Citampi Stories Dating: How To Marry, Buy House, Propose, Have Baby?

Learn how to date, propose, and marry girls in Citampi Stories! This Citampi Stories post will teach you how to build a relationship with girls, ask them out, get married, have kids, and more

Citampi Stories dating marriage house propose ring

Citampi Stories Starting A Family(Marry And Have A Baby): – 

This article covers the dating and marriage process, about the proposal, buying a house, pregnancy, having kids, etc. So, let’s get straight to the Citampi Stories dating, marriage, and baby guide: – 

Citampi Stories Dating & Marriage Process 

Here’s a quick walkthrough to all this process: – 

  • Build a relationship with a girl and achieve 5 hearts
  • Buy a house
  • Once you have obtained 5 hearts from her, buy the ticket and ask her out on a date
  • Buy a wedding ring
  • Use the wedding ring to propose the girl on the date and get married. 

Find An NPC Girl In City of Citampi

There are many girls to date in the City of Citampi; Wendy, Sarah, Nabila, Isma. You can find Sarah Angela in 7 Seven in working hours. Isma in smallmart. Imas Febriani in Clinic. Dating Sarah would be a good choice at first. 

Citampi Stories dating marriage house propose ring

Getting 5 Hearts From A Girl

Interact with her daily, help them by completing their quests, and give them the gift items that they like. 

  • Sarah’s likes: magazines and cosmetics
  • Isma’s likes: necklace
  • Wendy’s likes: sports shoes
  • Nabila’s likes: dolls, bandana

Getting Gift Items In The City of Citampi

Visit Tatang’s shop in area 1 to buy these items in exchange for the gift. To give a gift, visit the girl that you want to marry -> drag and drop the gift item over her. 

Buy A House 

Note: – First, pay off the debt, get a high paying job, then buy a house(keep building relationship with her), and then ask her out and propose on the date. 

In area 3, near 7 Seven shop, there is a house that you can buy from Nopandi. It would cost you 10K RP. It’s a good idea to buy a house before you ask her out or move in with her as you have a small storeroom in the beginning. Before starting the family or asking her out, do buy the house. 

Citampi Stories dating marriage house propose ring

Buy Ticket And Ask Her Out 

You can get a ticket from Tatang’s shop. Buy a restaurant ticket. It would cost 850 RP. Once bought, visit the girl -> chat with her -> use the restaurant ticket and ask her out(drag and drop the ticket). She will wait for you at the bus stop in area 4. This is when the cutscene starts. 

Buy The Wedding Ring And Propose

After the date, visit Tatang’s shop and buy a wedding ring. It would cost 3.5K RP. Visit the girl -> use the wedding ring and propose to her. So that’s how you marry in the Citampi Stories game.  

Citampi Stories have a baby

How To Have A Baby In Citampi Stories?

At home, interact with your wife and say yes when she asks you; “do you like children”, do you want to have your own someday? Once your wife is pregnant, you will have to complete tasks like finding koi, iridescent shark, Arowana, etc. to get pregnancy points. You can find these fish in the fish pond. Check the quest in the SMS or Pregnancy app. Give the requested items to her and progress. Rush to the hospital when your wife feels contractions – cutscene -> name your baby -> check the info in the pregnancy app. 

Baby Furniture In Citampi Stories

You get Baby Crib from Tatang after completing the Baby Furniture quest given by him. You will need to provide him tools such as wood, saw, hammer, and chisel. Get wood from Tio, Chisel from Alex, Hammer from Bro Tiger, and a Saw from Nopandi. Interact with NPCs and complete their quests in a specific order. 

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So that’s all we got in this post on Citampi Stories marriage, dating, and baby guide. 

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7 thoughts on “Citampi Stories Dating: How To Marry, Buy House, Propose, Have Baby?”

  1. There are 9 girl we can choose to marry. (Or maybe its 10 girl if the ghost girl join)
    -Asih (she’s a ghost btw)

    There are special item and favorite item for every character.
    If you gift the npc a special item, the relationship will increase +8 and if that a favorite item will increase the relationship +5.
    You can go to mosque(area 3) or church(area 5) for praying. You can pray for good relationship for +3 relationship on npc that you have talk or gift an item after you praying. You can pray 5 times in 1 day. And if you praying and then give the npc a special gift you will get +8 and +3 relationship. After that you can pray again and have a talk with the npc before and you will get +1 and +3 relationship. And it will give you relationship +15 after all.

    Btw, if you want to see the ghost girl, you can go to the graveyard in area 1 on Thursday midnight (tips : dont forget to bring a satay and a nail. You can only trigger the cut scene and start to increase the relationship after give her satay and nail, this two item will be the special item too)