Date A Live Spirit Pledge reroll guide: how to reroll?

Have no idea of how to reroll in Date a Live Spirit Pledge? Here is the step-by-step instruction on Date a Live Spirit Pledge reroll guide

Date A Live Spirit Pledge Reroll Guide RerollingWelcome to Date A Live Spirit Pledge reroll guide. We have tried our best to create a simple reroll guide(based on other games like this) for the players who want to reroll for the top-tier spirits/characters on Android & iOS devices. You can check the DaL Spirit Pledge tier list here. In this article, we have shared a Date A Live Spirit Pledge reroll guide – step-by-step instructions. So, let’s not waste any time and head to the reroll guide. 

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In the Date A Live Spirit Pledge rerolling process, we would advise you to use the “multiple accounts” method(In this method, you will switch to another account to start the game from scratch to reroll again). You can log in to the game with Facebook or Google/Apple or an Email account.

Here is the step-by-step reroll instruction: –

Step 1.) Follow the tutorial until the 1-1 stage. After completing it, don’t touch the screen for x5 seconds. After that, a skip button will appear on the top-right corner. Tap it and skip the tutorial completely. 

Step 2.) Complete the 1-3 stage in the story mode to unlock the summon function. 

Step 3.) Go to the main screen and tap on the mail option. Collect the pre-registration rewards. You will get diamonds and +10 fate badge. Use them on rookie summon banner(this banner is for beginners and claim bonus drop-rate for S-class characters). Aim for your favorite spirit or a top-tier girl. Check out the DaL Spirit Pledge tier list here. You can earn more fate badges by completing the story mode stage. But, it would increase the rerolling duration. Date A Live Spirit Pledge Reroll Guide

Step 4.) If you didn’t get the girl that you wanted, close the game. Open it again -> when you are on the login screen, a “switch account” option appears at the top of the screen. Tap it and switch to another account; use a different mail ID or FB account or Gmail and start from scratch. 

For example – first, log in with Facebook and continue to the game; skip the tutorial by tapping the skip button(after clearing story 1-1, you can skip the tutorial) – collect all the gift packs/currencies – summon the characters with the currencies that you have got as a newbie/pre-registration pack and spend on the gacha banners featuring your favorite or top-tier spirit(make sure to check the drop rates – choose the banner wisely. 

If you don’t get the spirits that you were looking for in Date A Live Spirit Pledge game, then logout from the current account. Use a different login method(another email or FB account) to create another account and start from scratch. Complete/Skip the tutorial, get the currencies, summon, and aim for the top-tier spirits. 

You would not want to clear the game data as it is over 2 GB patch. So, use different-different emails or FB or Google/Apple accounts to reroll in DaL Spirit Pledge. 

What to reroll for in Date A Live Spirit Pledge?

We would recommend rerolling for an S class character. 

Also, see – Date A Live Spirit Pledge tier list. Date A Live Spirit Pledge Code List(Exchange Gift Code)

So this would be all in this post on Date A Live Spirit Pledge reroll guide for beginners. 

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