Dragon Sky Guide, Tips, Cheats & Strategies!

Dragon Sky : Idle & Merge is a brand new Idle RPG for mobile by Com2uS. Check out our Dragon Sky guide, tips, cheats & strategies

In today’s Dragon Sky guide and Dragon Sky tips, cheats & strategies post, you will learn all the basics as well as all the tactics of the game. The game combines the merging and Idle game mechanics – you can merge two same tier dragons to get an upper-tier dragon and when you combine two max tier dragons, the game gives you a legendary or rare dragon(Elite dragon). The player can level up the normal dragons, develop the elite dragons to beat the powerful foes in neverending stages. Let’s not waste any time and navigate to the main content!

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Dragon Sky Guide

Dragon SkyYour objective is to get stronger, increase the player level and unlock all the content in the game. Features such as ranking PvP, secret market, journey, etc. unlock after player level 80. And, to increase the player level, you need to pass or clear a certain number of stages. To know about the player level and its stages relation, tap the level progress button at the upper-left corner of the screen. On that screen, you can check the stage requirement to reach the next level. For example – to reach level 22, you need to clear stage 220.

As you progress through the stages, the enemies will get stronger and you too need to increase the power of dragons. Let’s learn about the dragons in our DragonSky : Idle & Merge Dragons guide.

Dragon Sky : Idle & Merge Dragons Guide

There are two types of dragons in Dragon Sky game; normal, elite. You get the normal tier dragons by hatching the egg. At the bottom-right corner of the screen, you tap the egg once it’s ready to hatch to get a tier 1 dragon. And, as you merge the dragons, you can get high-tier dragons. For example – if you merge 2 tier (5) dragons, you will get a tier 6 dragon. All these are normal dragons. Tap the menu button at the bottom-left -> dragons -> there you can switch between the normal dragons and elite dragons menu. Now, how do you get the elite dragons? Let’s learn in detail!

How to get Elite Dragons In Dragon Sky : Idle & Merge Game?

Getting an elite dragon is not quite easy as you have to merge lots of dragons and reach the high tier. And, then you have to do is to fuse or merge 2 tier (10) dragon to get an elite dragon. Now, you may be wondering what are black shards and shiny shards? We have posted a separate guide on this in-game currency. Here’s the link to that post: –

The Limit Of Dragons On Screen, How To Increase, How To Check Total Power, Etc.

Dragon SkyYou can keep a certain number of normal dragons and elite dragons in the battlefield – on your screen. If you hit this limit and try to hatch the egg, the game will show you the error message – you have too many normal dragons.

-> At the bottom-center of the screen, you can check the total power, the number of dragons that you can keep on the battlefield(yellow dots), the number of elite dragons that you can keep on the battlefield(red dots).

-> Go to the menu -> dragon -> tap the change team button -> now, select the elite dragons that you want to use in the battle. Since you have limited slots for the elite dragons, make sure to choose the best ones.

-> To increase the limit of elite dragons, normal dragons, go to the menu -> lab -> here you can spend Obsidian on various upgrades. The first two upgrades are –

  • Increase the number of dragons on-screen(Normal)
  • Increase the number of dragons on-screen(Elite)

Spend Obsidian and level up these upgrades to increase the limit.

What Is Obsidian and how do you get it?

Obsidian is used in the lab to research and upgrade various buffs or boosters or bonuses. You can also use the red gems in the lab for these upgrades. If you have Obsidian, you can use it in Obsidian research tab.

How to get? Every 3rd, 6th, and the 9th stage, you get Obsidian. For example – If you rush from 234th stage to 245th stage using the rush skill, you will get (9) Obsidian. At the top-left corner of the screen, you can check the stage progress. Or as a level-up reward.

What to do if you fail at a stage?

If you are stuck on a stage, you need to increase the power of dragons; elite dragons, normal dragons. Check out the tips part below for more details. Let’s learn all the ways to power-up dragons in Dragon Sky : Idle & Merge game.

How to power-up: –

  • Level Up
  • Evolve
  • Upgrade using the stones
  • Bind dragons
  • Upgrade Goddess
  • Awaken
  • Essence

Level Up – you can level up the normal dragons as well as elite dragons using the gold. Go to the menu -> dragons – normal/elite -> use the gold and level up the normal dragons/elite dragons. You can also change the elite dragons team in the elite tab.

Evolve – elite dragons can be evolved. You need soul stones, evolution material, and the gold coins. Evolution material includes the identical unit. For example – Evolving increases the star-level of the elite dragon – 4* to 5*. To evolve a 4* dragon, you will need duplicate copies of the same dragon.

