Devil Book Tier List & Reroll Guide

Devil Book is a popular MMORPG now available globally in the English version. Read on for Devil Book tier list, reroll guide, selective summon, game guide & tips.Devil Book Coupon Codes

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Devil Book Tier List 2022: Reroll Guide, Selective Summon & Game Guide/Tips⇓

This post is on the Devil Book game, a very well-made hand-drawn MMORPG, which is now available in English on Android & iOS platforms globally. In this Devil Book guide, we have provided a Devil Book tier list, reroll guide, selective summon, and some other game tips to help you in the journey: –

Devil Book Tier List Guide 2022: Tier 1 Heroes⇓

This Devil Book tier list is based on the JP version of the game; tier 1 > tier 2 > tier 3> tier 4(best fighters, knights, hunters, and magician – scroll down for image tier list and character skill details): –

  • Evelyn: Tier 1 – Fighter
  • Duke: Tier 1 – Fighter
  • Yuri: Tier 1 – Knight
  • Sophia: Tier 1 – Hunter
  • Didi: Tier 1 – Magician

Devil Book Tier List: Tier 2 Heroes⇓

  • Jena: Tier 2 – Fighter
  • Jino: Tier 2 – Fighter
  • Terry: Tier 2 – Knight
  • Aron: Tier 2 – Knight
  • Eterna: Tier 2 – Knight
  • Niaho: Tier 2 – Magician
  • Kai: Tier 2 – Magician
  • Marina: Tier 2 – Magician
  • Rozen: Tier 2 – Magician
  • Vanilla: Tier 2 – Magician
  • Pati: Tier 2 – Hunter

Devil Book Tier List: Tier 3 & 4 Heroes⇓

  • Harc: Tier 3 – Knight
  • Viki: Tier 3 – Magician
  • Pots: Tier 3 – Fighter
  • Modern: Tier 4 – Fighter
  • Baruha: Tier 3 – Magician
  • Curiosity: Tier 3 – Fighter
  • Semi: Tier 3 – Hunter
  • Octavia: Tier 4 – Fighter
  • ScreenX: N/A Tier – Fighter
  • Darqueen: Tier N/A – Hunter

Devil Book Tier List Image⇓

Devil Book Tier List

Source: Reddit, Subreddit: Devil Book. 

Devil Book Tier List: Characters Details⇓


  • Class: Fighter:
  • Tier: Tier 1

Skills of Evelyn: –

  • SET FLAME: Runs to the designated place and slams the ground to inflict X4030% (AGI), X6045% (WIS), X7861 DMG.
  • FLAME PROTECTION: Summons a large flame on both sides of Evelyn. When cast, Evelyn’s MOV Speed is increased by X20% for X8 seconds and inflicts (BURN) for X6 seconds to all foes that touch the flame. Enemies with (BURN) will have DEF reduced by X21% + X31
  • DARK BLADE’S VICTORY: Rushes to the enemy and creates a large pillar of fire. Inflicts X6538% (AGI) + X9806% (WIS) + XD12090 damage and reduces enemy’s attack for 4 seconds by 27% + 424
  • STRIKER SKILL: Dark Blade Evelyn emerges and blows the sword of fire in a circle. Inflicts 848% (AGI) + 1273% (WIS) + 1287 damage.


  • Class: Fighter
  • Tier: Tier

Skills of Duke: –

  • FLOWING SHADOW: Commands X3 Shadow Templars to ATK. The Shadow Knights fly to specified direction, inflicts X1455% (AGI) + 2182 (VIT) + X2207 DMG to all foes in range.
  • DEATH BENEATH THE FEET: Shadow Knights hide in the ground and attacks the enemy. Inflicts X4459% (AGI), X6689% (VIT), X7469 damage. Additionally, reduces the enemy’s attack speed for X4 seconds by X20% when successfully using the skill.
  • SHADOW SHOCK: Duke becomes a shadow and seeps into the ground, then uses his power to make an explosion. Inflicts X16694% (AGI), X25041% (VIT), X30872 damage to all enemies within range. Additionally reduces the enemy’s accuracy for 6 seconds by 25% when successfully using the skill.
  • STRIKER SKILL: Duke’s Shadows rise from the ground, inflicts X964% (AGI), X1445% (VIT), X1462 DMG to all foes in range.


