Pocket Legion Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies!

Pocket Legion: Roguelike Battle is a new mobile game by Crunchy Studio LLC. Read on for Pocket Legion guide, tips, cheats & strategies!Pocket Legion

Pocket Legion Guide, Tips, Cheats & Strategies⇓

In this post, you will learn how to play the Pocket Legion game, about the cards or characters, tips on progression, building the deck, and other aspects such as getting stronger, in-game currencies or items, and much more. So, let’s not waste any time and check out the main content featuring the Pocket Legion guide & tips for beginners: –

Get Started With The Pocket Legion Basics⇓

Pocket Legion game features PvE and PvP arena game mode. The PvE mode features a lot of chapters; each chapter or world is packed with lots of stages; each next stage more daunting than the previous one. The PvP arena mode is the main source of quality rewards – the more victories you get in this mode, the more rewards the game grants. You can earn gems, coins, and cards from PvP mode. 

PvE mode is free of cost but to play PvP, you will need to spend the coins. Play the PvE mode to grind coins if you are low on coins. 

Position Your Units Wisely⇓

In the Pocket Legion game, you must place the units wisely on the battlefield. For instance, place the tank units in the front row and damage dealers/supporters/CC in the back row. Tank units possess high HP and DEF stats that allow them to absorb more damage and guard the allies in the back row. Damage Dealers, Support Units, and CC units generally have low HP and DEF – that’s why they need to be protected. It’s always a good idea to cover them by positioning the tank units in the front row. Which units are the tank units? Most of the melee units in the game are tank units. For instance, Footman and Earth Golem in the early game are some good top-tier cards/units with high HP stats.

Navigate to the collection menu of the game to check the cards that you own. Tap on a card and check its stats; check the HP stat and range. Place the high HP units in front and other ones(healers, damage dealers, CC, etc.) in the back row. 

Tips To Build The Best Deck In Pocket Legion⇓Pocket Legion

In the PvE as well as PvP, battles are classified into multiple floors or stages. On each next floor or stage, you get to pick new cards or units to deploy on your side. You have to pick the cards or units wisely; make sure that you have enough tanky units and damage units. Tank units are the must to protect backline allies. Damage Dealers are also a must if you want to crush the opponent team. Other units such as “healers(priest for example)”, “CC(crowd control units such as ICE mage)” can be useful. Healers can heal the allies while the units with CC effects can provide crown control effects; stun the enemies, slow them down, etc. We recommend prioritizing the tanky and damage dealers and then add supporters/CC units.

As you progress in the battle, the difficulty is likely to go up; it would be better to stick to a few units only; if you keep buying different-different units of the same role, you would not be able to upgrade/merge them. 

Pocket Legion Formation Power Guide⇓Pocket Legion

Each unit has unique traits that trigger in the battle when that unit gains certain formation power points. For example; when Earth Golem gains x9 formation power, it will be able to stun the attackers. To check the traits and the requirement to activate them, navigate to the collection menu -> tap on a card unit -> check the traits. 

To grant units formation power, all you need to do is place them wisely. Each unit has a specific range; if another unit is covered under this range, it will gain formation power. By merging the units, choosing the right relics, positioning the allies wisely, you can easily build or achieve X9 formation power for multiple units in the deck during the battle.

Just tap and hold a unit -> lift it with your finger to check its range. 

Getting Stronger In Pocket Legion⇓Pocket Legion

Merge the units, choose the strongest relics, upgrade their cards, gain formation power, place them wisely are some ways to get stronger in Pocket Legion battles. 

Check Out The Shop Daily⇓

The shop menu of the Pocket Legion game features two main sections; chest and cards; you get 1 free chest from the shop daily. And, in the cards section, you get the daily deals; sometimes, the game offers character cards that can be obtained with the coins. Make sure to check it daily and don’t miss any good deals. 

In-Game Currencies Guide⇓

  • Stamina – Required to play the PvE. Recovers gradually
  • Coins – Earn from PvE, PvP. Use coins to buy and upgrade cards
  • Gems – Earn from PvP. Use gems to buy card chests

Pocket Legion Cheats OR Cheat Codes⇓

Pocket Legion does not offer or support any cheats or cheat code input. 

So this would be all in this post on Pocket Legion guide, tips, cheats & strategies for beginners. Got any tips? Comment below. 

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