Disney Mirrorverse Frank Wolff Guide: Is He Good?

Read on for the Disney Mirrorverse Frank Wolff guide covering his stats, abilities, and talents and find out whether he is good. 

Disney Mirrorverse Frank Wolff

Disney Mirrorverse Frank Wolff Guide

Frank Wolff is one of the characters featured in the Disney Mirrorverse game. Please refer to our Disney Mirrorverse tier list guide for his tier rankings. 


  • Tall 
  • Stealthy
  • Seafaring

How To Get Frank Wolff In Disney Mirrorverse?

In Disney Mirrorverse, you can obtain Frank Wolff by opening the crystals; Stellar Crystal, Famed Crystal, and Timekeeper Crystal. 

Is Frank Wolff Good?

Frank Wolff is a good support role character. He can heal allies, provide them resistance, and can inflict a decent amount of DMG on the enemies. Please refer to our Disney Mirrorverse tier list guide for his tier rankings. 

Disney Mirrorverse Frank Wolff Profile:

  • Role: Support
  • Base DMG: 413
  • DMG Resistance: 12.67%
  • Max Armor: 3, 611
  • Critical Chance: 11.26%
  • Bonus Critical DMG: 368
  • Max Health: 8, 382

Disney Mirrorverse Frank Wolff Abilities:

  • Resilence – Core Ability
  • Dense Foliage – Special Ability
  • Caught in the Weeds – Signature Ability, unlocks at a 4-star rating

Resilence – Core Ability

Frank’s thick bark hide provides 60% resistance to wound, shock, and poison effects. 

At the beginning of combat and when struck by a critical hit, Frank gains a 10% defense buff. Max stacks; 10.

If Frank is inflicted with burn all defense buffs from his core ability are purged. 

Dense Foliage – Special Ability

Frank grows a patch of dense foliage beneath him that lasts for X16 seconds. 

All guardians heal 3.75% every second for x4 seconds upon entering the dense foliage for the first time after each special activation.

Allies within the dense foliage resist 30% damage from ranged and support enemies, and become immune to root. 

Caught in the Weeds – Signature Ability, unlocks at a 4-star rating

The first time an enemy enters dense foliage per activation, they are dealt 400% damage and become rooted for x4 seconds. 

Disney Mirrorverse Frank Wolff Talents:

  • Deep Forest Guide
  • Vine Carapace
  • Might of Timbers
  • Oakenhide
  • Druidic Determination
  • Verdant Shroud

Deep Forest Guide

Unlocks at level 12. Grants +20% Health at the start of an encounter. 

Vine Carapace

Unlocks at level 15. Grants +20% DEFENSE at the start of an encounter. 

Might of Timbers

Unlocks at level 20. If Frank Wolf is standing in Dense Foliage, his heavy attack gains 40% ATK and a 30% chance to inflict Rot for X5 seconds. 


Unlocks at level 20. Allies within Dense Foliage gain 50% defense. Enemies within Dense Foliage are inflicted with -50% Critical Damage. 

Druidic Determination

Frank heals 5% when struck by a CRITICAL HIT while standing in Dense Foliage. Unlocks at level 25.

Verdant Shroud

Ranged and Support enemies have a 30% chance to miss allies standing inside Dense Foliage. Unlocks at level 30. 

Frank Wolff Bio:

If you need a guide through the jungle, you will find none better than Frank Wolff! A cartographer with a natural connection to the land. Frank can control plans to protect would-be adventurers in the jungle. It’s through this service that he hopes to branch out, gaining inner strength through personal growth. 

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So that’s all we got in this post on the Disney Mirrorverse Frank Wolff guide.

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