Fury Survivor Pixel Z Refuge Base Guide

There are loads of things to do in refuge in Fury Survivor: Pixel Z Game. Let’s have a look at Fury Survivor: PIxel Z Refuge Base guide

The Refuge function gets unlocked once you finish chapter 5 in Fury Survivor: Pixel Z Game. Just like the camp function, you can enjoy a number of things at the refuge base. If you have not read our old guide, then make sure to read it here. In today’s post, we will cover the Fury Survivor: Pixel Z Refuge basics. Let’s get started!

Fury Survivor: Pixel Z Refuge Guide⇓

Fury Survivor: Pixel Z RefugeAfter completing chapter 5, you can access the refuge anytime while in the game. If you are in the middle of a chapter, you just have to tap the pause button at the upper-right corner of the game screen and choose to return to the refuge. There are three portals at the refuge; to visit abyss(blue), enter chapter(yellow), and special ops(blue).

Abyss – The abyss portal is beside the doctor’s lab. Explore a bit and you will find it. From this mode, you can obtain the gear attachments. This mode unlocks after completing chapter 10. Go there -> tap the blitz button to complete instantly.

Story Mode/Chapter Portal – This portal is near the motorcycle. Interact with it and you will be able to select the chapter.

Special Op – Near the story mode portal, you will find another portal, Special Ops. In this mode, you face a large number of beasts at a time. Depending on the mission, you can earn rewards such as wood, rainwater, stone, ammo, accelerator, coins, R&D time booster, and much more.

Dispatch Survivors – Fury Survivor: Pixel Z⇓

Interact with the guy, standing between the two portals. From there you can dispatch the survivors, saved by you during the chapter progress. You can earn loads of rewards from this function.

The Motorcycle Blitz⇓

At the refuge, there would be a motorcycle. Interact with it and you will see the list of chapters that you have completed so far. Using the blitz function, you can automatically clear these past chapters in no time and earn loads of RSS. All you need to do is select the chapter -> tap blitz. You can get more blitz chances by upgrading the motorcycle. Interact with the motorcycle -> tap the upgrade button at the top-left -> it will cost a certain amount of materials.


Near the motorcycle/doctor’s lab, there is a mailbox. You can collect the rewards from there. Go close to it -> interact -> claim the rewards.


Talk to the guy(the one who is reading a book, surrounded by candles) -> he will give you some missions -> complete these missions to get rewards.

R&D In Fury Survivor: Pixel Z⇓

Fury Survivor: Pixel Z RefugeInteract with the machine(near the guy, who is reading the book) -> repair the Science station. Once repaired, you can activate loads of buffs through research. All you need to do is select a buff/talent -> tap the R&D button to confirm. Prior to it, make sure to read the buff details.


Beside the R&D machine, there is a blacksmith who can help you in crafting weapons and equipment box. If you have materials, you can craft high-level weapons using this feature. As you upgrade the refuge, you will be able to renovate.

Weapon Shop⇓

Near the blacksmith point, there is a weapon shop where you can upgrade the attachments. Select the five (similar grade) attachments to get a high-grade attachment. You can obtain attachments from the abyss or special ops mode.


Talk to the guy next to weapon shop to access the shop function in Fury Survivor: Pixel Z Refuge base. From him, you can purchase materials such as screws, clothes, ammo, and more in exchange for coins.

Medical Tent⇓

Enter the medical tent(next to the guy who lets you access the shop) -> go close to the bed if there is something to look into -> you may recover the stamina from here.

Injured People – Upgrade Refuge In Fury Survivor Pixel Z⇓

Fury Survivor: Pixel Z RefugeThere are two injured people in refugee; interact with them and pay the required supplies. You need to do it if you want to upgrade the refuge. Upgrading the refuge increases survivor cap, enemies level in zombie horde, motorcycle level cap, tech level cap, and more. Once restocked, interact with the call board -> upgrade refuge.


There is a broken TV in the refuge -> interact with it to see the rankings or visit other players.

Piggy Bank⇓

Fury Survivor: Pixel Z RefugeNear the TV, there is a table. On the table, there is a piggy bank. Interact with it -> break it to collect coins. Coins in the piggy bank fill over time. So make sure to open it daily.

So this is the Fury Survivor: Pixel Z Refuge guide for the beginners. You can read our old guide here. If you have discovered more things, feel free to share in the comment section below.

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  1. The one missing station is horde invasion. Beside the medical tent, you will find the two guys near the fence. Interact with the first guy and get the loot. You can join the invasion also, but if you don’t, you still get the loot. SUCH A GOOD GAME