Guardian Tales Future Princess: Skills, Exclusive Weapon

Guardian Tales Future Princess overview: find out Future Princess skills, exclusive weapon, evaluation, and much more

Guardian Tales Future Princess

Guardian Tales Future Princess⇓

Guardian Tales Future Princess

Future Princess is the latest hero character in Guardian Tales English Global version that made her debut on November 17, 2020. She is a 3-star grade tank class light element character with abilities that protect the party members and empower durability. She also has an exclusive weapon called  Liberator empowers damage and also provide healing effects. 

Guardian Future Princess Abilities

(1) Normal Skill: you can equip a staff weapon and shield to Future Princess. If you unequip or don’t use the shield, Future Princess will switch to a ranged stance. She has two normal skills: Dimension Control and Dimension Shield. Dimension Control – with this normal skill, you can inflict ranged attack damage as well as melee damage(depends if you have an equipped shield or not). Ranged attack targets enemies automatically. 

The second normal skill that Future Princess has is Diemonsion Shield. It makes you taunt the enemies and empower the party member’s defense by 30% for x5 seconds. 

(2) Chain Skill: chain skill triggers when you put the enemies into an Injured state using the weapon skill. It builds a barrier for all friendly units and negates the damage of x3 hits from non-friendly units for x20 seconds + restores the HP by 10%. 

(3) Special Ability: On hit, raises the movement speed, weapon skill regeneration speed, normal skill’s attack s[eed by 20% for x2 seconds. 

Guardian Tales Future Princess Evaluation

She is pretty good in all sorts of game modes; PvE, PvP, PvP Colosseum. She has got healing skills, barrier/shield skills, ranged/melee stance effects, and performs well. For more info, please check out the tier list

Guardian Tales Future Princess Stats

  • Party Buff: +40% HP
  • Attack: 704
  • Health: 27, 276
  • Defense: 159
  • Damage Reduction: 16
  • Card Slot: 2
  • Basic Resistance: -30%
  • Dark Resistance: 30%

How To Get Future Princess?

You can get Future Princess from the hero gacha as well as mileage shop; x300 mileage tickets. 

How To Get Liberator?

Guardian Tales Future Princess

Liberator is an exclusive weapon for Future Princess; can be obtained from equipment gacha as well as mileage shop; x300 mileage tickets. 

So this would be all in this post on Guardian Tales Future Princess Overview. 

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