Guardian Chronicle Tier List: Best Deck, Guide & Tips

Guardian Chronicle, full name as Guardian Chronicle Random Defense, is a TD game. Read on for Guardian Chronicle tier list, best deck, guide, and tips

Guardian Chronicle Tier List Guide Tips Random Defense

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Guardian Chronicle Tier List, Guide, Best Deck & Tips⇓

This article covers “how to play Guardian Chronicle”, about guardians/characters, the tier list, tips to build the best deck, and other aspects such as tips to position the characters, currencies, and more. So, let’s not waste any time and get straight to the main content: – 

Get Started With The Guardian Chronicle Basic Guide

Guardian Chronicle Random Defense is a TD game with online multiplayer modes where players are challenged to build the best deck and compete against each other for the top-rankings. Just like other TD games, you can build a customized deck featuring your favorite units and use them tactically during the battle. Positioning the guardians and managing the limited resources is the key to winning matches. 

Guardian Chronicle Guide To Battles And Battle Modes

As of now, the Guardian Chronicle Random Defense game features two main game modes: competitive mode and co-op mode. In this part, you will get familiar with the battle rules!

Competitive Mode: –

(0) In this battle mode, you will compete against another player. At the bottom of the battle screen, you will see the order of the guardians in the queue – the order is random. Right after the start of the battle, the monsters will start attacking the camps of both players(you and the enemy). If they manage to enter your camp, you will lose the HP – and, when you lose all HP, you get defeated. To prevent them from invading your base/camp, you can deploy the guardians on the slots. In the top-left corner, you can check the HP of your camp and in the top-right corner, you can check the HP of your opponent’s camp. 

(1) To deploy the guardian, you need “Lanic”. Lanic or Mana is displayed in the lower-left corner. It builds up as the battle proceeds. At the start of the turn, you get free Lanic or Mana that you can use to deploy the guardians. Just tap on a block/slot where you want to position a guardian – the guardian will then fight from that slot. 

Guardian Chronicle Tier List Guide Tips Random Defense

(2) You can combine the same star level guardians to get a higher level guardian. All you need to do is drag & drop. Tap + hold on a guardian and drag it over another guardian that’s on the same star level. A higher star level guardian will perform better. 

(3) Combining the guardians not only gives a higher level guardian but also it will turn up as the first guardian character among the queue. 

(4) In the boss round, monsters disappear and the boss comes into the play. Defeat the boss before it manages to strike your camp.

Guardian Chronicle Tier List Guide Tips Random Defense 

Co-op Mode: – 

(0) You play this mode with another player and can earn more rewards by surviving for long. 

(1) You can invite your friends to play this mode with you. 

Tips For Battles In Guardian Chronicle Random Defense

(1) The first tip for beginners here is to get familiar with the guardian types; there are four types of guardians in Guardian Chronicle Random Defense: – 

  • Defense Type
  • Support Type
  • Attack Type
  • And, Growth Type

Defense Type: defense type guardians strike the enemies to defend your base camp. 

Support Type: support type guardians do not excel in dealing with the enemies, instead they assist the guardians with their skills. 

Attack Type: attack type guardians have more damage power than other guardian types. To clear the monsters quickly, you must build up the firepower on the combat field – attack type guardians are the ones that you would need. Although, there are not too many attack type guardians in the game.

Growth Type: growth type guardians do not excel in inflicting damage + they do not assist other guardians – their only specialty is to accumulate the lanic and raise the star level. 

Guardian Chronicle Tier List Guide Tips Random Defense

(2) The second tip here is to build a balanced deck: you can add up to x5 guardians +X1 master in a particular deck set. Read the deck building guide below for more info. 

(3) The third tip here is to get familiar with the guardians’ skills; they all have unqiue abilities such as freezing the enemies, poisoning them, inflicting area damage, etc. Once you get familiar with their skills, you will be able to position them wisely + build a good deck

(4) Position the guardians wisely; place the guardian units that slow down the monsters on the slots that are near the enemy’s spawn location. Then back them up with attack/defense guardians so that they can inflict damage(by slowing them down or freezing them down, they can inflict more DMG). Units like Icing, Aqualop can slow down the enemies. Pyson can stun the monsters. 

