Destiny Child Defense War Tier List & Best Deck Team: Guide, Tips & Strategies

Destiny Child Defense War is a new mobile game by THUMBAGE. Read on for Destiny Child Defense War Tier List, Best Deck Team, Guide, Coupon Codes, Tips & Strategies

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Destiny Child Defense War Guide⇓

This guide covers “how to play the Destiny Child Defense War”, about the “Childs”, “Archfiend Candidates”, “best battle decks/teams”, “tier list”, and other aspects such as tips on progression, getting started, upgrades, and much more. So let’s not waste any time and get straight to the main content: Destiny Child Defense War tier list, best battle decks, guide, tips, and strategies: –

Basic Concept – Destiny Child Defense War Guide

Destiny Child Defense War Tier List Guide Best Deck Tips Codes

(1) In the Destiny Child Defense War game, you get to build a deck team that would have five slots for the characters(Childs) and one slot for Archfiend Candidate(x1). Childs or characters in the game attack the minions when they are put on the battlefield – but the Archfiend Candidate does not attack minions. The Archfiend Candidate is only useful because of the supportive skill. For instance, Dalia is one of the Archfiend Candidates in the Destiny Child Defense War game that grants “attack power buff to all allies” for a set period of time. 

(2) In the arena battle mode(the one that you play right after the tutorial), you will compete with another player. While in the battle, both players are raided by the minions. If you are familiar with the TD games, then you should not have any problem understanding the battle mechanics. If not, then here’s some info – what you need to do is protect the “Archfiend Candidate” from being attacked by minions. 

⇒Right after the battle starts, the minion will spawn on the left-hand side of the screen and start marching to the right side where your Archfiend Candidate is placed. That character has x3 hearts/lives – the battle will be over if the Archfiend Candidate loses all the hearts/lives. If the opponent loses its Archfiend Candidate first, then you will get the trophy. 

⇒A battle has multiple rounds – at the end of each round, both players are challenged to defeat the boss. Bosses have unique skills in this game; they can transform/freeze your characters/Childs. And, if they manage to strike Archfiend Candidate, you will lose x2 lives. In the next round, you will face more powerful minions. And at the end of the 2nd round, a more powerful boss. Your victory depends on how fast your opponent fails to protect Archfiend Candidate. What you need to do is build up the defense and keep getting stronger after each wave. 

The Three Ways To Make Childs Stronger

There is x1 permanent way to make the Childs stronger and x2 temporary ways to make the Childs Stronger in the Destiny Child Defense Way. The first permanent way is by leveling up the Childs – you will need its duplicate cards and a certain number of gold coins. To level up a Child character, navigate to the Child menu in the game and tap on an unlocked Child. The x2 temporary ways to make Childs stronger are by powering up and ranking them up

Powering Up: you use the “mana” to power-up a Child unit. At the bottom of the battle screen, you can check all the units that you added to the battle deck. At the bottom of the Child unit, you will see the mana amount that you will need to power it up. Tap to power-up. 

Ranking Up: ranking up is done by increasing the star level. And that’s done by “fusing” the two identical Childs at the same level. For instance, x1 Thisbe at star level 1 + x1 Thisbe at star level 1 will give you an x2 star unit. 

Destiny Child Defense War Tier List Guide Best Deck Tips Codes

The Random Battle Mechanics In Destiny Child Defense War

When you “fuse” the x2 units at the same star level, you will get a random “Child” unit(one of the units in the battle deck).

Destiny Child Defense War Best Decks/Teams For The Battles

In this part, we have listed powerful best Destiny Child Defense War battle decks(based on arena trophies level below 2000): –

Best Legendary Decks/Teams: –

  • (1) Gegute(Legendary) + Aurora King(Legendary) + Shamash(Legendary) + Berit(Legendary) + Purple Heart(Rare) – In this battle deck, there are x4 legendary Childs/units and x1 Rare unit. The Archfiend Candidate is “Eve”.
  • (2) Aurora King(Legendary) + Moa(Legendary) + Aten(Legendary) + Cosmim(Legendary) + Unknown(Common). Dalia as an Archfiend Candidate. 
  • (3) Jacheongbi(Legendary) + Aurora King(Legendary) + Quirinus(Rare) + Berit(Legendary) + Aurora Heart(Rare). x3 Legendary and x2 Rare. Eve is an Archfiend Candidate. 
  • (4) Aten + Moa + Aurora King + Quirinus + Unknown. 

Best Legendary Mix Decks/Teams⇓

In this part, we have listed Destiny Child Defense War best decks consisting of less legendary units + more epic/rare units: –

  • Deck 1.) –  Unknown(Common, ATK Support) + Aten(Legendary, ATK) + Quirinus(Support, Rare) + Aurora Heart(Rare Special) + Aurora King(Legendary) – Dalia as an Archfiend Candidate. 
  • Deck 2.) Lisa(Common, ATK Support), Unknown(Common, ATK Support), Aten(ATK, Legendary) + Aurora Heart + Ymir – Master/Dalia as an archfiend candidate. 
  • Deck 3.) Unkown + Aten + Aurora Heart + Quirinus + Chang’e(Epic). 

