Kitchen Stars cheats and tips: guide to win!

Kitchen Stars handbook for rookies: check out these Kitchen Stars cheats and tips available with a guide to win cooking duels easily

Kitchen Stars cheats tips and guideKitchen Stars cheats, tips, and guide: – 

This article covers “how to play the Kitchen Stars game”, tips and tricks to win matches, about the progression, and other aspects such as kitchen upgrades, getting free boosters, gems, and much more. So, let’s not waste any time and get straight to the Kitchen Stars cheats, tips, and guide for rookies: – 

Get Started With The Kitchen Stars Game Basics

Published by Melsoft Games, one of the popular mobile game publishers, Kitchen Stars is a top-notch cooking game that offers online multiplayer cooking battle gameplay. You will be playing as a chef and compete with another chef in real-time fast-paced culinary battles. In the cooking battle, both chefs get their own kitchen appliances and ingredients to cook the items orders by the customers. The one who plays well; completes the orders quickly and earns more than the opponent gets the glorious victory. Upon victory, you are rewarded with coins, chef points, XP, or even gems. 

Prepare In Advance, Use The Table

Kitchen Stars cheats tips and guideDon’t waste a single second during the cooking battle; sometimes, customers take a while to come back again – don’t just wait for them, you can always prepare something in advance and keep it on the table and serve immediately if a customer later orders that item. For example; if you are playing the burger event, it’s a straight guess that customers would definitely order the burger. If you are playing an ice cream event, it’s a straight guess the customers would definitely order an ice cream; it could be of vanilla or strawberry flavor. 

Serve The Shared Customer Quickly

Kitchen Stars cheats tips and guideIn some cooking battles in the Kitchen Stars game, you get shared customers; meaning, both chefs have the chance to complete that customer’s order; it could be you or the opponent. Be quick and don’t let the opponent snatch this opportunity from you; you can earn extra bucks from these shared customers and advance further in score points. 

Focus Only On Orders In Kitchen Stars Game

Ignore what the opponent is doing, what your current score is, who is ahead or who is not – have full focus on the order; this way you can concentrate well and complete orders quickly. Don’t get distracted by these things.

Earning More Per Order

The faster you complete the order, the more gold coins you earn from the order in the battle. The more delay you do in completing the order, the less gold coins you receive from the customer. We would advise you to focus on one customer’s order at a time and complete it as soon as possible so that you can get the next customer quickly. On the other hand, partially completing the orders of customers will delay the things. 

Guide To Leveling In Kitchen Stars Game

XP points, which are required to level up in the Kitchen Stars game, can be earned by winning the cooking battles and upgrading the kitchen appliances. At certain levels, you are reward with exclusive gift packs and rewards; free boosters, diamonds, etc.

Use The Boosters To Beat The Opponent Easily

Kitchen Stars cheats tips and guideBoosters help you cook the items fast, earn more per order, save time – before starting the match, you can select the booster. Or, during the cooking battle, at the bottom, tap the booster icon to use it. 

Claim Free Rewards In Kitchen Stars Game

Go to the shop -> there you can claim free coins every day. Other than that, earn “chef” points by winning matches – you get free gift packs when you have a certain number of chef points in a certain event. These gift packs contain free boosters and gems. 

Make The Kitchen Upgrades

Kitchen appliances play a vital role in cooking battles. By upgrading these appliances, you will be able to cook fast and serve fast. 

So that’s all we got in this post on Kitchen Stars cheats, tips, and guide for beginners. Do you have more tips or strategies? Comment below. 

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