Epic War – Castle Alliance Guide, Tips, Cheats & Strategies

Epic War – Castle Alliance is a brand new city management game for mobile by DroidHen. Check out our Epic War – Castle Alliance guide, tips, cheats & strategies

Epic War – Castle Alliance is similar to other MMORTS games where you develop the castle by constructing the buildings, upgrading them, training the troops, researching the buffs, raiding, and joining an alliance. If you have ever played these kinds of games, then it would be easy for you to master this game. If not, then our today’s Epic War – Alliance guide and Epic War – Alliance tips, cheats & strategies will help you.

Epic War – Castle Alliance Guide

The Basics

Basically, your task is to increase the power of the base. You can increase it by constructing the buildings, upgrading the buildings, researching the powerful buffs in the college building, and by training the troops. Additionally, you can upgrade the heroes, talents to increase the power. You can check the total power at the top-left corner of the screen. See, if you got power, high-level troops, you can raid on other player bases. But, In the early stage, you should focus on increasing the power and building a strong army of the troops. What would you get by raiding someone base? You can obtain loads of amount of resources. Why would you do that? Again, Initially, Epic War – Castle Alliance looks pretty easy. But, as you progress, the cost of building upgrades will increase. And, it would be hard for you to upgrade the facilities fast. Also, keep in mind that other players on the map can invade your base anytime. If they get successful in the attack, you will lose the troops, you will have to heal the troops, and you may also lose the resources which are not reserved in the warehouse. In healing, training the troops, you need resources. So, resources are really important. Let’s learn about the Epic War – Castle Alliance Resources!

Epic War – Castle Alliance Resources

Food, lumber, stone, iron, and crystal are the top main resources that you need to build, upgrade buildings and for researching the technology. In the tutorial, you will build/upgrade the production centers for these resources; sawmill – wood/lumber, farm – food, quarry – stone, iron mine – stones, crystal – for researching techs in the college.

How do I train the troops? Unlock new troops? Manage the army?

You train the troops in the barrack building; there are a variety of troops that you can recruit; infantry, cavalry, mage, and siege. Infantry is good against the mage, mage units are good against cavalry, and cavalry units are good against infantry. Unlock new tier troop units – You can unlock new troops by researching the corresponding technology in college. Tap the college building -> military -> unlock/upgrade the tech step-by-step and you will eventually unlock high tier units. Once you have high tier units, you can start recruiting them.

Manage Army – Now, you may have some questions on how to increase the troop limit(the troops that you send on the march), troop load(the number of resources that your army can carry from the RSS point or enemy’s castle). You can check these details at the march menu screen. The troop limit is affected by the hero that you have opted to lead the army, technology, and the castle level. Upgrade the hero that you often use in Epic War – Castle Alliance to increase the troop limit. The troop load is affected by the number of units, heroes, soldiers, and technologies.Epic War - Castle Alliance

Epic War – Castle Alliance Heroes Guide

Epic War – Castle Alliance game features a wide range of heroes. All with unique skills, buffs, and stats. Tap the hero button on the bottom menu and you will get the complete list of heroes featured in the game. To unlock these heroes, you need a certain number of shards. In the hero list, below the hero portrait, you can check the number of shards to unlock that hero. How do I get these shards? You get these shards through summoning feature. In the city screen, explore a bit and find the guard statue. Tap the statue and use scrolls(summon tickets) or diamonds to get shards. However, the drop rate is quite low. Most of the time you get speed-ups, resources, and other stuff.

Hero Level/Promote – It’s important to increase the level of the hero that you have set as a leader in the team or appointed in the castle. To raise the hero level, you need the hero soul. You can get the hero soul from the challenge mode. Make sure to claim it every now and then. The higher the challenge mode stage is the better reward you will get.

Battles – PvP, PvE

Epic War - Castle AllianceTap the map icon at the bottom corner of the screen to see the world map. There you will find RSS points(you can gather resources from these points by sending units), monsters(tap the monster -> attack -> march), enemy buildings(tap the enemy city -> player info; it shows the lord assigned by the player, rally; if you are in alliance, you can launch rallies, attack; start the attack, scout; use this feature to spy in the castle – it lets you know the number of resources). Before you start the attack, you can select the number of units that you want to send, change the hero.

Epic War – Castle Alliance Lord Guide

Epic War - Castle AllianceAt the upper-left corner, tap the lord avatar; here you can spend the talent points(you get these points as you level up), change the leader(tap the leader button -> select the hero), equip the equipment. You can craft/forge the equipment at blacksmith facility. To craft equipment, you need materials; defeat the monsters on the map to get this equipment. You can also earn these materials from alliance gift and events.

How to earn diamonds?

You can earn diamonds by participating in the events, from the quests. Tap the activity icon(near the diamond icon) at the top of the screen to check the ongoing events and other activities.

How to get speed-ups?

Speed-Ups are really important. You will need these speed-ups to instantly complete the construction, upgrade, research. You can get the speed-ups from the challenge mode, alliance shop, events, by defeating the monsters.

So this is the Epic War – Castle Alliance guide for the beginners. Let’s have a look at our Epic War – Castle Alliance tips, cheats & strategies!

Epic War – Castle Alliance Tips: –

1.) Progress Through The Main Quests

We would strongly recommend you to progress through the main quests. You just tap the GO button and the game will guide you there. It’s the best way to progress at a decent rate. You can always do other stuff if the quest is in progress. From these main quests, you can earn a bunch of precious items. Also, it’s the best way to learn all the basics.

2.) Keep Grinding, Training, Researching

It’s a good idea to send an army to gather the RSS points often. You will need the resources often. It’s better to grind food, wood, stones, iron often. Send the army to RSS points for gathering. Training – Keep training the troops to increase the power. Researching – To unlock powerful buffs in Epic War – Castle Alliance, you should keep the college facility always busy. Keep researching the techs.

3.) Join An Alliance ASAP

You should join an active alliance. The dead alliance would not help you. So, it’s better to find an active alliance and you will get many perks; you can help allies, do the rally attacks, reinforce the members, earn the alliance currency that you can spend in alliance shop for special items like teleport, resources, speed-ups, battle buffs, and treasure boxes.

4.) Collect The Online Reward Often

Epic War - Castle AllianceNear the watchtower, there would be a chest board with a timer. Tap this board when you see any reward. You get the reward every now and then. Keep an eye on this board.

5.) Upgrade The Heroes

Heroes lead the army and provide a variety of buffs. It’s better to upgrade the heroes to increase their leadership power; more power, more troops, troop load, skill/buff. Read the guide above to know how to level up heroes in Epic War – Castle Alliance.

6.) Participate In The Events

You can earn a bunch of materials, precious items, resources from these events. Remember to complete these activities for a reward. Tap the event icon at the top -> time left -> earn score points. You can check the score points source in the score methods column. For example; by training troops, researching, etc.

7.) Must Progress In The Challenge Mode

The adventure mode or challenge mode in this game is pretty good. You can earn lord EXP, the hero soul, speed-ups, crystals, and much more from this mode. So don’t ignore this mode.

So these are the top Epic War – Castle Alliance tips for the beginners. Feel free to share your own tips in the comment section below.

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