Devil Book Yuri

  • Class: Knight
  • Tier: Tier 1

Skills of Yuri: –

  • ROTATING SHEATH: Dashes and cuts the foe with a huge spear weapon, inflicts X1286% (STR), X5145% (VIT), X3903 DMG
  • CONTINUOUS STABBING: Stabs continously and inflicts X5082% (STR), X20327% (VIT), X17023 DMG
  • PROPHECY SPEAR (SUMMON): Throws a spear of prophecy, inflicts X4161% (STR) + X16644% (VIT) + X15389 DMG and inflicts (STUN) for X2 seconds
  • STRIKER SKILL: PROPHECY SPEAR (SWITCH) : Rushes through the enemy, inflicts X430% (STR) + X1721%  (VIT) + X1306 DMG


Devil Book Tier List

  • Class: Hunter
  • Tier: Tier 1

Skills of Sophia: –

  • SPECIAL HOT SAUCE: Sprinkles Sofia’s special hot sauce and causes DMG
  • BURNING MEAT: Throws a chunk of hot grilled meat. Inflicts DMG and increases ATK of nearby friendly units
  • BEST TURKEY DISH: Throws the best roast turkey at the specified location, causes DMG. Additionally, for X12 seconds, increase ATK SPD of nearby friendly units
  • STRIKER SKILL: Fly the flawing skewers. Inflicts (DOWN) effect on foes in range, and causes DMG


Devil Book Tier List

  • Class: Magician
  • Tier: Tier 1

Skills of Didi: –

  • TWICE SWEEPER: Two whispers fly forward and round. When hitting the enemy, another small whisper is generated. Inflicts DMG and reduces Movement Speed for X2 seconds by 30%
  • BIG GRUMPY: Grumpy escapes from Didi’s nightmare and sucks all surroundings. When the body explodes, it stuns foes in range for X2 seconds and inflicts DMG 
  • OUT OF THE NIGHTMARE: In Didi’s nightmare, the ghosts break the border and rush forward. The ghosts push back the enemy, damage, and for 6 seconds reduces armor by 19% + 128
  • STRIKER SKILL: Explodes the purple smoke that appears together with Didi, inflicts damage.


  • Class: Fighter
  • Tier: Tier 2

Skills of Jino: 

  • RISING THUNDER: Rushes and strikers enemy up, cause damage
  • POWER WAVE: Launches shock wave, cause damage.
  • LIGHTNING ROD: Discharge the condensed power of lightning to nearby foes. Cause DMG and cause (STUN) for x2 seconds.
  • STRIKER SKILL: When tagging with Jino, hit the ground using a shockwave that causes damage.


  • Class: Fighter
  • Tier: Tier 2

Skills of Jena: –

  • GROUND SPLIT: Swipes your pencil sharply at your foes. Inflicts (DOWN) effect to all foes in range and cause damage
  • PENCIL RUSH: Runs fast in a straight line and causes damage. Additionally stuns foes for 2 seconds
  • DRAWING SHOCK: Jumps out and causes damage to all foes in range. Attacks 5 times in total, and inflicts (DOWN) effect to foes in the last attack.
  • STRIKER SKILL: Appears in the air and slams the ground. Cause damage to all foes in range


  • Class: Knight
  • Tier: Tier 2

Skills of Terry: –

  • LEGION WAVE: Summon 6 Knights, cause damage. Additionally, increases Terry’s DEF for X4 seconds by 10% + 62 when this skill is unleashed.
  • SHAWN: Generates shock waves by smashing the ground and causes DMG to the foes in range. Additionally, increases Terry’s defense for 6 seconds by 23% + 34 when this skill is cast.
  • EARTHQUAKE: Leaps to enemy and causes damage. Additionally grants (INVINCIBLE) effect for self and all allies around for 3 seconds. The (INVINCIBLE) will block all of the enemy’s attack.
  • STRIKER SKILL: Terry causes an earthquake for 3 seconds and causes damage every second.


