Dragon Sky – How To Get Shiny And Black Shards? What Are They?

DragonSky : Idle & Merge Shiny Dragon Black Shards
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What are black shards and shiny shards in Dragon Sky game? Learn how to get shiny tier 10 dragon, shiny shards, black shards in Dragon Sky

We recently posted a detailed guide on this game, which covers all the basics of the game that you need to know as a beginner. You can read that guide here. In this post, you will learn about the Dragon Sky shiny dragons, shiny shards, black shards and all the ways to obtain them. These are some special dragons that you fuse for these shards(in-game currency that you can use to get a legendary dragon in Dragon Sky).

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Dragon Sky – How To Get Shiny Tier 10 Dragon

You need a shiny tier (10) dragon to get shiny shards. Also, there is a chance of getting rare and advanced dragons when you fuse these shiny tier (10) dragons. So there are two reasons to chase for these shiny dragons. Now, how do you get a shiny tier (10) dragon? There are four ways to get a shiny tier 10 dragon: –

  • Fuse tier (9) dragons – there are 0.5% chances of getting a shiny dragon. Yeah!! the drop rate is quite low
  • Login daily – On the 7th-day login, you get a shiny tier 10 dragon for free as an attendance reward
  • From the shop
  • Hatch eggs(25,000)

What Are Shards?

DragonSky : Idle & Merge Shiny Dragon Black ShardsThere are two types of shards in Dragon Sky black shards and the shiny shards. You can use these shards in the shop to get legendary and most powerful dragons. Tap the shop button at the bottom-left corner -> go to the general tab -> scroll down -> under the legendary/epic dragon deals section, you can spend black shards as well as shiny shards.

How To Get Black Shards?

You can get (2) black shards by fusing tier 10 dragons. Merge two dragons – tier 10 dragon + tier 10 dragon = elite dragon + 2 black shards. Along with the elite dragon, you get (2) black shards.

How To Get Shiny Shards?

You can get (1) shiny shard by fusing tier 10 dragon and one shiny tier 10 dragon. Merge two dragons – tier 10 dragon + shiny tier 2 dragon = elite or advance dragon + 1* shiny shard.

The game gives you 2* shiny shards if you fuse (2) shiny tier 10 dragons. Merge – Shiny tier 10 dragon + Shiny tier 10 dragon = 2* shiny shards + elite dragon/rare.

Keep merging the dragons to tier 10 and then merge these (2) tier 10 dragon for an elite/rare/advanced dragon + shards.

So that would be all in this Dragon Sky – How to get shiny dragons, shiny shards, and black shards article. Of course, the game is not completely idle – you have to keep merging the dragons to get upper tier 10 dragon. And, there is no end of it. It keeps you busy all the time and that makes it one of the top time killer games. If you have any question or know any cheat, info, feel free to share in the comment section below. And, if you have just started playing, make sure to read our old post –

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