Guide To Build The Best Deck In Guardian Chronicle Random Defense

We recommend these best deck formations: –

  • x3 Defense type guardians + x1 Support type guardians + x1 Growth type guardian
  • x3 Defense type guardians + x1 Attack type guardian + x1 Growth type guardian
  • And, x3 Defense type guardians + x1 Attack type guardian + x1 Support type guardian

Example Decks: –

  • Logers(DEF, DoT) + Clydden(Growth, +Lanic) + Sulgos(Defense, area DMG) + Aqualop(Support, slows down the monsters’ opponent) + Trepier(Defense, installs mine at random locations at regular intervals that do area damage)
  • Icing(Support, freezes/slows down the enemy) + Sonya(Growth, obtains lanic after attacking) + Lansen(Defense, + attack speed) + Trepier(Defense, install mines to inflict DMG) + Pyson(Defense, stun the monsters)

*Examples only. You are free to try out other units. You can check other players’ deck in the ranking leaderboards. Go to Co-Op mode -> tap the ranking badge in the top-right. 

Most guardians in the game are of defense types. 

Guardian Chronicle Random Defense Tier List⇓

Since the game is new, we don’t have a ranking tier list. In the Guardian Chronicle Random Defense, guardians are classified into multiple tiers: normal tier(colorless), rare tier(blue), hero tier(purple), and legend tier(yellow/gold): –

  • Jeffrey – Growth – Normal Tier
  • Elan – Defense – Normal Tier
  • Carrot – Defense – Normal Tier
  • Laychi – Defense – Normal Tier
  • Victer – Defense – Normal Tier
  • Icing – Support – Normal Tier
  • Shakan – Defense – Rare Tier
  • Logers – Defense – Rare Tier
  • Clydden – Growth – Rare Tier
  • Legor – Attack – Rare Tier
  • Fidett – Defense – Rare Tier
  • Harse – Defense – Rare Tier
  • Fatboy – Defense – Rare Tier
  • Tenok – Defense – Rare Tier
  • Sulgos – Defense – Rare Tier
  • Aqualop – Support – Rare Tier
  • Melind – Attack – Hero Tier
  • Sonya – Growth – Hero Tier
  • Trepier – Defense – Hero Tier
  • Linn – Defense – Hero Tier
  • Pyson – Defense – Hero Tier
  • Lansen – Defense – Hero Tier
  • Violet – Support – Hero Tier
  • Mabo – Defense – Hero Tier
  • Ada – Defense – Hero Tier
  • Roo – Defense – Hero Tier
  • Galder – Growth – Hero Tier
  • Forrack – Growth – Legend Tier
  • Fallen Melind – Support – Legend Tier
  • Denyua – Defense – Legend Tier
  • Saigar – Defense – Legend Tier
  • Foce – Growth – Legend Tier
  • Epor – Defense – Legend Tier
  • Bartz – Defense – Legend Tier
  • Fallen Lansen – Defense – Legend Tier
  • Loshu – Defense – Legend Tier
  • Cernatild – Defense – Legend Tier

Guide To Getting Guardians

On the left side of the game screen, tap on “scout” -> spend rubies -> based on the drop rate, you can get guardians; hero tier, legend tier, rare tier, and normal tier. 

Check Out The Daily Deals 

Navigate to the shop menu of the game -> deals of the day is the section there where you can buy the guardian cards with the star coins. You will need duplicate guardian cards to upgrade the guardians. Go to deck option -> tap on the guardian -> info -> upgrade. You will be able to upgrade the guardian when you have enough of their duplicate guardian cards. 

So this would be all in this post on Guardian Chronicle tier list, guide, and tips for beginners. Share your tips, tactics, best deck formations below. 

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