Cookie Run Kingdom Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies!

Cookie Run Kingdom is a brand new game for Android & iOS published by Devsisters. Read on for Cookie Run Kingdom guide, tips, cheats & strategies!

Cookie Run Kingdom

Cookie Run Kingdom Guide, Tips, Cheats & Strategies⇓

In this Cookie Run Kingdom guide, you will learn how to play the Cookie Run Kingdom game, about cookies, rarities, buildings, tips on progression, battle guide, and other aspects such as making upgrades, in-game currencies, and much more. So let’s not waste any time and get to the main content: Cookie Run Kingdom guide, tips, cheats & strategies for beginners(Extras: Cookie Run Kingdom Toppings Guide, Cookie Run Kingdom Codes): –

Cookie Run Kingdom Crystals Guide & Tips⇓

Crystal is one of the premium in-game currencies in the Cookie Run Kingdom game that players will need to get cookies or in other tasks such as speeding-up the ongoing constructions, buying resources or unlocking new slots in the production buildings. Here are some Cookie Run Kingdom tips on where to spend crystals in the Cookie Run Kingdom game: –

(1) Buy Sugar Gnome’s Hut⇓

This is the home of your worker – you can build three Gnome’s Hut in the kingdom and have three workers. In the early game, you would have only x2 workers – the 3rd Gnome’s Hut would cost you x800 crystals and provide you an extra worker so that you can build or upgrade or expand x3 facilities/territories at a time. 

(2) Unlock new slots for production⇓

In each production facility, there is a fixed number of free slots. If you want to increase the production rate, you should try increasing the queue. Simply, tap on a production facility. On the left, you will see the number of empty slots. At the bottom, tap on the + button to buy a new slot. 

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(3) Getting new cookies or their fragments⇓

In the gacha, players can spend the crystals on drawing the cookies or their fragments. Duplicate cookie fragments would be used in promoting the cookies or cookie characters. So if you want to complete the collection of all the cookie characters, you should start saving crystals right away. 

——–Tips on avoiding spending crystals on useless tasks——-

Above, we have shared the three top ways to spend crystals. In this part, we are going to showcase the list of actions that consume crystals but you should not spend on them: –

(1) Speeding up things⇓

The building constructions or resource productions can be completed instantly with the help of crystals. Although, it would be better not to spend diamonds on the speed-up tasks. Have some patience and wait until the production or construction completes – if you have the speed-ups, use them – but don’t use crystals. Save crystals if you are a f2p player!

(2) In buying resources⇓

The game lets you buy the resources with diamonds; for instance, to upgrade the storage, you will need materials like a sugar cube, roll cake wood, robust AXE, etc. If you don’t have these resources, the game allows you to buy them with the crystals. But we don’t recommend buying these resources; instead, produce them in their respective factories or production buildings or gather from environmental objects. 

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Tips To Earn Free Crystals In Cookie Run Kingdom⇓

In this part, we have shared a bunch of tips on getting free crystals: –

(1) Story Mode Missions – the episode missions or story mode mission stages give free crystals upon first time clear – you get x20 crystals no matter what stars you get at that stage. If you clear the stage with 2-star or 3-star, the game gives you more crystals. 

(2) World Map – take a close look at the map; you will find plenty of treasure chests on the way. These treasure chests give free crystals. 

(3) Complete The Story Mode Quests – on the main screen of the game, on the lower-right side, tap on the mission icons to check the details – these are the story quests that you can complete and get free crystals. 

(4) Complete The Achievements – to check the achievements, tap the cookie avatar in the top-left corner of the game, then at the bottom, tap “achievements” -> these are hard missions but also rewarding. 

(5) Codes – you may get free crystals without cheats or hacks – by using the gift codes or coupon codes. You can find the Cookie Run Kingdom coupon codes here

(6) Fountain of Abundance – the fountain of abundance gives you idle rewards. And the rewards also include free crystals. Head to the kingdom tap, next to the cookie castle, tap on the fountain of abundance. You can level it up and increase the number of rewards. 

(7) Arena – Arena mode gives you free crystals based on the rankings. 

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Always Keep The Production Buildings Busy⇓

Production buildings such as lumberjack lodge, smithy, and more help you create various items and materials that you can use to upgrade the cookie castle, expand to new territories, remove objects, and also build more of them so that you can boost the production rate and yield more resources regularly. 

You will need a ton of resources to expand and grow in the Cookie Run Kingdom – so always make sure that there is always something that’s being produced in these production facilities. 

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Cookie Run Kingdom Guide For Beginners⇓

In this part, we have shared a brief progression guide for beginners that explain how to progress in the Cookie Run Kingdom: –

(1) First things first – always keep the production buildings busy. There should always be something that’s being produced; materials or items. Keep accumulating the resources as you will need a lot in making upgrades and expansion of the kingdom. 

(2) Do the story mode stages and unlock new content – The PvP mode, guild battle, and bounty mode unlock at certain stages; for instance, PvP arena mode unlocks when you clear the 3-1 stage. So if you are just starting in the game, focus on the exploration mode and do the stage missions. 

(3) Build a great team of cookies – navigate to the cookies wiki book in the game and get familiar with them. Check out their types; ambush, position, skills, stats, etc. In the battle, you will need high DPS cookies that inflict DMG, tank cookies that absorb damage and protect the middle line and backline allies. And, the supporter units that heal and provide buffs. 

(4) Expand – you can expand your kingdom by unlocking new territories on the kingdom map. Head to the kingdom map and look around – you will find the expansion option with + symbol, tap it, if you have the resources and a free worker, start expanding. As you expand, you can place more buildings on the kingdom map and boost production furthermore. 

To move the buildings in the Cookie Run Kingdom, tap the layout option in the lower-left on the kingdom map screen. After that, you should be able to select the building and move it all across the accessible region. 

(5) Upgrade Buildings – Level up cookie castle, production buildings, the fountain of abundance to unlock new stuff, produce more resources, and progress quickly. 

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Cookie Run Kingdom Guide To Building Team For Battles⇓

To build the team wisely, you will need to get familiar with cookies or cookie characters’ strengths. Check their position, skills, and role. For a balanced team, you would want x2 heroes in the front(tank role, high HP/DEF, taunt skill, protection skill, x2 damage dealers(high DPS, AoE DMG, DoT, etc.), and x1 supporter or healer(for buff and healing). Since there are so many cookie characters in the game, you might get confused on what to build or what to avoid. Check out this Cookie Run Kingdom tier list and also check out these Cookie Run codes for free crystals to spend on gacha.  Extras: Cookie Run Kingdom Toppings Guide

So this would be all in this post on Cookie Run Kingdom guide, tips, cheats & strategies for beginners. Got more tips? Comment below. 

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  1. You don’t necessarily need a healer if you have healing treasures (blind healers staff etc.) and lots of health toppings and high leveled and promoted cookies :))))