Idle Police Tycoon Shields & Badges: How To Get 5 Shields?

Having trouble achieving the 5 shields or badges in Idle Police Tycoon? Learn how to get five shields or badges in Idle Police Tycoon!

Idle Police Tycoon Shields Badges Get 5 Shields

How To Get 5 Shields Or Badges In Idle Police Tycoon: – 

In all the cities featured in the Idle Police Tycoon, you can achieve 5-shields or badges. These shields or badges are required to unlock the new city location. For example – after twin hills, you can unlock the next city once you achieve 3 shields or badges in the Twin Hills. 

Process: – you need to make upgrades. Upgrade everything! See that yellow gauge in the upper-right corner, below the shields? When it fills the bar, you will achieve a shield. It increases as you make upgrades. In the Twin Hills city, you have to make upgrades to these departments and you are good to go: – 

  • Reception – counters, seats, printers, computer, and decoration
  • Tech Zone – servers
  • Electricity Room – Generator and x3 batteries
  • Interns – Lockers, coffee machine, organizational system, and decoration
  • Fraud Division – desks, bookcase, newspaper records, audio files
  • Tactical Unit – lockers, equipment, board, television, and decoration
  • Parking – Police cars and armored vehicle
  • Crime Lab – desk, chemicals, centrifuge, sample freezer, microscope
  • Prison Cells – small cells, large cells, isolation cells, security cameras
  • Major Crimes – desk, coffee machine, criminal records, board, and decoration
  • Detective Division – desk, coffee machine, criminal records, board, and decoration
  • Police Officers – lockers, city map, equipment, television, and decoration

Upgrade all these things to achieve the 5 shields or badges in Idle Police Tycoon. Note – prioritize the ones that receive too many cases. 

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So that’s all we got in this post on Idle Police Tycoon: how to achieve/get 5-shields or badges. If you have more information or tips, share in the comments. 

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