Craft Legend Guide: Followers, Fondness, Gifts, And More

Learn how the followers mechanic works in this Craft Legend guide. Read on to discover how to raise follower’s fondness, stats and more in Craft Legend

In the last post, we shared the animals guide which covers the main questions such as how to build fences, how to use the animals, etc. You can read the Craft Legend animals guide here. In today’s post, we will learn about the followers – how do you get these followers, how to raise their fondness level, gifts, rent, stats, etc. Let’s get started!

Craft Legend Followers Guide⇓

Craft Legend Followers(Game By IGG)The very first follower that you get in the Craft Legend game is Ghibli. He can help you in fighting foes. If you are not familiar with him, then don’t worry. All you need to do is open the bag(tap the bag option on the upper-right side of the game screen) -> then go the trophies section -> there you will find Ghibli’s trophy. Hold it and drag it to the house’ wall. After it, Ghibli will appear. The same rule applies to other followers. Place the trophies and summon them.


Once Ghibli makes his appearance in the house, tap him -> there you will get the option to stay or follow. If you choose to stay, then he will stay at the house. On the other hand, if you tap the follow button, then he will accompany you. And, whenever an enemy appears, he will try to strike him down.

What does it mean to stay at the house? 

If Ghibli gets tired, you should let him stay at the house.

Shop, Rent, Gifts

Shop – You can sell or buy the items from these followers or characters(Summoned by you using the trophies). Interact with the character(tap to interact) -> choose to buy or sell. You can buy precious items in exchange for silver coins or sell useless items for the silver coins.

Rent – The followers who stay at the house pay the daily rent to you. The rent amount depends on the fondness/comfort level. The higher the comfort level, the higher the amount of rent.

Gifts – Along with the daily rent, followers in the Craft Legend game sometimes give a free gift. The gift includes basic, rare, high-grade items(random). The chances of getting a gift or high-grade gift are also determined by the followers’ fondness level. The higher the fondness level, the more chances of getting a rare item.

How To Get Followers In Craft Legend Game?

  • Complete the First Blood! achievement. Place that trophy in the house so that new follower can join you in battle
  • Eliza Bloodmire – Venna’s shop(Interact with Mercurio to access Venna’s shop – it’s weird)
  • Penguin Fighter – From Penguin Eggs
  • Solon Dandellion – Level 6+
  • Bevym Scaleheart – Complete the dragon orbs quest line
  • From Mercurio’s shop – buy trophies and place
  • Exchange from the roulette shop
  • Aran Starstorm’s shop
  • Near the adventure seeker beneath the jungle biome.

Followers’ Stats – How To Raise?

Craft Legend Followers(Game By IGG)You need essence to increase the stats of the followers. And, it’s important to raise the stats if you want to defeat the high-level enemies in the expedition mode. You can also equip the gears to the followers in order to raise the stats such as defense, HP, etc. You can gather essence from the underground areas. To use it, tap the follower -> tap the + button next to the attribute.

Craft Legend Follower Fondness Level

In one of the Craft Legend quests, you will have to raise the fondness level of the followers. Now, if you have just started playing this game, it might not be easy for you to understand how this works. What is fondness level and how do you raise it? Even the game does not explain it all. In this part, we will help you by explaining everything.

First, the fondness level of a follower is the house comfort level. If you increase the comfort level, the fondness level of a follower will increase automatically. Now, how do you increase your comfort level?

Craft Legend Followers(Game By IGG)Go close to a trophy -> tap the message icon floating over it > comfort level -> use the navigation keys to check how much score is required to reach the next level. To increase the comfort score, craft the structures such as lightning, instrument, furniture, traps, and more. Note – Not all the items grant comfort score. Tap the item before you craft to check its comfort score. You can craft these items using the worktable/anvil. Craft Legend Followers(Game By IGG)

So that would be all our in Craft Legend followers guide. If you have any query, feel free to comment below! Also, see – Craft Legend Animals – Fences, Produce, Feed

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