Upgrade using the enhance stones – you get these stones by using the return feature. The function pushes you back to the stage (1), but you get these rewards. These enhance stones; water stones, wood stones, neutral stones, fire stones can be used to power-up the corresponding element dragon. For example – Fire stones are used in enhancing fire attribute dragon. Read the tips & tricks part below for more details.

Bind dragons – You can bind 5* or higher dragons. Bound dragons covert the ability to another type and improve the ability of target(master dragon). You can use the evolve function to get 5* dragons.

Upgrade Goddess – Play the legendary boss mode and get life stones. Use the life stones in upgrading Goddess. Use the ancient gems to unlock Goddess skins. You can get the Ancient coins from the honor shop, secret shop or as login reward.

Essence – Play the daily boss mode and get the essence. Go to menu ->essence -> upgrade to get bonus stats.

Awaken – Once your dragon reaches the 7*, you can awaken him using the 6* dragon of the same attribute; wood, fire, water, neutral.

Search Dragons And Taming Guide

Dragon SkyYou need a dragon search ticket to search the dragons. Go to the menu and choose to search. On the next screen, you will see two dragons that you can tame. This is the easiest way to get high tier dragons – without merging. But there is a catch – taming may get failed. Tap the search again button to use the dragon search ticket and summon ticket. Use the red gems to capture the dragons instantly – if you use the free method, taming may get failed.

You get a free dragon search ticket every few hours.

How to get soul stones?

You can get soul stones by converting the dragons. Go to elite dragon tab in the dragon menu -> at the bottom-center, tap the + button next to soul stone currency to open the dragon conversion menu. On the dragon conversion screen, select the dragon that you want to sacrifice for the soul stones and enhance stones.

The Return Function

Using the return function, you can get enhance stones, gold coins. Use the stones to increase their power, gold to level up.

List Of Dragons

To check the complete list of dragons featured in Dragon Sky : Idle & Merge, follow these steps: –

  • Tap the menu button
  • Choose Dragon
  • Go to the elite tab
  • Tap the dragon collection button at the top-left

So that would be all in this Dragon Sky guide for the beginners. Let’s have a look at our Dragon Sky tips, cheats & strategies!

Dragon Sky Tips & Tricks: –

1.) Control & Dodge

You can control a dragon manually – all you have to do is hold your finger on that dragon and move/slide/swipe on the screen. You can dodge the enemy dragon attacks by controlling a dragon manually – at least one!

2.) Get The Elemental Advantage

Elite Dragons belong to one of these attributes – neutral, fire, water, and wood. In the dragon menu ->elite tab – tap the drop-down button to filter by the attribute. Certain attributes are weak and strong against certain attributes. The strong ones get additional damage – 10% or 20%. Here’s the chart: –

  • Neutral vs Neutral = + 10% DMG
  • Fire Vs Wood = +20% DMG for Fire, – 20% for Wood
  • Fire Vs Water = +20% DMG for Water, – 20% DMG for Fire
  • Water Vs Wood = +20% DMG for Wood, – 20% DMG for Water

3.) Raise The Power Of Dragons

  • Keep merging the dragons
  • Level up the dragons; normal, elite
  • Evolve the elite dragons
  • Enhance the elite dragons using the stones
  • Awaken the dragons

4.) Research In The Lab

In the lab, you can research lots of buffs, boosters, and bonuses such as expanding the dragon army on the battlefield by increasing limit, speeding up the hatching process, etc. Read all the researches and spend gems or Obsidian wisely.

5.) Upgrade The Goddess

Upgrade the Goddess using life stones, which you can obtain from the legendary boss – to get bonus effects.

6.) Level Up Essence

Play the daily boss mode and grab fire essence, water essence, wood essence, and the neutral essence. Go to menu -> essence -> level up -> get bonus effects.

7.) Get The Free Boosters

On the right-center side of the screen, you will often see an egg button -> tap it and watch the video ad to increase the hatching speed.

8.) Complete The Daily Quests

Open the menu and tap the ribbon button to check the daily missions. Complete these missions for a bunch of rewards.

9.) Complete Achievements For Gems

Open menu -> tap the trophy button -> complete these achievements missions for red gems. You can use the gems in the lab or shop.

10.) Return And Get Stronger

If you are stuck and you have no resources; gold or enhance stones to develop the dragons, use the return function and claim the reward basket. Use the gold, stones and develop the dragons to clear high-difficulty stages in Dragon Sky game.

If you have more Dragon Sky cheats, tips or tricks, feel free to comment below.

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