Best Decks/Teams⇓

In this part, we have listed decks consisting of Childs/Units that do not belong to “legendary” rarity: –

  • Deck 1.) Ymir(ATK, Rare) + Mayahuel(Epic, Slow Down Enemies) + Aurora Heart(One of the best Childs/Units) + Chang’e(Epic. Special) + Jeanne D’ Arc(ATK, Common). Dalia as an Archfiend Candidate. 
  • Deck 2.) Danu(ATK, Epic) + Aurora Heart(Rare) + Quirinus(Rare, Boost ATK SPD) + Fenrir(ATK, Common), Arges(ATK, Common). Dalia as an Archfiend Candidate. 
  • Deck 3.) Quirinus(Support, Rare) + Lisa(Common, Slow Down Enemies) + Ymir(ATK) + Aurora Heart + Danu – Dalia as an Archfiend Candidate. 
  • Deck 4.) Ymir + Aurora Heart + Chang’e + Quirinus + Mayachuel + Dalia. 
  • Deck 5.) Chang’e + Aurora Heart + Ymir + Jeanne d’ Arc + Lisa
  • Deck 6.) Quirinus + Ymir + Lisa + Danu + Aurora Heart

So far these are some recommended best decks for Destiny Child Defense War(trophies below 2000). If you have other deck ideas, please share them in the comment box below. 

Destiny Child Defense War Tier List Guide⇓

Since the game has just been released, we do not have a “full” Destiny Child Defense War tier list – but this might help if you are confused about which units are the best: –

Top Tier Common Childs In Destiny Child Defense War: –

  • Lisa – her main specialty is slowing down the minions. 
  • Jeanne d’ Arc – splash damage
  • Unknown – she is known for her poisonous attacks that cause damage over time 

Top Tier Rare Childs In Destiny Child Defense War: –

  • Quirinius – She will boost the attack speed of nearby Childs
  • Aurora Heart – He can fuse with any Child as long as the two have an equal number of stars. Fusion will give you an attack power buff
  • Purple Heart – He can also fuse with anyone. 
  • Ymir – He inflicts an enormous amount of damage against slowed enemies. Pair him up with a unit that slows down the minions

Top Tier Epic Childs In Destiny Child Defense War: –

  • Danu – ATK
  • Chang’e – Special, Fusing summons a random Child with one star(tiny chances to summon x2 Childs)
  • Mayahuel – Slow down minions

Top Tier Legendary Childs In Destiny Child Defense War: –

  • Moa – transforms into a random child with an additional star after a set period of time. 
  • Shamash – He is known for his “duplicate” skill that helps him copy any Child with a matching number of stars
  • Aurora King – a popular Child in Destiny Child Defense war – generates “stars” upon fusions 
  • Berit – Fusing additionally summons a random Child with the same number of stars
  • Aten – ATK DMG is impressive
  • Jacheongbi – ATK
  • Gegute – ATK

Please do note that this is not an official tier list – it’s based on our opinion. You are free to use other units as well. Share your favorite/best units in the comment box below. 

The Battle Dilemmas – Destiny Child Defense War Guide

(1) Power-up or merge? As we mentioned in the guide above, the two ways to make your units stronger during the battle are powering them up with mana or making fusion. Let’s break it down: – 

(2) Powering up and raising the star level9merge/fusion) makes the child stronger in an equal way. For example – if you power-up Jacheongbi by x1 – her stats will rise to 200 DMG and 250 DPS. And, if you get her to x2 stars – her stats will rise at the same level – to 200 DMG and 250 DPS. NOTE: Some Childs gain more stats through “fusion”. 

(3) Cons: the cost of powering up a unit increases every time you power it up. Cons: fusion may give you a different unit. 

What we recommend is not to merge/fuse units in the first round. Right after the battle stars, In the first round, use all the mana and fill more than half slots. Start saving mana at the end of the first round and power-up the ATK Child unit that’s in more numbers on the battlefield. After the first round ends, your goal should be filling all the slots on the battlefield and start fusing the units; get some of the units to star level 2 or 3. Once you have x2 or x3 ATK Childs at star level 2/3 – you can power them up with mana. 

Destiny Child Defense War Tips For Beginners⇓

Destiny Child Defense War Tier List Guide Best Deck Tips Codes

(1) You can check the next level or next star level stats of a unit by going to its profile menu. 

Destiny Child Defense War Tier List Guide Best Deck Tips Codes

(2) Players can play the “practice” mode by tapping the “dart” icon in the top-left corner of the deck menu. 

(3) Use the Archfiend Candidate skill at the right time. 

(4) Make sure that your deck has enough ATK type Childs. Do not go with more than x2 support/buffers/debuffers. Include at least x1 supporter/buffer/debuffer. Buffer or supporter Childs like Quirinus that boost ATK Speed. Debuffers like Mayahuel or Lisa slow down the minions. 

(5) Join a clan and you can get access to great functions; the friendly matches and card request(allows you to request cards from other members). 

(6) Check out the shop daily – the daily specials tab features unit cards that you can buy with coins. Leveling up the units give EXP that increases the account level. 

(7) The quality of Devil bags in the shops increases as your arena rank goes up. 

(8) When you level up in the Destiny Child Defense War, you get x1 mastery point. Navigate to the “Child” tab of the game and there you will find a mastery button on the top-right side -> tap it -> spend the master points to build up the passive bonuses effect. 

(9) Try the co-op mode – two players team up together and clear the waves. The more waves you clear, the more rewards you get. 

(10) Complete quests to earn gems, gold coins, and bags. 

Destiny Child Defense War Coupon Codes⇓

To entter the “Destiny Child Defense War Coupon Code”, tap the blue color menu button on the top-right side -> settings -> “redeem coupon code” -> enter the code and get rewards. As of now, no coupon code is available. If you know any coupon code that’s available for this game comment below. 

So that’s all we got in this post on “Destiny Child Defense War Tier List”, “Best Battle Decks”, “Guide”, “Tips” for the beginners. Share your tips in the comment box below. 

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