Fury Survivor Pixel Z: Followers, Chapter Difficulty!

Fury Survivor Pixel Z – What are the followers, how to get them, how to access the hard mode in chapters, and much more in this guide

The followers in Fury Survivor: Pixel Z acts as a comrade and helps you in pulverizing the zombies, beasts, cars, etc. You get your first follower in chapter no. 14. As per our information, as of now, the game features two followers; the Farm Hand(the guy who uses AXE) and the second is huntress. The first one(the AXE guys) is the free one. For the Huntress, you need 600 season points and she becomes available at season level 80. Let’s learn about them: –

Fury Survivor Pixel Z Followers Guide⇓Fury Survivor Pixel Z Followers & Hard Mode

  • The AXE Guy(Farm Hand) – Melee, Tank
  • Huntress – DPS, Range

⇒The AXE guy uses the melee weapon to fight the zombies. When fighting against the elite zombies and the one who shield themselves, he can help you a lot because the melee weapon is required to break their armor.

⇒He is a tank(HP stats are quite good) and deals decent damage to the enemies.

⇒The Huntress use the crossbow to fight the zombies and attack from a range. In terms of DPS, the Huntress is better than the Farm Land follower.

Both of these followers have different skills/perks. As you level up these followers, new skills will get unlocked. Activating these skills make them more powerful. To level up the follower, take him/her with you in the chapters and crush the enemies. They attack the enemies automatically and earn EXP.

At the top-right corner, tap the follower portrait -> at the bottom of the profile, you can see the EXP required to reach the next level.

From the same profile menu, you can change their weapon, armor, hat, and other accessories. If you don’t want them to join you, tap the button; out of combat.

Fury Survivor Pixel Follower – Tagging Again⇓

The follower returns to the camp when you opt to not include him/her in the combat. Tap the pause button at the upper-right and return to the camp. After that, move to the red color motorcycle location. You will see the follower near the fire pit. Interact with the follower and choose to change the follower.

You can use one follower at a time.

Getting The Followers⇓

Fury Survivor Pixel Z Followers & Hard ModeAs mentioned before, the first follower you get in chapter 14. Enter chapter 14 and go ahead a bit and you will see him in the route. Interact with him and rescue/save. After that, he will accompany you wherever you go.

To get the Huntress, you need 600 Season points and you should be on Season level 80. Complete the season missions to raise season level and earn season points.

Once you have, tap the season icon at the top-left -> go to exchange tab -> scroll down -> exchange season points for the follower huntress.

Fury Survivor: Pixel Z Hard Mode⇓

Fury Survivor Pixel Z Followers & Hard ModeThe hard mode unlocks when you clear all the chapters(total 17). Go to the camp or refuge -> yellow portal -> head to the second tab -> from this tab, you can access the hard mode. You get better loot from this mode. It’s worth grinding EXP, ammo, meds in these hard mode chapters.

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