Dawn Of Isles Kitchen Guide: – Insight Points, New Items

Dawn Of Isles Kitchen – Learn how to build a kitchen in your home Island and discover new food recipes. Also, learn how to get Insight points.

In our old post, we shared all the basic aspects of this game that you need to know as a rookie. You can read that rookie guide here. In today’s post, we are going to learn about kitchen stuff. At the start of the game, you get a free cooking pot where you cook the dishes. If you want more recipes, you will need to build a kitchen. Once you build the kitchen, you can learn new food recipes. And, like other buildings, Kitchen is also upgradable. As you upgrade it, new food recipes will get unlocked. Let’s not waste any time and learn; Dawn Of Isles Kitchen guide – how to build it and use!

Dawn Of Isles Kitchen Guide⇓

Dawn Of Isles KitchenTo build a kitchen, you need a free building spot at the home Island. Also, there are a few requirements that you must meet; Deity Altar level, Kitchen blueprint, and the resources. Deity Altar – You need level 4 elemental altar to unlock the kitchen. At this level, crafter’s hut building also get unlocked. If you don’t know how to build & upgrade buildings in Dawn Of Isles, make sure to read the guide & tips here.

Kitchen Blueprint – Well, I don’t remember the quest which gave me this blueprint. All you need to do is complete the quests(Home quests) and you will get the Kitchen and other buildings blueprint eventually. If you know about that quest, please share in the comment section below.

RSS – You need 40 Breezewood to build the kitchen. Use the Logging AXE to chop the trees for Breezewood. You can gather this at home Island. If you don’t have logging AXE, craft it using the workbench.

Dawn Of Isles KitchenA free construction plot – Open the mini-map and tap the empty construction slot -> go there -> interact with it(go close and tap the message icon at the bottom-right corner). After that, choose to build a kitchen. Spend the resources, use the blueprint, and boom!

I Don’t Have A Free Construction Slot!

If you don’t have a free construction slot to build Dawn Of Isles Kitchen, no need to worry! You can demolish any useless building and get a free plot. Go to that building or structure that you want to remove(for example; crafter’s hut, construction yard or any duplicate building that you have built). After that, tap the message icon at the bottom-right corner to interact -> use the building -> tap the hammer/upgrade icon at the upper-right corner -> dismantle -> confirm. After that, the selected building will be removed and you will get a free construction slot.

Will I Lose The Blueprint If I Dismantle It?

No! Even after demolishing the building, you can craft it again. So don’t hesitate.

Dawn Of Isles Kitchen Use⇓

The Kitchen is Dawn Of Isles is used in discovering new food recipes. Open the kitchen screen -> on the left side of the screen, you can switch between the food recipe types; reserve, regeneration, boost, pet snack. Go to any tab -> select the food recipe that you want to learn -> tap the learn button. You can even upgrade it(food recipe). As the level rises, you will have more chances of getting an extra item.

Once the recipe is learned, go to the cooking pot -> select the food recipe type -> item -> craft. You can gather the ingredients from the Islands or buy from the market/trade market.

Insight Points – Use & Source!

Dawn Of Isles KitchenTo learn new recipes, level up the learned recipes, you need Insight points. How to get Insight points? You can obtain Insight Points by crafting the items. For example; Craft a logging AXE to get (10) Insight points.

So that would be all our Dawn Of Isles Kitchen guide for the beginners. If you have any question, ask in the comment section below. And, make sure to read our old post on this game – here. You will learn all the basic tricks in that guide.

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