Citampi Stories Fishing: How To Catch Fish, Get Fishing Pole?

If you are new to the Citampi Stories and have no idea how to fish, then check out this Citampi Stories fishing guide: catching fish, getting fishing pole

Citampi Stories FishingCitampi Stories Fishing: –

This article covers how to fish in the Citami Stories game, get a fishing pole, catch fish, sell fish, etc. So, let’s get straight to the Citampi Stories fishing guide – 

Guide To Getting A Fishing Pole

To start fishing in the Citampi Stories game, you need a fishing pole. Fishing Pole item is given by Tatang who has a shop in area 1 of the city of Citampi. Tatang gives you a fishing pole when you get x2 hearts from him. Build relationship with him by interacting daily or giving the gifts. One interaction gives you 1 relationship points – gifts give more relationship points. Once you have gained enough points, you will get a heart from him. The first heart gives you a glove, the second heart gives you a fishing pole. 

Catching Fish In Citampi Stories

There are fish spots in all areas. Go close to any fishing spot -> tap the fishing pole icon in the upper-right corner -> reel in. You may get a random trash item or catch the fish – if it’s a fish, a mini-game will open where you will have to try keeping the fish in the bubble area. You can tilt your phone to move the bubble. On the left side of the screen, the fishing bar displays the progress; when the bar reaches the max green point, you will get the fish. It raises when the fish is in the bubble. 

Selling Fish In Citampi Stories

Once you have caught a fish, you will see it in the inventory at the bottom. If the inventory is full, the item is moved in the storeroom’s storage box. To sell, it must be in one of the inventory slots. Visit Tatang in area 1 -> tap its shop -> choose the sell option (⇐) -> select the item -> sell for RP. 

Do note that some NPCs may demand fish as a quest item. 

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So that’s all we got in this post on Citampi Stories fishing. 

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