Tales of Crestoria Stahn: Stahn Character Guide

Stahn is one of the SSR-rank characters in Tales of Crestoria game. Check out Tales of Crestoria Stahn character guide for beginners

Tales of Crestoria Stahn: –Tales of Crestoria Stahn

  • Full Name & Form: Stahn(Energetic Soul)
  • Grade – SSR
  • Element – Fire
  • Type – Sword
  • Role – Attacker
  • Ascension – 5

Stahn Max Stats: –

  • HP – 23, 300
  • Attack Power of Stahn – 3, 930
  • Defense Powe of Stahn – 2, 000

Stahn Skill Information: –

  • Future Knight Captain. Effect: – With this skill, Stahn increases the attack power of allies by a certain number + OL gauge of the fire element allies every x1 turn

Stahn’s Mystic Arte: –

  • OL: 180
  • Phoenix; the massive attack on the foe

Stahn’s Arte I: –

  • Beast. Effect: Unleash attack on the enemy. CD: 2. 

Stahn’s Arte II: –

  • Searing Gale. Effect: More attack on the enemy – also, a small probability to cast burn on an enemy for a couple of turns. CD -3. 

Stahn’s Normal Attack: –

  • basic attack on an enemy

Tales of Crestoria Stahn Overview: –

Stahn is among the top great SSR characters in the ToC game. His main skill; Future Knight Captain, increases the attack power of allies and increases the OL gauge of allies belong to the fire element. The Mystic Arte of Stahn inflicts a great volume of damage on the enemy. In our opinion, Stahn is a great choice if you are looking for the attack-type characters in the game. After Leon, Stahn would be the next choice when it comes to picking the best attackers in the game. 

Check out this Tales of Crestoria tier list where we have revealed the tier score of Stahn in the game modes such as PvE, PvP, and the Raid mode. 

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