Shop Titans Game – City, Player Score, Guild, Customers!

Shop Titans GameShop Titans Game – How to get more customers, increase the player score, what is prestige, how to leave guild, city investments, and more in this guide

We have already shared two guides on this game; the one for the beginners and the advanced one for the intermediate players. However, there are a lot of things that you may need to know. And, this includes the customers, player score, city, guild, and other things. In today’s Shop Titans Game Wiki FAQ, we will answer all of your questions. If there is something which is not in this guide, feel free to ask in the comment section below. Let’ navigate to Shop Titans Design & Trade game FAQ!

⇒How do you get more customers in Shop Titans Game?

There are two factors which determine the number of customers that you get overtime in the shop. These two factors are; the shop area, the number of items displayed on the racks. So if you want more customers in the shop, you should expand the shop and display more items. You can read our Shop Titans advanced guide here for more details.

⇒How do you increase the player score to climb up the leaderboards?

There are over (10) factors which affect the player score in Shop Titans game. These include blueprint upgrades, current level(Shopkeeper), furniture level(upgrades), champion story progression, champions recruited, champion level, furniture acquired, shop expansion, hero levels, blueprint discovered, and the number of workers(hired). Make sure to check our beginner’s and advanced Shop Titans guide, tips for more details.

⇒What is prestige score in Shop Titans Game?

There is a special tab in the leaderboard which ranks the player on the basis of prestige score. If you tap the menu button and check the player statistics, you will know your prestige score. This score is determined by the decorations that you have made in the shop. And, it does not grant any special reward or buff. It’s up to the player to compete for the ranks in this leaderboard.

⇒What is a guild?

The guild is like a group where members invest in the cities, help others, chat, and compete for the rank in the guild leaderboards. You can leave or create a guild anytime.

⇒How to leave a guild in Shop Titans Game?

To leave a guild, go to the city -> guild -> finder -> join another to leave the current guild. If you don’t want to play with others or want a private guild, then tap the finder button -> create a city -> (the city is basically guild) -> name your city -> go to settings -> change the city privacy to private.

⇒If I leave a guild, will my Investments in the buildings reset?

No! The investments that you do in the city buildings carried away with your account. You will not lose the investments even if you leave a guild or join another.

⇒How do I get my account back? I didn’t reset it!

If you have played the game earlier and but some for reason, you uninstalled it and now you want to play again; but it’s loading from the start. If you linked the game to Google Play Games (Android) or Game Center(iOS), then you can get your account back. Go to the menu -> settings -> connect. If you didn’t link it, then tap contact us button in the settings to generate a ticket. In the message, any relevant information; the name that you used, level, etc.

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