Craft Legend: How To Pet Animals – Place, Feed, Produce!

Craft Legend Game – How to pet the animals in Craft Legend? How do you place them in your shelter and feed them to produce the materials? Let’s find out in this guide!

In one of your quests, you will be asked to collect animal produce for once. And, for the starters, it could be difficult to figure out how to place these animals in their respective field and pet them for the materials. All you need to do is build the fence for that particular animal and then you will catch it and place in that fence. For example; to pet a chicken/turkey, you need to build Turkey Coop. For the horse, you need stable. You get these fences from the character; Herder Leach. When you interact with her, you will get the option to buy. You will have to buy these animal fences and it will cost silver coins. Let’s learn all the things in details. Craft Legend Game – Pet animals guide; feeding, placing, capturing, production, and more.

Craft Legend Animals Guide

Buying The Fences, Capturing, Feeding, Collecting

These are the four steps that you need to learn and after it, you will be able to do it in the game. The very first step is buying the fences. To buy fences for the animals, you need to summon a character named Herder Leach. And, to summon her, you need Herder Leah’s trophy. I don’t know the achievement which gave me this trophy. I would recommend checking the achievements as you get the trophies by completing these achievements. Now, once you have the trophy, place it in the house. Tap the bag button at the top-right corner of the screen -> trophies -> hold it and drag it to the wall.Craft Legend Animals

Once done, you will see Herder Leach in the house. Tap her and choose to buy. On the next screen, you can see all the fences for the animals. There is a specific fence for a particular animal. And, the cage is to keep the animal(only for display).

  • Turkey – Turkey Coop
  • Pig – Pigsty Fence
  • Sheep – Sheepfold Fence
  • Cows – Bullpen
  • Horse – Stable
  • Fish – Fish Tank(Use Fishling for fish breeding)

Buy the one for your animal. Once bought, tap the bag -> tap the fence -> place it on the hotbar to use it. After that, tap the fence again(that you just moved from the bag to hotbar). Once selected from the bar, find an empty place around the house and build it(tap on the empty place to build).

Craft Legend Animal Capturing

Craft Legend AnimalsEvery now and then, around the house, you will see the animals wandering here and there. Go close to an animal and tap the hand icon to capture it. Once captured, go to the fence and place it(tap the action button on the bottom-right side – the blue color button/hand sign).


Once you place the animal to the fence, you will see the food item which they want to eat. For example; you need wheat to feed turkey. Wheat can be found near the house(if you have seeds, go to the bag and place the seeds to hotbar -> after that, select seed from hotbar and place it on the field – tap on the empty block to plant – wait for a while and use pickaxe/gathering tool to collect).

  • Cow Feed
  • Horse Feed
  • Fish Feed

You can craft these food items using the wooden work table(inside the house). Interact with the table(tap the + sign -> craft icon) food -> animal feed.

Craft Legend Animal Produce Collecting

Craft Legend AnimalsAfter feeding and placing the animals in their respective fields, you just need to wait for a while until they produce the items. Here’s the time chart and the item that they produce: –

  • Turkey – One egg(1/30mins), turkey meat(1/hour)
  • Pig – Pork(1/6-hours), 1(truffle/4-hours)
  • Sheep – Sheep Fur(1/80mins), Sheep Lamb(1/160mins)
  • Cow – Milk(1/9-hours), Beef(1/13.5 hours)
  • Fish – Fish Roe(1/26.6 hours), Fish Meat(1/33.3 hours)

Note – The time duration may change in future updates.

So that would be all our Craft Legend Animals guide for the beginners. If you have any query, feel free to comment below!

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  1. Is there a way to build chests for storage? I have found a few in exploration but have not found out how to buy them nor how to make them