Tales of Crestoria Reroll Guide: Best Starter Selection, Rerolling Steps

Get a head start in Tales of Crestoria by rerolling. Check out this Tales of Crestorial reroll guide – best starter selection unit, what to reroll, and much more

Tales of Crestoria Reroll GuideBandai Namco’s latest gacha RPG Tales of Crestoria is now out worldwide on Google Play Store and iOS App Store. Like all other gacha RPGs, you can reroll in Tales of Crestoria and aim for top-tier heroes. In this post, we will help you to find out the best starter unit that you can get from the tutorial summon + a Tales of Crestoria reroll guide to start the game from scratch if you are not satisfied with the pulls. So, let’s not waste any time and go further in the main content. Note – check the Tales of Crestoria tier list here. 

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Tales of Crestoria Reroll Guide: –

Here’s the Tales of Crestoria reroll guide (the goal should be getting at least x2 or x3 SSR characters from rerolling) –

Reroll Step 1.) Pick Best Starter Character Unit In The Beginning

In the tutorial summon(After skipping the movie and battle basics – tap the menu button in the upper-right corner -> skip), Tales of Crestoria will let you choose/summon a character of your preference; and it guarantees one SSR unit. The selection summon pool features these SSR Units: –

  1. Asbel(Under an Azure Sky)
  2. Cress(A Moment’s Peace)
  3. Kanonno Earhart(Greatsword Brandisher)
  4. Leon(Defiant Heart)
  5. Luke(Shaken in the Wagon)
  6. Milla(Noble Hearted)
  7. Reid(Serene Huntsman)
  8. Sorey(The Dawn’s Guidance)
  9. Stahn(Energetic Soul)
  10. Velvet(Tainted by Vengeance)
  11. Yuri(At Yesteryear’s Window)
  12. Jude(Soul of Diligence)
  13. Rita(Flash in the Twilight)
  14. Estelle(Reading in the Flowers)
  15. Lloyd(Twilight Training)
  16. Kohaku(Sparkling in Battle)
  17. Ludger(Twilight Memories)

Since there are so many SSR units to choose from, it would be hard for you to pick the one. We have listed the best selection/start unit that you can choose during the tutorial summon: –

⇒The Best Selection Summon Character Units: –

  • Kanonno Earhart
  • Milla
  • Luke*
  • Velvet*
  • Cress*
  • Leon*

We recommend choosing one of these units from the selection pool. Leon and Cress are the most recommended. You can check their details in this tier list

Reroll Step 2.) Claim Gift Packs,

Once you are finished with the selection tutorial, head to the main screen of the game and tap on the gift option(on the top-right). As a newbie to the game, Tales of Crestoria will give you summon tickets or summon currency(in the beta version, we got x10 summon tickets and around x3.5K Gleamstone). Use all the Gleamstones and summon tickets in the summoning portal to acquire the new characters. 

⇒What To Reroll For In Tales of Crestoria

We would recommend rerolling for one or two more SSR unit. One SSR from the selection summon in the tutorial + one or two(total x3 SSR) SSR from the summoning portal(spend summon tickets or gleamstones). We advise you to get three SSR out of all these; Kanonno, Luke, Leon, Yuri, Velvet, Cress, Sorey. 

Step 3.) How To Reroll In Tales of Crestoria?

If you have not got the SSR units that you were looking for, you can reset the game and start from scratch. Android users need to go to their mobile app settings and clear the Tales of Crestoria game data. iOS users need to uninstall the game and install it back again from the iOS app store. You will need to download the patch again. 

So this would be all in this Tales of Crestoria reroll guide for beginners. Rerolling will help you get two or more SSR characters. Read next -> Tales of Crestoria tier list

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