  • Class: Knight
  • Tier: Tier 2

Skills of Aron: –

  • SNATCH: Aron lowers the hook. When hit, it stuns for 1 second and is dragged by the hook. Causes damage.
  • GROUND SMASH: Aron hit the ground, causing a shockwave, and inflicts (DOWN) effect on all foes . Causes damage and reduces attack for 4 seconds by 22% + 424
  • ROTATING SHEATH: Aron spins with the hook in place. Snatch a target within range, causes damage. For 8 seconds, Aron’s defense is increased by 20% + 14
  • STRIKER SKILL: Aron appears from the air and strikes the ground, causing an earthquake. The ground rises in a forward fan shape causes damage.


  • Class: Knight
  • Tier: Tier 2

Skills of Eterna: –

  • INTERRUPT: Eterna rushes towards the enemy and makes a powerful attack. Knockback foes, cause damage.
  • ICE METEORITE: Creates a large chunk of ice and throws it at the enemy. Causes damage, and stuns them for 2 seconds
  • ICE SPLINTER: Creates ice thorns around Eterna. Causes damage to all foes in range and reduces Movement Speed for 6 seconds by 30%
  • STRIKER SKILL: Creates a giant ice hand and hit the ground. Push back foes and causes damage.


  • Class: Magician
  • Tier: Tier
Skills of Vanilla: –
  • SPIKY ICICLE: Drop 4 icicles at the location of the nearest enemy, causes damage, and reduces attack speed for 2 seconds by 20%
  • ICE GAME: Freezes the floor, causes damage and inflicts frost effect. Targets with the frost effect are incapacitated for 2 seconds
  • SNOW BREEZE: Confines the space in the form of a dome and creates a snow breeze. Causes damage to all foes in range and reduces movement speed for 6 seconds by 30%
  • STRIKER SKILL: Vanilla appears with 4 ice crystals. Causes damage.


    • Class: Magician
    • Tier: Tier 2

    Skills of Marina: –

    • FIRE PENTAGRAM: Launches a fire pentagram, Causes damage.
    • FIREWALL: Creates a wall of flames, Causes damage to the foes passing it, and reduces their Movement Speed for X4 seconds by 30%
    • INFERNO: Drops huge meteorites. Inflicts (DOWN) effect and causes damage to the foes in range
    • STRIKER SKILL: Casts Marina’s main skill, the Magical Explosion. Causes damage to the foes in range.


    • Class: Magician
    • Tier: Tier 2

    Skills of Kai: –

    • ICE SPEAR: Throws a spear of ice at the enemy, causes damage, and causes (FROZEN) for 1 second.
    • COLD EXPLOSION: Detonates cold air to push back nearby foes . Causes damage and for 4 seconds, increases evasion by 11% + 37
    • HAILSTORM: Blows countless ice crystals in front, causes damage, and becomes frost for 4 second
    • STRIKER SKILL: Kai turns into a large ice crystal and rushes in a straight line. Causes damage.


    • Class: Magician
    • Tier: Tier 2

    Skills of Rozen: –

    • CRYSTAL BOOM: Summons a shining crystal around Rozen. Cause DMG to all foes in the crystal zone and reduces Movement Speed for 2 seconds by 30%
    • ICE SPLINTER: Raises 4 pillars of ice in the specified direction. Cause damage.
    • THE PIERCING COLD: Creates a storm with the cold that cuts the flesh with the power of the Snowfield Spirit. Cause damage to all foes in range and reduces attack speed for 6 seconds by 20%
    • STRIKER SKILL: Raises strong winds and pulls foes out of the way. Causes damage.


    • Class: Magician
    • Tier: Tier 2

    Skills of Niaho: –

    • DUST DEVIL: Creates a sand breeze that follows the enemy with the power of the cat king. Cause damage.
    • SAND WINDMILL: Raises sand for 10 seconds around Niaho, cause damage to all foes around.
    • KING’S DIGNITY: Summons a giant sand spears in the shape of a rhombus around Niaho. foes that are near to Niaho receive more damage. Cause damage.
    • STRIKER SKILL: The giant cat’s hand strikes forward x4 times. Causes damage.

