increases the Rage Skill of all teammates. Also, a chance to recover an ally from the fatal damage(REBORN)


Kyroaku is a tank-class character in Bleach: Immortal Soul. 

  • Tank
  • Skills; Self-healing with Rage Skill, Inflict DMG(Single/3-Random Enemy)
  • Passive/Trait – Increases HP
  • P2 – Bonus damage to Soul Society characters. Mastery skill lifesteals for 40%(HP recovers based on the damage dealt). 


Kenpachi is another attacker-class UR-Tier in the game. 

  • Attacker
  • Mastery Skill – Single-target damage and duel effect. The duel effect increases the damage if there are fewer characters on the battlefield. Also, gives bonus damage every time a foe dies
  • Rage Skill – Inflict DMG to a column of enemies. And, decreases the target defense for 1 round + increases the CRIT Chances of an ally in the back row. 
  • Passive/Trait – ATK Increases
  • P2 – Enhances the damage rate of all the allies. Also, increases the CRIT chance


Yamamoto is one of the best attackers in the game with the specialty in inflicting the burn, stun, and rage reduction effects. 

  • Attacker
  • Mastery Skill – Stun, Inflict DMG
  • Rage – AoE Damage, Burn Effect to cause damage at the end of each round – based on the maximum health points
  • Passive/Trait – HP Increases
  • P2 – Chances to inflict burn effect when attacked

So these are the UR-Tier characters featured in Black: Immortal Soul game. These UR-folks are hard to get.  Now, let’s take a look at the SSR-Tier characters. 

Bleach: Immortal Soul SSR-Tier Characters: –

  • Tessai – Tank
  • Matsumoto – Tank
  • Komamura – Tank/Attacker
  • Byakuya – Attacker
  • Toshiro – Attacker
  • Renji – Tank
  • Yachiru – Attacker
  • Mayuri – Attacker
  • Tosen – Attacker
  • Unohana – Healer
  • GIN – Attacker
  • Soi Fon – Attacker
  • Yoruichi – Tank
  • Jushiro – Attacker


  • Mastery Skill – Seals rage skill with a Silence effect, causes damage to a single enemy
  • Rage – Deals damage to the column of the enemy. Reflect damage rate increases after weapon awakens
  • Passive/Trait ; + HP
  • P2; + Reflect DMG Rate(Self, ally Urahar’s Shop Chars)


  • Mastery Skill – DMG, Silence Effect(Seals Rage Skill)
  • Rage – AoE Silence, Disorient Effect
  • Passive/Trait ; + ATK
  • P2 – Reduces the ATK of male enemies. 


  • Mastery Skill – Increases the defense of allies in the front row + single-target damage
  • Rage – DMG on a column of enemy + more damage on attackers, stun effect
  • Passive/Trait – HP Increases
  • P2 – DMG Rate-Improvement when HP is high, DMG Reduction(Receive) when HP is low, Receives more Healing


  • Mastery Skill – Removes buff from the enemies, Inflict DMG/Single-Target
  • Rage – AoE DMG, applies duel, bleed effect
  • Trait – HP+
  • Passive – Decreases ATK of male enemies. Self-ATK + when enemy dies


  • Mastery Skill – Single-enemy damage, reduces the enemy’s heal rate for one round.
  • Rage – Cross-shaped ranged damage. Decreases the target’s defense. Freeze effect
  • Trait; HP+
  • Passive – Increases the ATK of back-row allies. Skill/ATK specialty allies inflict bonus damage to defense-specialty enemies


  • Mastery Skill – Inflict single-enemy damage, increases block chance of front-row allies
  • Rage – Stun, column-range damage
  • Trait; HP+
  • Passive – DEF increases when he casts mastery skill + CRIT chance of back-row allies


  • Mastery Skill – Single-target DMG, Silence Effect
  • Rage – AoE, Dispel debuffs of female allies, buffs from female enemies
  • Trait – HP+
  • Passive – Female character attack increases as long as she is alive, Silence effect


  • Mastery Skill – Single-target DMG, Paralyze
  • Rage – AoE DMG, Paralyze, Poison
  • Trait – HP
  • Passive – Self-HP recovery, Immune to all damage when reaches 0 

One of the best SSR characters in Bleach: Immortal Soul. 


  • Mastery – Bleed, Single-target DMG
  • Rage – Bleed, Targets back-row enemies
  • Trait – ATK Strengthen
  • Passive – Increases back-row allies’ attack. DMG reduction after unleashing the rage skill


  • Mastery – Grants Rage, Inflict Single-enemy damage
  • Rage – AoE Healing
  • Trait – HP
  • Passive – Increases DMG Rate, DMG Reduction Rate for back-row allies when Retsu Unohana dies. 
  • Talent – In non-PvP matches, increases DMG RATE, DMG REDUCTION RATE of all characters


  • Mastery Skill – Increases CRIT Chance, Inflict single-target DMG
  • Rage – Column-range damage, Bleed, Poison Effect
  • Trait – ATK
  • Passive – Increases damage of all allies on bleeding targets(when alive)

Soin Fon

  • Mastery Skill – DMG
  • Rage – DMG on the back row- enemy, CRIT
  • Passive – Homonka effect that kills enemy when stacked twice and the HP is below a certain proportion
  • Trait – ATK


  • Mastery Skill – Inflict DMG, Increases self-damage reduction rate and defense
  • Rage – Increases DEF of allies, Stun Effect, DMG
  • Trait – HP
  • Passive – Increases CRIT chances for all allies. Hankisosai effect for CRIT blockage


  • Mastery Skill – Single-target DMG, Increases ATK/Block pierce Chance/Crit-Chance
  • Rage – Column-range damage
  • Trait – Attack
  • Passive – Increases self-crit chances, gains a shield 

Bleach: Immortal Soul SR-Tier Characters: –

  • Ganju – Tank, STun, Burn
  • Sasakibe – Attacker
  • Isane – Support, Healing
  • Uryu – Attacker, High-Crit
  • Yumichika – Tank, Steals Rage
  • Hinamori – Attacker, Silence, Dispel Debuffs
  • Nemu – Attacker
  • Omaeda – Tank
  • Kira – Attacker, Stun, Lowers Healing of enemies
  • Shuhei – Tank, Bleed
  • Ikkaku – Tank, Bleed, Healing
  • Orihime – Support, Healer

Bleach: Immortal Soul R-Tier Characters: –

  • Chad – Stun, Tank
  • Kon – Attacker
  • Ururu – Tank
  • Ichigo – Attacker, Bleed, Rage Recovery
  • Hanataro – Support, Healing
  • Rukia – Attacker, CRIT

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So this would be all in this post on Bleach: Immortal Soul List of Characters. 

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