Shop Titans: Design & Trade – How To Get Keys?

Shop Titans: Design & Trade KeysWondering how to get keys to unlock the chests in Shop Titans? Let’s read all the ways to get Shop Titans: Design & Trade chest keys

There are three ways to obtain keys in Shop Titans: Design & Trade; boss battle, quests, and the fortune zone. Well, to be honest, it’s hard to get keys as the drop rate is quite low. The one thing that you need to know is that it’s not important to unlock the chests – don’t bother if you don’t have any key. In the older versions of the game, it was easy to get those keys – but now, it’s totally based on the luck. Let’s get started – How to get keys in Shop Titans game?

The Three Ways To Get Keys In Shop Titans Game – Boss Battle, Quests, Fortune Zone

Shop Titans: Design & Trade KeysThe very first common method to get key is to fight the boss. The boss battle unlocks when you reach level 7 in a particular location. You can fight the boss in three difficulty levels – easy, medium, and hard. The drop rate varies on the basis of the difficulty mode. It’s 25% in easy, 50% in medium, and 75% in the hard mode. The medium mode unlocks at level 8, while the hard mode unlocks at level 14.

In case you don’t know about the boss battle: –

As mentioned before, you will be able to access the boss battle once you reach level 7 in a location. Go to the city -> quests -> there you can select the locations where you want to send the heroes to explore for the rewards. In each area, you get different materials. Locations in the quests: –

  • Howling Woods – Elven Wood, Iron Pine Cone, Glow Shroom
  • Aurora Caves – Silver Dust, Webbed Wing, Precious Gem
  • Whispering Bog – Living Root, Rustwyrm Scale, Deep pearl
  • Barren Wastes – White Stand, Bronze Fang, Moon Crystal
  • Sun God’s Tomb – Evil Eye, Silk Scarab, Star Medal

Send heroes -> earn XP -> level up.

Boss battles are quite hard to clear – you should power-up the heroes if you want to get it clear. Read our Shop Titans: Design & Trade guide for the intermediate players here for more details.


The second method to obtain the key is totally based on luck. Sometimes, if you are lucky, you may get the keys from the quests – send the heroes to explore areas. Again, the chances are very low.

3⇒Fortune Zone

Shop Titans: Design & Trade KeysYou can earn fortune tokens from the slot machine. Exchange these fortune tokens for the keys in the fortune zone. You can access the fortune zone from the slot machine menu -> tap the payout button at the bottom-right corner. Or go to the lobby -> tap the menu button at the top-right corner -> tap the shop button -> there would be a fortune zone section where you can see all the deals that you can grab using the fortune tokens.

If the key deal is not available, tap the reroll button to refresh the deals. If you are lucky, you may get that deal.

Now, what you can get from the chests: –

  • Equipment
  • Component
  • Consumable
  • Ascension Shard
  • Research Scroll
  • Champions Coins

So that would be all in our Shop Titans: Design & Trade – how to get keys article! Also, see –

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