    Devil Book Reroll Guide & Selective Summon⇓

    Players don’t need to reroll in Devil Book as the game itself lets you reroll during the tutorial. Progress through chapter 1 and complete the initial quests until you unlock the “selective summon” function, which takes around x5 ~10 minutes to reach, depending on how fast you complete the tutorial quests. When you reach this stage, the game will take you to the “summon” menu of the game and show you a “selective summon” banner. Selective Summon gives you random X10 characters; out of which, one would definitely be an X1 SS Grade character. 

    If you don’t get a top-tier SS grade hero, you can reroll as much as you can, until you are satisfied with the X10 draw. Out of these X10 draws, you may also get X1 A grade and X1 S grade characters. Also, see – Devil Book Coupon Codes

    Devil Book Reroll Tier List: Best Selective Summon To Reroll For⇓

    Selective Summon banner features units of all grades; SS, S, A, B, and so on. You have to aim for these reroll targets; X1 SS, X1S, and X1 A. Which pair would be the best? Let’s check it out: –

    • Reroll Target X1: SS Evelyn +  S Duke + A Yuna(Since Yuna is not available in English, you can go for A grade Pots/ScreenX) – Fighter team
    • Reroll Target X2: SS Evelyn + S Jena/Jino + A Yuna(Since Yuna is not available in English, you can go for A grade Pots/ScreenX) – Fighter team

    Also, see – Devil Book Coupon Codes

    So this would be all in this post on Devil Book tier list, reroll guide, and selective summon reroll targets. 

    Devil Book Guide & Tips⇓

    Devil Book game features PvE and PvP game modes. PvE features a campaign quest mode where you progress through challenging main quests or sub quests. PvE also includes dungeon mode where you can farm items; gold dungeon, EXP Dungeon, daily dungeon, Tower of Conquest, and Boss Dungeon. PvP unlocks when you reach team level 15. In PvP, you play against other players. 

    Guide To Progression⇓

    If you are just starting the game, we would advise you to progress through the main quests that you see in the top-left. These main quests grant a ton of EXP to increase team level and earn abundant rewards. 

    Play the gold dungeon to farm gold, EXP Dungeon to farm EXP bottles that you will need to level up the heroes or characters or units. Daily dungeon features common currency. Play boss dungeon to farm growth stones, upgrade scrolls, soul stones, and many other great items to help you develop the heroes/characters/units. 

    Build Your Heroes⇓

    To defeat the powerful foes, you will need to keep increasing the team CP; level them up using EXP potions(farm in EXM dungeon), upgrade skills; characters possess active and passive skills. Equip them gears; enhance gears. And, promote your heroes to increase their grade; required soulstones, which you can obtain from summoning or boss battles. 

    And, don’t forget to spend bonus points. Go to the menu -> hero -> select a hero -> tap the ⇑ icon in the lower-right corner, there you can invest bonus points in STR, AGI, VIT, INT, DEX, and WIS. WIS improves CRIT Resistance and DEF Penetration. 

    DEX increases accuracy and defense. INT increases skill damage and MP regeneration. VIT increases HP and CRIT Damage. AGI increases CRIT and Evasion. STR increases ATK and HP Regeneration. 

    Get Familiar With Characters’ Skills⇓

    Each hero has unique skills. Make sure to get familiar with their skills. Active skills and passive skills. 

    Also, see – Devil Book Coupon Codes

    So that’s all we got in this post on Devil Book Tier List, Game Guide, Reroll & Selective Summon. 

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    1. This guide mentions no need to reroll, but rerolling is vital to succeeding. You should be rolling on your 10 given tickets right when inventory/mail opens up (after the second mob). If you don’t like what you get, delete the account and start again.

      Once, you get a roll you like, continue on. Then you should be using the selective summon to complete your team.